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10 Best Dive Watches Under $500 In 2021: Seiko, Orient, Lorier & More

Recording recording sound sound, how’s, your sound, you got it. I think it’s work. I’m working baby right. I got to ask you: would you mind doing when you do like number five right? Could you look to camera and do it yeah sure go number, because what i’ll? Do i’ll, put like yeah, i’ll, do like some sound echo or something i’m, always afraid of the tooth thing.

My british people get all upset yeah, which is the right way to do it like this. Like this yeah, because that’s up yours, that’s up yours – this is okay, so knuckles to me is good. Yeah there’s, a really interesting story behind that.

Actually i’ve. People have told me something to do with churchill right yeah, but even it goes even back to the battle of azenkor in um [, Music ] king, which king was it king henry v. Okay, i’ll. I’ll.

Tell you quickly, because there’s, a really cool story: um, the the oh! They’re gonna. Do the archers pulling back yeah right, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, so they they used to cut when they captured the arches.

They cut them off and then, of course, they would do this before battle to taunt them. These two fingers [ Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show – and today we are joined once again by mark from long island watch.

How are you, sir, i am doing well still. How are you good good? I’m. Okay, tired working hard, yes working hard and hardly working as my father used to say, yeah tell me about it. Um and i haven’t even had time to do youtube: videos that’s.

How busy i’ve been, but hopefully this will make up for it. There you go now. If you’re, not familiar with mark. I do urge you to subscribe to his channel uh. If you haven’t already, which will be completely insane of you, i’ll, leave a link down below.

Also i see on the instagram counter, i was wondering i don’t, remember what it was last time it was. It was teetering on 40 uh 39. It was a battery, so we have. We have tipped the battle nice, so we’re, getting closer to a seven digit counter good good.

We’ll. We’ll, try and get you there. Thank you um right. So today we’re gonna do um top ten divers under five hundred dollars, and this is um top five divers yeah. No sorry, five, each oh yeah, okay, cool yeah! Okay, you scared me there um, so i did this back in 2016, which is like one of the a very early video and obviously the market has changed dramatically since then.

So i thought why not do an update with somebody that is. Is that well more knowledgeable than me, especially when it comes to this particular price bracket yeah, and we should explain descending order? I’m.

I’m. Putting my number one is the the one i love the most or recommend the most or i think it offers the best all round um and you’re gonna do the same. I’m going to do the same. Yes, yes, i will yeah right.

So would you like to go first guest? I can go first, yeah, of course oh wristwatch [ __ ] jesus. I’m. Sorry, you can go first. You go first! I’m wearing this. I don’t know if you can see that no, i do i i just reviewed it.

The video should be up by the time. Well, i’m getting confused now the video for this right review will be up before this video. We’re, recording now got it, so this is the new fortis flieger reinvented for the 21st century.

It is it’s insane. This is the one actually actually um. I just realized. The crown is undone. It’s. Pretty nice, what size is it yeah? This is the 39. nice it’s. The watch that i think in episode, five or four i can’t, remember which one it was.

It was my top release of 2020 20.. That was uh. Two videos ago last video was two peeves right: yeah yeah pet peeves guys check that video out. So i ‘ Ll leave a link up there. Uh. If you missed it, um yeah it’s.

I’m. I don’t want to send it back. I have to say i’m. Probably gonna have to buy it now right right, yeah anyway. What are you wearing uh? So i’m. Doing two, of course, so i’ll, show you first, i’m wearing my islander with a with the uh wave dial very nice, so it’s really cool.

I love it. Um clean um, no numbers on the dial. No, no windows cut uh awesome, really nice 42 millimeter good heft to it the whole wave lights up when the lights go down. Really. Is that a personal mod or is that no? This is one of the this is actually one of the islanders.

I sell. Oh nice, yeah, nice, nice, nice so and then this is close to. I think you reviewed the squally sub 39 yeah. I haven’t seen that one though so this is, i had to make this for the u.s market. This is called the montauk.

It’s, a 38 millimeter swiss diver uh. It probably it would have made today’s countdown except it escapes the price bracket by about 100 by about a hundred bucks, but um already super comfortable um, 38 mils just awesome 38.

. Oh very nice – and i presume montauk, is obviously in long island. I might be pointing the wrong way, but yeah that’s, a very exciting, perfect perfect, that’s, a really nice design. I love it. It’s, nice.

It’s, i i dig it. It looks really good. It’s, a good looking watch so that’s. Us only us only yeah, right nice. I had no idea. They even came out with that yeah cool yeah. It was kind of behind the scenes thing i was doing with them, since i guess well easily, last year but beginning of last year, and i was kind of working on it.

You know since then and finally came to fruition just before the holidays. Beautiful and i have to say it’s become something of a tradition but uh uh. Well, you’re, not wearing a t-shirt today. No, i’m still wearing a sweatshirt.

Oh it’s. Actually it’s. Lake george nice, which i don’t know you were you were a new yorker for a little while you know where that is right. Right vaguely yeah roughly it’s about an hour north of albany uh.

It’s, a lake town resort town and we went there. I’ve, been there before, but we went there back in uh august because it was one of the very few places you could visit and not have to quarantine or anything else, because you never physically left the state um.

So nice went there back in august. I had fun bought it. I usually buy a coffee, mug or a shirt very nice, very nice. It was a shirt. This time i’m. I’m. I’m feeling, particularly inspired by you, so i’m, also wearing a more cash.

I appreciate that. Let’s, get back to watches, oh sure, sure, okay, so uh my number five choice, which this would be again descending order, so not that any of them are bad and i guess i should preface the whole conversation by saying, like you said in The beginning, this is like my area of expertise um, so i i will be in full disclosure for the watches.

I do sell right um, because you know this is what i go after. Affordable, great watches and divers are the number one genre of men’s, watches sold um, so everybody has to have a seiko. So my number five is the uh seiko solar, patty diver, which is uh sne uh 5 49 used to be 435.

For some reason they changed the ticket to uh the part number to sme 549.. Lord knows why uh 300 bucks, so it’s. Solar, so it’s grabbing, go quartz right, uh blue dial, which i love: 44 millimeter, okay, 200 meters of water resistant.

It is uh an iso 6425 rated diver, which not every single one i’m going to cover is actually actually only two of them on the list. Are iso divers, so true, divers right, um and it’s solar? So it’s, got seiko’s, v157 movement, which means you wear it for a day or two.

It gets a lot of sunlight or office. Light fully charged goes 10 months in the darkness without needing you know any more sun. So i thought that that was just a great way to start, and in my opinion, if you’re gonna go quartz.

Solar is just awesome because nothing like taking the watch out of the watch box and it’s dead. You know, then, you got ta change the battery or whatever so at least with solar. You’re, almost limitless with uh, where you can go and uh what you can do.

What was the size on that 44 so 84.? And what’s actually funny about it? It’s 44, but it actually sports a 20 millimeter lug um. So that’s. Interesting slice bit a slight bit dish disproportionate um, but it still looks great.

Like it’s, got the beautiful blue dial um the whole grab-and-go mentality that i really dig um. The only the bad part about it that i’ll say, is that i guess it just wasn’t a popular enough case style that nobody made aftermarket integrated bracelets for it.

So if you want to up the bracelet, you got to go with a straight end: nothing with a nice curved end link that’ll, knock it in it came out. I want to say about four years ago, or so they did this and the 441, which is a pvd version, but a non-patty version on a black rubber strap.

But this thing is uh, like i said it’s, cool looking, it looks really nice yeah, it is cool. Looking i i really like the uh. I notice on a lot of the solar. They do. The the little red thing on the crown is there any.

Is there any relation the stripe yeah? What’s? What what does that mean? It’s like a patty thing? It’s uh. So you know if the crown is out or in you see where the red stripe is falling in line with the crown guards.

Oh fantastic, i’ve, always wondered that now i know that yeah it’s like a quick reference. So, as a diver, you know: hey you, look at it and go oh crap. My crown is popped. Like you just said before, on the fortis, your crown was popped, so there’s, usually some kind of it’s like a witness line, very cool.

Indeed, very, very cool um is the dial like. Is it sunburst or it’s sunburst? What’s amazing about it? Is that you think about the silver watch? So there’s, got to be a cell somewhere to accumulate the sunlight right.

Yeah uh it’s sunburst, but it’s semi-transparent because it ‘ S got to let the light through to charge it and they did a you know seiko and says they do a really nice job with solar watch. Now you solar, watches, i’d, say used to be ugly um, but now they, i guess, with materials and stuff they can do.

You know cooler things than they could do 20 or 30 years ago, such that i would say you would never know that that was a solar watch. You can’t tell by looking at it yeah that’s. Why? I thought i always presumed it was automatic that’s cool.

Do you remember those early psychos that they couldn & # 39? T hide the solar? No, no! No! You couldn’t. Do they couldn’t hide the cell yeah, so they had this ugly. Like yeah, you know, like a calculator, exactly yeah, exactly exactly absolutely um right.

Well, i’ll. I’m gonna go in with my number five number. Five. There you go, i’ll, do it with more vim and vigor next time, yeah exactly nice. It’s dan henry! It’s, the 1970.. It looks like um a compressor, but it’s.

Not it’s, just two two crowns one for the internal bezel um and you can get it in different sizes as 40 millimeters, 44 date, no date yeah and there’s, a whole plethora of beautiful colors, very lively, ver and as The name suggests it’s, uh, inspired by watches of that era, right um stylistically, now dan is uh and it’s.

Funny. I just spoke to him yesterday, um he he’s. Uh uh we ‘ Ve talked about him before and you know: yeah watch collector big time, yeah uh i, but i didn’t, know that how many watches he actually owned? Yes, he’s, got 1500 1500 watches just think about how many watches.

So he has timeline watch which you made this beautiful uh so useful. If, if you want to learn about watches it’s a great overview, because you got you, you go in chronological order and you swipe and then all the watches of that year come up and that’s.

Kind of kind of was the the genesis of his watch line and i think he’s. He started in when was it 2016 um and he came out with this was one of his early releases. He goes by year. It was almost like the timeline watch kind of sparked.

This idea for him right, and so he’ll, take like traits from popular divers of that year and then you know it’s, an amalgamation of all these inspirations. So his timeline website existed before the brand came into existence.

Yeah exactly. I know that interesting yeah, so it it what it kind of like inspired them. Yeah it’s, 209 dollars right, limited edition automatic right. It’s the nh35. So you know it’s, it’s, a it’s, a good.

You know the the this movement solid, seiko, 200 meters was resistant, and i just think for that money. The choice you get right and this the styling and everything else, yeah how it looks the whole pack it’s, everything the complete package, it’s; everything it’s, everything he does such a good job.

You know i i i love the playful colors as well. You know, actually there’s, a blue one. I think you’d, like with a with a blue. Are we loving the blue yeah with the inner blue rotating bezel anyway, so that’s? My number five? What is your number four number? Four yeah uh i’m.

Going with a brand, i don’t carry uh brand. I’ve tried to carry in the past zelos uh zelda is uh, the black tip, which is it just sneaks in at 4.99, and what i love that it brings to the party is a mioda 9015 movement, so just in general, 41 millimeter diver Uh 200 meters, water resistant um, but it’s.

Just got everything that a diver should you know sapphire crystal uh, ceramic or sapphire uh bezel, insert um. Excuse me a beautiful textured, textured dial like a sand dial wow. I’m. Looking at them now i’m.

I don’t, know this brand whatsoever and this it looks kind of like a zodiac yeah in a way because i actually tried to get a zodiac to throw in here, and i just couldn’t. I just couldn’t, get the price down yeah yeah uh, because i dig those too but uh like i said what i dig is a the 9015 is like the more people i talk to that are in industry.

Not you know not in the youtube or blogging industry, but are actually watchmakers assemblers manufacturing yeah more and more than we’re, putting the 9015 over the eda over the solida. So it’s. A miota movement, uh 28 800 beats per hour.

It’s actually finished relatively well. It’s, not an ugly movement on its own and it’s. It’s relatively thin, so i thought this was kind of more like um. This would be the i say, yeah, probably except my number one.

My number one’s. Amazing, i feel um, but i’m intrigued really yeah. I mean look if this is number. If this is number four and your number yeah, we know it is i’m. Also i’m also. You know i’m, looking at value too right, so you know at 4.

99. It’s, the most expensive one. I’m going to show you, but i feel, like you know, in in a brand name: it’s, a 1200 watch um, but here 4.99 comfortable size, great dial, variations, yeah, uh uh. They put loom on the crown.

I see that definitely see that yeah yeah, i so kind of again it just it ties it all up, brings it home a little more of a higher end and uh. Oh, my god. There’s a 4.99 there’s, a gmt that, with a blue dial that just looks they got a lot of skill, watches yeah.

I do not know this brand, so i presume it’s like a micro brand. It’s a you know. What does micro mean? I don’t even know what it means um. Is there a certain manufacturing quantity per year, but i i would say it’s.

A micro brand and the stuff is usually sold out. Whenever you try to get it, i tried to become a retailer and they said. Ah, you know not right now, because we can ‘ T keep the stuff in stock as it is, which is an excellent problem to have yeah um, but obviously i think they’re, doing a great job.

A lot of people there’s, a lot of buzz in the underground about them. You know, you know great watches, great movements, great assembly, so i picked up an offshoot brand of theirs, which is called axios a bunch of months ago, not quite as nice as these, but still you know, offers a lot of punch.

Where are they from sing? I want to say he’s based in singapore. I want to say owner, i want, and do you know anything i want to know what the name means. Oh black tip, no uh black tip. Oh zellos, yes, black tip, i presume, is the shark right, some kind of a shark right, a fish um.

I actually don’t know where the name comes from. That is an excellent question. It sounds vaguely greek like mythology. I wonder if there’s there’s because there’s. So many like one of my other choices: okay, interesting, interesting, yeah, um yeah, i’m gonna – have to investigate this brand.

I i’m. I’m, not familiar with them. Oh my god! Oh you’d love it there’s, some of their dials. It’s, just ridiculous! It’s right. It’s, great dial, work um, i don’t know there’s, a lot of design care that goes into it yeah they put together an amazing package.

That is. That is the one thing i do like uh. I appreciate about micro brands is that you do feel the passion i think there’s uh. Absolutely there’s only one microbrew, no two, because dan henry, but there’s, another microbrand coming, but the the the downside is there’s, also a lot of derivative kind of right.

You know sami sami designs. Sure, i would actually hesitate to say even dan henry’s, a micro brand. I i’m, not sure about that yeah. I i’m, pretty sure he’s, popping pretty big production numbers yeah.

So it may not be in macy’s, but you know which is you know you don’t want to be there anyway and they’re going out of business, but you know right yeah. I feel, like you know a lot of these guys. Are you know producing more and more, and when do you stop becoming a micro and like people ask me all the time is the islander a micro brand i’m, like i don’t, does it matter yeah i don’t know i have no idea.

It goes back to a bit like in our pet peeves video people, love to put things in boxes and when you don’t exactly yeah, and when you don’t fit in a box. People are like what what oh i don’t know what it is.

I can’t figure it out yeah exactly. Is it a dog or is it a cat? Let’s. Ask the audience. What defines a micro brand? Do we even care yeah? Just like add your comment down below um sure that yeah, that would be, that will be the cold open for the show.

I think um right so go ahead. Yeah, um, okay! This is really gonna upset. Some people but um i had to i – and this is what you were saying when you take into consideration value, i think i i’m, putting in steinhardt um it’s.

Fine, i’m gonna nominate um. Is that is that the correct use of the word well, you’re, not nominating, they won the award, they won the award and the winner is at fourth position: um, the ocean, vintage 39.

and gonna. Do you didn’t? Do, oh sorry, number four number: four: it’s, a no date, um, obviously based on the uh uh, the famous subs. Now, where it gets contentious, is that they do a lot of homage, watches and um.

Yes, yeah. I have no issue with homage watches. In fact i did a video. I think 10 reasons you should not buy a homage people saw. The title got really confused, though oh he’s anti-homage now, no, but i went through 10 reasons and basically just discredited all of them, because there’s, no logic right! Oh you got it.

You know so right that was the anyway. The flipping exactly so i i don’t. I don’t care. What people buy as long as it’s, not a a replica of fake right or, if frank can watch, but the thing is they do original designs.

As well, yes – and they’re great – they do um, but they also offer this and why it’s, good values, because look unless you got ducktales swimming in cash money, you’re, not gonna. I have a shirt with that.

I bet you do [ Laughter, ] right, i’ve got ta get one. I’m gonna get one. I’m off to ebay. After this i actually have a scrooge mcduck watch. He’s, counting the gold. Yes, i do. I want that. I want okay, okay, oh yeah yeah! Let me move you to disney store.

Can i borrow it of course, to review, of course, that’ll, be amazing um, so i totally lost my train of thought. Sorry! Yes, you were talking about homage uh there’s 39 mil right. So so, back in the day they didn’t.

Do the 39 million millimeter size i’ve bought one. They’re exquisitely made incredible, um uh quality, um yeah and i just think they’re. They’re 4.99 roughly there. Yes, now they have this 39 millimeter.

I i actually bought uh one of these and then i i sold it on because i i was gonna, buy it to review for the channel. But then i just didn’t have time and i i cancelled it and blah blah blah uh. But i – and i should mention this point – that every watch i’m talking about today and it goes for you as well.

I have handled, and i know i i’ve. You know i’ve experienced, and that is why i recommend it um, because i see these reviews popping up in my recommendations on on youtube and i click on it. Oh, i want to see that reviewed and then it’s.

Just a person talking about it from afar, i was actually just going to say. I bet you with somebody and they show you a picture yeah. So how are you do you review a watch that you’ve, never seen before yeah they’ve, never held in your hand.

Yeah. I get like a reaction, video right. I totally get that. Oh, that looks interesting. Am i interested what i like about it? What i don’t right to recommend like people, you know reviewing the new rolex before it even hit the store.

How can you review it? Well, that’s in your hand, yet yeah that’s, just click bait, stuff yeah, oh of course, right sorry, another tangent, um style. No, that’s; okay, steinhardt! They’re great eta. What more could you want? Um? Who cares? What other people think it’s, a brand that i would love to carry um they i’ve approached them, i would say yearly for the last six years or so um.

You know many years ago they launched an offshoot brand called uh debauffrey in the um. It was a kind of like a pilot style watch. I believe that brand kind of disintegrated, but from what i’m, told there is a steinhardt trademark conflict of interest in the united states of america.

That is why you will not find a steinhardt dealer in the usa. Ah, right interesting yeah, so you even if you, if, if you could you just, can’t? Basically, you can’t that’s. Why? If you want to buy one in the usa, i don’t.

Think i’m, giving false information you have to either go well. I’m, not going to tell you who the competitor is right, you can buy direct, you can buy direct from the factory yeah, you know or direct from wherever they are in in switzerland or germany, and they are german uh, and but they are Swiss made, i should point that out yeah interesting thing: uh gunter steinhardt, he he was a architect uh.

He studied architecture and engineering and founded the brand in 2001, and it’s. That’s. Definitely not a micro brand, though no they’re, not they’re big. Now they’re big. They’re, big and and not at that price point that’s; a tough tough to be a micro brand at that price, point yeah and they’re selling and they’re, definitely selling value, and i’ve, seen pictures of their stuff.

I mean they. It’s, not like just it’s, a company yeah it’s, a company. It’s, a proper that’s. Definitely not a micro brand. When you’ve got like staff staff, yeah yeah, i would say so on on the brand themselves.

You know you say: oh they’re. You know they do homage, they do do homage, but they also do their own stuff, and i feel that much like the islander brand, the homage stuff funds, the other stuff – yes – and i’d – say that’s.

Kind of you know that’s, the business model, you know, sell the stuff that sells and then use it to. You know kind of create something new. It’s, a bit like, dare i even mention i just noticed it’s. Snowing outside it was well oh well! No, but you’re west of me.

It was snowing pretty bad here this morning. Actually right! Oh, we ‘ Ve got your snow, then yeah. No, but you’re. How could that possibly be? No? It’s not going east to west. Maybe it’s gonna snow here, another hour or so right.

Anyway, yes, um right, uh, uh, weather chat with mark tv um. Last time we did food yeah food chat, yeah, yeah, food chat. That was fun number three. So i’m, going back to a quartz and i’m going at a hundred and nineteen dollars.

Oh wow, this is the uh yeah, the phoebus p h, o i b o s. So this is definitely greek. Uh. It’s, a greek yeah, it’s, a greek it’s, a greek name. They have uh their their logo, which is possibly the most complaint about logo.

I get other than my own is some kind of big octopus. The god right, the god of light yeah, i’m. Choosing the phoebus px double o two b or c doesn’t matter once a blue diamonds, a black dial, and why i feel this belongs, is i started carrying the brand? It’s, probably under two years ago year and almost two years – probably a year and a half here and three quarters right and i got them in and i got all the automatics and somebody i rely on for a lot of opinions on what I bring in said, hey just try their courts.

You know i realize it’s inexpensive, but you know their automatics are great, two three four hundred but try the courts. I think they’re gonna sell the courts outsold. Everything really like that, so it’s, a ronda 515 movement.

So it’s, a swiss movement. It’s. It’s. It’s made in china, the watch it’s around the 515 movements. 42 millimeters, but it ‘ S got a sapphire crystal right. Aluminum insert yeah. The loom is decent 200 meters of water resistance, a nice bracelet nice solid link, bracelet 119 119 – that’s crazy and it is crazy.

Yeah and the construction is great. The seconds hand. Registration is good um. The overall quality of the watch is excellent. It looks beautiful and just again, like i said, the solar panel in the beginning for knock around courts.

This thing is amazing: yeah the battery will go dead in a couple years and have to replace it yeah um. But man is this: a watch that you don’t, mind wearing and scratching up or busting up or whatever it’s.

Just it’s so inexpensive and it offers so much so yeah. This is another brand. I don’t have no experience with but yeah. I know how is the quality welcome to my world as a brand? They’re excellent, their automatics use either the nh35 or they ‘

Ll use the miota 9015. um like zelos. They can get a 1915 into a watch for under 500 bucks into a dive watch with you know: full sapphire, ceramic screwed links all the other good stuff um, but yeah quality.

Excellent. Like i said you know, i i don’t keep selling a brand if it’s got issues, so this is one of the brands that continually hits home nice people um. You know i actually waiting for an order to come in from them right now, uh continually continual continual great sellers.

I i see what you mean about the uh, the logo, though yeah yeah. I totally get it yeah a lot of people uh it’s. Polarizing. It reminds me of hydra, you know, people say hail hydra yeah. I know i know you’re, not alone.

So there you go. You’ve. Never seen it before and now you know that’s, you, your sentiment is exactly what people say, a cool choice, and this is why it’s better doing this list with you, because if it’s just you know It the the gift and the curse of of talking about only watches you’ve experienced, is obviously you can’t experience every single brand and watch and, like i wouldn’t, i wouldn’t know about This – and i doubt i’d – ever review it because it’s, not well.

I might do i’d like to i i might do let’s. Let’s, see where it goes. Um cool choice. I really like that yeah! No! I like i said i dig them. I knew no qualms about them and they got an engraved. The octopus on the back is pretty good on the back.

They actually it’s, really done it’s. It’s. It’s, done very deep. It’s, a deep engraving yeah. I like that debossing. It looks great reminds me actually that dan henry uh mentioned earlier yeah, very, very, very cool right uh, so we’re.

Where are we? I’m number. Okay. Number three number: three! I don’t know why i’m. Doing the echo, because i’m, going to put the echo in so i don’t know why i’m, going to good point exactly what am i doing laurier so the the neptune? Oh definitely in their third generation.

This is definitely a micro brand um, husband and wife team. I got into laurier with the first gen and – and it just absolutely blew me away – i found it refreshing and beautiful amalgam amalgamation of styles.

It’s kind of confluence right. You got the uh amigas ck14755. You got the blank pan, bathscape mc4 you’ve, got the rolex 6538 submariner, the doctor, no watch. Of course, all jumbled up. We were talking about homages, yes and and to me i think this is the best way.

If you don’t want to get a direct homage, it’s. It’s, a an ode to an entire era of these divers. You know right, it absolutely works a little bit from everybody yeah and they’ve really finessed.

I mean i’m, considering getting a third generation, but i i i like my first gen, because sometimes the imperfections are what make makes it charming and mine came with the seiko. I think the nh35 i can’t remember, but now they’ve.

They’ve, upgraded them with the mio to 90s5. Is it well, i don’t know is this: is that a real movement it doesn’t sound familiar? I know that i know the 9015 and all its variants. I all i know about it.

Is it’s? It’s, got the higher uh frequency 23. yep yeah, 28. 000.. 28. 800. That’s. It yeah, so that kind of tickles my fancy but buying the same watch. I mean they made it thinner as well. The movements are right because the movement yeah, which is, i think i mean that – sounds very compelling to me.

Yes, um, amazing bracelets. I’m surprised you don’t carry them. You know i ‘ Ve met them. A couple of times the two of them – i guess i just never kind of pulled the trigger, maybe yeah shout out to lorenzo and lauren by the way, lovely people really new yorkers living in new york, um.

It’s, a great brand, really great brand yeah. I dig it yeah. I know i i i’ve held them, you say, because you can you’ve held them. I’ve, held them several times and exude quality. I’ve got to wear mine a bit more.

I think um anyway right yeah over to you number two. Okay, so number two, my okay [, Music ]. I got my fingers the right way yeah. This has come up on my channel too as well, because, oh god, you did you do the.

I think two fingers up when [ Laughter ]. So i appreciate the history lesson on what this on, what the bad one means, but anyway, so i am going to my own brand. Now um, the islander i’m, going to go with the you might have to look this one up: the isl 18 isl-18 – and this is the yacht-master inspired islander uh, beautiful blue sunburst style, applied indices, dome sapphire, crystal uh embossed ceramic bezel insert okay, Seiko nh 36 movement, day-date uh, solid, bracelet, solid, link, solid end links, screws uh, it’s, got everything it’s, got everything, it should have um, and i cover everything i think i did yeah and you know it’S 329 – and i picked it here simply because it’s, probably gonna wind up being the number one selling islander.

Ah, okay, this one, this one right: yeah, oh okay, yeah, okay! I see what you mean it’s very yacht-master-ish. Oh, my god, look at that dial. The dial is beautiful, the loom is fantastic. I mean. Obviously it’s, my own brand, so i’m going to say it’s.

Wonderful, but i wear it regularly: uh yeah 329. I think it just, i think it’s, a smash like i said it’s, going to be the best-selling islander of 2020 and probably 20 21 as well. I mean i was still selling, even though it was released.

I don’t, know six to nine months ago, nine months ago, or so, i’m, still selling a couple of a couple every day, um so wow it continues. You know the love continues on it. I i i totally get it. I’m just going to bring up this, the specs, why that bezel is done yeah it’s, nice right! Yes, yes and i have to say um you you actually lent me.

I have it here. You actually lent me this yeah yeah 21.. I i i still haven’t found time to review it. But okay, i’m glad you did because now i’ve, i’ve, got to experience it um. I can personally attest to to the quality um, but uh incredible for the money, uh yeah.

My only critique of this. This is the the smaller one, the yes, the 38 millimeter, the 38 minute i wish it was. It is tubby that’s, mine yeah, once you included the dome of the crystal yeah. However, in terms of everything else, it’s flawless, i mean it’s, it’s.

Just beautifully done really really beautifully done. Well, thank you yeah! So now yeah it’s. It’s certified pure class. There we go [ Laughter, ] lots of stuff have happened, has happened there’s, lots of stuff coming um.

I’m just because you’ve expanded into like you’ve got you’ve got field watches. Now you’ve got pilot watches. I have the actually it’s funny, because i’m right by where i film, so i have the 40 millimeter field.

Watch it’s just well. This is actually a prototype. The dial isn’t exactly what you see here: um but yeah. The field watches the pilot’s, watches um, dress, watches there’s; a 90-15 dress watch coming out within the next week or two or so good man.

I i’m, so happy for you, man, you deserve it, because i mean if, if anybody knows uh mark uh, you know that uh well. This is why i’ve known you for since the beginning of my channel, because you’re, so you are the definition of reputable.

You know if i had to give an example of how you sell watches there. You go gracias number two number two. Sometimes this is above 500, okay right and sometimes it’s. Not and the reason is another contentious.

We’ll, get into that uh. It’s. The glycine combat sub okay right glycine. I’m best known for their air man, which i’ve reviewed, countless times sure i owned the combat sub and i saw one recently because it was bought in 2016 by invicta, and this is where and people lost, their minds yeah.

So sorry, somebody’s. Texting me. People lost their minds. Thinking, oh, it’s over, but it i i and i’ve. Seen before and after it’s exactly the same, maybe same factory, nothing’s changed it’s like, and i don’t understand if anything it strengthened the brand because well, i know i understand the fear, Because they think that oh it’s, going to become all huge watches it’s, going to be um in in in the you buy it at the gas station type of right right.

You know not not the prestigious swiss brand that it from 19. I think they found in 1914 very long history yeah. So the airman is there is their number? Is their um, their flagship? What they’re, most famous for, but in 67 they brought out the combat uh line.

Originally it was a field watch and it’s. The second oldest continually running line of watches yeah. I did not know that then. In about the 90s, it kind of evolved into a diver right came back in the present form it’s.

The only feature it really retains from the original 1967 is um uh, the the the military markings uh, the 24, like a field watch yeah and it’s automatic, so they still use eta in there, but because of this buyer, buyout or uh takeover From invicta that they used to be about twelve hundred a thousand dollars now they’re around five hundred right.

So i mean you know: sapphire glass, eta, incredibly thin, 11 millimeters, yes, um with real history right made in switzerland for 500 bucks yep. You know you can’t beat it. So i’ll. I’ll. I’ll. Talk to that.

If i may, yeah go being your industry insider yeah, it’s, they dropped in price simply because, with a buy over by a company like invicta, the whole, not marketing aspect, but the whole sales aspect, changes and it more or less almost becomes direct To consumer, as opposed to distributor, store customer uh, if you walk into a jewelry store, i’m sure.

The combat sub is still a thousand dollars or twelve hundred dollars or whatever um, but you can buy them online as and i don’t think we said that you know certainly my last one is more than 500, but you can buy it online For less than 500, so that’s, we’re talking about street price um, but i’m, not going to bash the brand, but this is what they’re known for they mass produce, watches, and then They just shoot them off to every distributor around the world when i say distributed now.

I’m talking um wholesalers, gray, marketers, and then they wind up on the various websites um, the biggest one, i would say, is be like drop drop. Has them like all the time and that’s where they & # 39? Re picked up for major bargains but, as you said, the watch didn’t change and the manufacturing of it didn’t, get cheaper.

We’ve, just to use this horrible phrase that everyone on youtube. You know all these people on youtube use using all these industry changes used, you cut out the middleman, you might, even you might even cut out two middlemen, um and and people are selling them for less and less margin um.

So you’re. Getting the same quality product, you’re, getting it for a lot less money. It’s, pretty much it’s, seeing a change, a paradigm shift in in the retail aspect. Well, there you have it that’s, my that’s.

My dump, though i’m, so happy. I we had this conversation because people have said to me mark why don’t you sell glycine, and i’m like i, i’m. Not i just can’t. They’re everywhere. They’re on every gray market website, um, like i said they’re on drop.

com, like almost daily um right. I just uh. I’m, not buying a watch for 400 and selling it for 425. That’s, not the industry. I’m in um, so but yeah that’s kind of mine. Well, i totally get it and also you you’re.

You’re on an authorized dealer, so you’d, have to sell it for the retail that’s, never going to happen! Yeah it’s, never going to happen! Yeah just oh! It’ll collect dust. The one thing i will say about it is uh, it has been criticized as being a ripoff of the submariner, and i i honestly don’t feel it is because uh having owned one.

It feels completely like its own thing. Yes, i see the similarities, sure and obviously the name implies what it was intended for, because the the airman that came out in 53 had this huge kind of following with the u.

s navy pilots uh. It was worn by pete conrad in space. They wanted to capitalize on that and it’s. It’s. It’s a basically a field watch diver right, if you think about it, like that sure it’s 42 millimeters.

If they had a 38 or a 40, i would have it. I would have i’d, be it’s, going to be in my collection, right, um, but anyway yeah. I’m, really cool. I’m, so uh grateful to have your input on that, because it totally makes sense yeah i’m almost like yeah, i don’t want to say anything.

No, no, no, it can ‘ T hurt me this is this: is the this is what needs to be talked about needs to be said. Oh there’s a bear. I mean i could talk forever about the different. You know i’ve done kind of videos on it in the past, but you know just every step of the way.

Man just adds more money and it’s kind of sad for the for the uh. You know for the um for the retailer, but it’s to the consumer’s benefit. Okay, you ready, okay, warming up rocky yeah yeah. Actually it’s.

Funny i’ve, been i’ve been um. Have your shadow boxing scene really yeah? Oh actually i got a. I got a bag number one. I’m, not gonna use. My i’m, not gon. Na use my middle finger because i know what that does uh, so my number one is from orient okay, it is the orient triton or neptune, or maybe not even calling it anything anymore.

Uh orient’s gone through this whole thing of removing. Most of the names of the watches, the lord knows why a whole other issue. So anyway, the i see you’re. Looking it up yeah, i reviewed this one yeah.

Did you yeah? Okay? So this is a 43 millimeter diver it’s, got a power reserve, it’s. An automatic power reserve meter sapphire crystal 200 meters of water resistance, and it is not iso certified. This is the only other dive certified watch, but it’s, the japanese, equivalent to iso the jis standard.

It meets four dive watches. I think the retail the real retail is like 685 700.. I sell them for 400 uh. The only thing that might not be the greatest about the watch is the bracelet everything else about the watch is fantastic.

The movement i picked it because the movement they use in this watch is the same movement that was in their 300 meter saturation diver, which was a 2 000 retail watch. It is an extremely high-end orient movement.

Now again, oregon obviously still makes all their movements in-house. In japan, um yeah, they still have not like seiko has farmed out. You know their movements to other countries. Um orient still does all their movements in in-house and japan uh.

I i just feel like it’s. The whole package it’s, a little bit of a large watch. I didn’t know that so so, really, if you want an affordable, japanese watch, truly japanese watch. The movement is truly japanese um, not all the watches are still made in japan like the rays and the makos.

Most of them are not when you get into orient star, they are um and i i say on the website which some of the orients are still fully made and assembled in japan um. But, of course, they farm stuff out as well, but all their movements are still in house or their movements are still made in japan, um and again.

This watch, i think, simply for the movement alone. The movement is such a high-end movement like i said it used to be in the saturation diver, which was a 300 meter watch uh for, like retail, was two grand street price was like 1200.

, so for this to come in at 400, and with the power reserve Meter comes in black, came in blue or comes in black blue and a black and gold which hand i’m. Not a big fan of um awesome. Awesome. Awesome awesome.

The only diver i’m recommending with the power reserve, so love it. I i remember the power reserve being quite divisive, but if you think about it as a diver, if you, if you think it as a tool, you want to know that it’s right.

That is, wound absolutely yeah. And i i thought that was really kind of cool, but i understand that it does break the symmetry and it does it’s kind of it’s. It’s on and off angle or whatever yeah. But you know, i guess that’s, one of those polarizing things where people are like.

Well, i love that it’s got the power reserve. I it’s. I hate that it’s, got the power reserve, but i think more people love the inclusion of a power reserve meter, especially since i would say at least in our in our area.


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