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10 Fashion Items I Can’t Live Without That You Should Consider Owning

I thought you were locked up. Well, i was but do you know how much i adore the outdoors feeling the sun on my skin chasing those lovely little goats? I simply had to get out. Oh my god, you’re not coming here.

Are you oh far too risky? I’m afraid, oh, that that’s, that’s, a terrible, terrible, shame uh. So, where you headed, i’m lambing, it friends of ours. You know the ones they have a charming villa over in sicily, where i can reside till it all blows over.

Oh that that sounds rather pleasant, um, so, where you headed in this cruise well, that’s between me and the good captain anyway mustache. They’re, serving shampoos on the lido deck toodlepip, wait: hello, hugo hugo [, Music, ], uh, [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show.

Today we return to an old subject: um, you could call it kind of gentry quarterly uh. It was inspired the first time we did this, which was months and months ago, now 10 things i can’t live without, but today i’m gonna do 10 fashion things i can’t live without, and i’m gonna omit, watches and signet rings, because i included them in the last video.

I think it’s, pretty obvious that i like watches right so uh. I’m gonna i’m, not gon. Na include them today’s. Wristwatch check is a tribute to fortis because, as we speak there’s a countdown. I think we’re 11 days away.

Well, it’ll, be different when you watch this, but they’re about to launch an exciting new chronograph there’s. A little sneak peek of it on the instagram, do check it out. I’m extremely excited. I actually got to see previews of the design back in reno.

If you remember, you saw the videos, you guys loved it and i had a tremendous time, but i got to see it and all i’m. Going to say, i’m, not going to give too much away literally a reinvention of the fleega as we know it’s extremely exciting.

I i cannot wait. Hopefully we will get the exclusive so in ode to them. Today. My little 38 millimeter official cosmonaut chronograph there you go really cool piece indeed right. What else should i mention, oh by the way guys do check out their youtube.

They have one of the most underrated uh youtube channels when it comes to watches beautifully made videos. I’ll, leave a link to that as well, so do check that out anyway, let’s, get on with the list.

[ Music ] number 10. It’s, the chukka boot. This is my go-to footwear. These are from clarks a famous british brand and incidentally, they actually have a very key role in the history of this particular shoe.

Now you can get various other brands. I have lokes. I have some. Is it john lobs or oh, not, churches? I’m, pretty sure they’re lobs. I can’t even remember, but i have to say i love the class most. I’m, just being honest.

There you go so let ‘ S. Have a look at the history of the good old chukka boot? The name chukka originates from polo where a chukka is a period of play. Originally they were intended for sports, but a special version with a crepe rubber sole was adopted as desert boots and worn by british soldiers in the western desert campaign of world war ii.

The chukka boot then evolved into casual wear popular in the 1940s through into the 1960s. Clarks was the first original makers of the military desert boot version, but eventually they were also soon being manufactured by higher end british shoemakers, with the rise in popularity, especially after being worn by various members of the royal family.

They are some of the most versatile boots. You can possibly buy and can be worn with both suits and more casual wear like jeans, [, Music, ] number nine and i’ve got to state that this list is not in any order of importance is purely reference.

You’ve, probably guessed it. It’s. The la crosse shirt i adore lacoste holds a very, very special place in my heart because it instantly takes me back whenever i see the crocodile to childhood to some of my first travels in italy and, of course, france, the brand is inextricably linked because well let’s check out why the polo shirt or tennis, shirt and later golf shirt all have very similar origins and can be traced back to the early sportswear around the same period all intended for these aforementioned sports at the end of the 19th century.

During this time, outdoor activities became important for the british ruling class rene lacoste the french seven time. Grand slam tennis champion felt that the stiff tennis attire of the time was too cumbersome and uncomfortable, and so he designed a white short sleeved loosely knit cotton three-button shirt with an unstarched flat, protruding collar and a shirt tail longer in the back than in the front Known today, as the tennis tail, he first wore it during the 1926 u.

s open championship. The charming crocodile brand logo soon followed with renee lacoste, placing a crocodile emblem on the left breast of his shirts, as the american press had begun to refer to him as the crocodile a nickname which he embraced while brooks brothers were the first in creating the polo Shirt and ralph lauren during the 1970s becoming synonymous with that style.

It was a renee lacoste who innovated and set the most trends in creating this style of shirt that has become imitated and the norm with so many brands and shirts inspired by this style. Since then, okay number eight and it doesn’t, look like the most appealing thing, but this is an adjustable parachute material belt it made well.

Actually, this is a german. This is the fuschimiega which is a kind of elite german paratroopers. Now this i got at an army surplus store. This is their modern. This is not the world war ii, it’s, the modern parachutists i should say – and i love it because it’s instantly adjustable.

I mean anything intended for the the german military is going to be pretty well made. It’s, not the most elegant of which for more formal attire. I have suede belts. I have some luxury belts that kind of thing, but for every day this is fantastic, because in hotter weather you can you can have it a little bit looser when you at a giant meal, you need to loosen it a bit uh and it’S it’s, just it’s, just very functional, so i can’t live without my fushka myega german army belt.

There we go [, Music, ], okay, number, seven is jackets or casual jackets. Now i’ve done a video of my top 10 jackets and i adore jackets. I love autumn and winter, especially because i get to wear them and i i included in that video my stone island.

I adore stone island. Yes, i know it has a connotation with certain overly enthusiastic football fans, but i love them for their innovation. They are an industry leader when it comes to the use of materials and stuff like that, and i’ve got to say i love my leather jackets too.

You know what else there’s, the the harrington’s. All the rest of it, but if i had to pick one, i’d, go with private white. It’s a little bit smarter, but yet you can wear it for smart and casual. As with the chuck boot, private white vc and their clothes are also a product of war.

Similarly, like my own ancestor, jack white was awarded the victoria cross, which is the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy and can be awarded to british and commonwealth forces.

Private jack white’s. Great grandson now owns the brand, which is one of the few remaining uk garment manufacturers. Both my mac and harrington jackets are made from a special material known as ventile, which is a hundred percent waterproof.

This extraordinary fabric was developed at the direct request of sir winston churchill during world war ii. It is a special high quality woven cotton first, developed by scientists originally created to overcome a shortage of flax used for fire hoses and water buckets.

Its properties were also found to be ideal for pilots. Immersion suits aesthetically private white takes a traditional, durable military styles and modernizes them into a highly functional, minimal and luxury quality clothing that will never go out of fashion with it being always understated and very capable.

To be honest, i’m surprised. James bond is not wearing this brand. Okay number. Six is what i call my my tony soprano shirts now. What do i mean by that? Okay, so it’s. Not a particular style of shirt can be a linen shirt.

It can be all kinds of styles, but what i mean by that is his particular style of patterns of buttons. It can be a golf shirt. I have to say, and shout out to tony soprano style. Amazing instagram i’ve, actually exchanged messages after including him in the tony spirono video, which you guys absolutely adored, and you know i’m, loving re-watching that show, but i have to say that tony has got a very particular style, which I really like, and i’ve, taken it on a little bit, especially in the summer, the loose fitting hawaiian style, not too loud.

Some of his choices are a little bit too brash. For me, most of the time you’ll notice that they are more neutral colors, so they’re very compatible with your other items and you can kind of wear them, not obviously not for formal occasions but kind of smart casual.

Would you say smart casual yeah? My wife agrees. So there you go [ Music, ] right at number. Five, it’s; a bag, a men’s bag. I love carl physique. You guys know it. I’m. A collector of their bags now i have one for literally every occasion i have this.

This is the weekend bag. You would have seen me review it’s. It’s a little bit scuffed up, but that’s because i really do use it. I’ve traveled a hell of a lot with this. For every day, i have the uh the briefcase this i have not been using as much because obviously i’ve, been working a lot at home, beautiful cognac.

Then we have the backpack, which is a little bit more casual. This is great for, like day outs, this kind of stuff – i actually use it as a camera bag, and you would see me using this in tandem with the weekend bag.

I’ll. Take this on the plane and then i’ll check that bag in since the beginning of my channel, i have always been a fan and supporter of their brand and have collected most of their products, which range from wallets tech cases, professional briefcases for Work weekend bags more casual backpacks and recently they have also expanded into luggage and home desk accessories.

However, no matter the item, one thing is consistent across all their products. They are always classic and clean in design that are functional and always extremely well made. The leather is the finest vegetable, tanned vaquetta from tuscany, italy.

The hardware is never anything other than the most dependable. Even the nylon they use is the highest of quality. The stitching and construction is second to none and consistently with tasteful elegant designs.

That will be long lasting enough to pass down the generations. What attracted me to the brand aside from their stylish and versatile look was the timeless design when it comes to such items as these cheap bags are very much a false economy instead of rebuying something every few years.

I wanted something of a luxury quality, but without the tacky branding or price markup, something that would always look dapper but be durable enough to last the decades. If there was one thing on this 10 list of items, every gentleman should own without question a good men’s.

Bag is definitely it now. I was planning to do a lot of traveling this summer and i’m sure. A lot of you were thinking of doing the same thing. I had this trip to japan to visit seiko planned and, of course, things have changed, and now i’m working a lot more at home, so i don’t use my bags as much, but i have found a new use for My weekend bag – and this comes about because there was a fire in a building very close to here.

Well, it was a bit of a terrifying night and we could smell the fumes and we were frightened that you know our building was gonna catch fire and and and so ever since then we’ve had a to-go bag or uh.

Some people refer to it as a panic bag, and i might do a video on on what i keep in my panic bag. If you guys are interested, do do uh share down below yeah it’s a bit. It’s rather elegant, but it works because i want something that is strong.

That is uh this size that i know is gonna last and not fail me: [, Music, ], okay, number! Four! It’s, the tracksuit! This is something that has become also a little bit more prevalent with the recent kind of change in routine.

I don’t, really go out as much. I’m at home working and what is the most comfortable thing to do? Well, sports attire: it ranges from velour as you’ve, seen in the sopranos video recently, which is extremely luxurious.

I never took them seriously, but now i totally get it two more sporty track suits that are actually like. The name implies for sports. For the track they’re, just very practical. I have some designer ones like my hugo boss, ones, which a little bit smarter and i just love it.

There’s, something about matching the the top with the bottoms and then with your sneakers. I i just like it. Maybe it’s, because i grew up in london. I don’t know. Maybe that’s. The connection well james bond had a track suit, so it’s, uh yeah um, so it can be uh pulled off uh in a more elegant manner, shall we say [, Music ].

Of course, we’re gonna have to have sneakers or trainers. If we’re gonna be british about it. Oh look at that. Oh even the smell of them, oh my god! So if you haven’t guessed and have a pan down, you see, i’m wearing um, some on my feet.

Right now. These are my home ones, that’s. Why they’re, so uh they’re, so clean, and i’m doing the ultimate faux pas of wearing adidas track pants. I should have thought of that. Oh my god! How embarrassing! But anyway i love the air max 90s, mainly because again it’s, a kind of childhood connection.

Now i’m, not really a sneaker head as it were, but i do like my new balances the made in america ones for running. I have a few adidas ones, but mainly i collect the air max 90s. The lineage of the the design is really really cool.

The story behind them. Nike max, is a line of shoes produced by nike, with the first model released in 1987. That has irrevocably changed. The sneaker world forever and influencing almost every other brand to follow this style of design designed by tinker hatfield.

The nike max was the first sneaker to offer a window to the soul. The out-of-the-box thinker was inspired by the pompidou center in paris to design a sneaker that made its air technology visible. As the name indicates, all airmax shoes feature one or more translucent, pouches of pressurized gas embedded into the midsole and visible from the outside of the shoe.

It was the first sneaker to ever do this and in doing so made design history referred to as air units or air bags. Their stated purpose is to provide a superior cushioning to the traditional foam while also reducing weight.

The effectiveness of this technology is disputed. Nevertheless, the shoes enjoy consistent popularity, especially among sneaker enthusiasts and collectors, and has since grown into an almost endless array of styles and models.

So when i was growing up, all the cool kids in london, in my in primary school and middle school and et cetera, always had the fresh air max 90s and i kind of lusted after them. So, of course, as soon as i got a job and was making my own money, what did i do? I bought a ton of them.

That is my sneaker of choice: [, Music, ], okay. So at number two is the sports jacket and, as you would have guessed from the name originally, it started out as a jacket intended for the gentlemen in the country kind of doing outdoor activities, shooting hunting that kind of stuff, so the early ones were always in Tweeds and very english look and then, of course it permeated into mainstream culture and now has become you know typical.

You see it worn in the city as well, so it’s, not really a sports jacket anymore. It’s, just it’s, just by name really. Nowadays we have track suits and real sports attire. I like it because you can get the heavier tweeds for the winter, obviously warmer and you can get more playful patterns and colors and you don’t have to wear it like a suit.

I’m, not saying you can’t wear a suit jacket. I think that’s, a pretty cool thing as well with jeans and stuff, but i think the sports jacket is more versatile and it just elevates casual attire makes it a little bit more smarter.

I’m, not a suit and tie kind of guy. I’m, not at all [ Music, ], okay number one. I had to include it. It is the turtleneck of course right. You know every winter, you know when it’s cold. When i’m wearing turtleneck there’s, some interesting history behind it.

So let’s, take a look, a polo neck or roll neck in the uk or turtle neck in the united states and canada, and sometimes referred to as a skivvy in australia and new zealand is a garment, usually a sweater with a close-fitting round.

High part, similar to a collar that folds over and covers the neck. Turtleneck garments have been worn for hundreds of years dating to at least the 15th century. They were originally designed to protect the necks of knights wearing chainmail royalty, adopted the high neck fashion with the height and volume of the neck.

Ruffle indicating status from the late 19th century on polanex were commonly worn by menial workers, athletes included into military uniforms, sailors and naval officers. Since the middle of the 20th century, black polo necks have been closely associated with radical academics, philosophers, artists and intellectuals.

Since the early 20th century, the polo neck has become a fashionable option, especially well demonstrated with classic cinema icons from marcelo, mastrayani, steve, mcqueen, roger moore and so on. For me, the polo neck is the anti-tie, a smart form of dress for those who reject formal wear.

I hardly ever wear a suit, but the turtleneck can make any sports jacket instantly look smarter, but apart from stylistically, the most obvious benefit is warmth in the colder seasons. I’m going to leave it there.

Now, before i go, i must stress one important point: what works for me might not necessarily work for you in my top 10 and vice versa. I think it’s, important to not take too much of the pressure that that certainly is with the style of vlogs and blogs and all the rest of it that they’re.

Always oh, this is hot. You should wear this or or this is not hot and blah blah blah. You know i don’t care about any of that. I wear what makes me happy. I think it’s, important to always be yourself.

If you want to wear something and it’s, fun and it reflects your taste and makes you happy it’s a bit like watches um go for it with that. In mind uh, i should recommend checking out the urban general store uh, but i’m, not going to put it in my list that that would be terribly biased, but hopefully it might be in yours who knows what else there’s? The urban gentry facebook group, if you want to stay in contact with the watch community there’s, the instagram and please do nominate your favorite uh top 10 go-to fashion items in the comments below.

Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it, found it useful and as always guys, i will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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