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10 FREE Things I Do Every Day To Be Happy Inspired and Successful

Let me get the title right: ten free things. I do every day to be happy and successful, and this applies to everyone. Anyone can do this.

It’s entirely. Free so yeah without further ado, very quickly, Schwartz check, I’m wearing a Seiko Ripley, as you can tell, I’m, smiling that’s. What it does that nostalgia can’t beat it. So let’s, roll the intro and then get in to this video [, Music, ].

Okay, so I’m number one and forgive me I’m gonna read. My notes here is to establish a routine. I mean discipline and commitment is really key here by sticking to a plan. You set yourself up for success and it will always give you a little bit of an advantage to any competitors or you know, because you’re, always gonna have to compete in whatever you do, and in these tumultuous times that everybody is facing.

This is even more so important and crucial. It really is so establishing a personal, routine planning things out. This is gonna, be the backbone of the whole. You hold the rest of this basically, and also, I cannot stress enough commitment.

You’ve got to stick to it. Ruthlessly number two is setting goals. This is again. This is really really important to have something to work towards. It gives you purpose, it gives you focus and somebody with with purpose and focus, and that is the most powerful thing it’s, an incredible motivator and along the way, to have clear objectives that you tick off, so stepping stones.

To that final final goal – and this applies to anything in life – if it’s – you’re getting in shape or you’re, starting that new business or perhaps you’ve, got a project that you’ve always wanted to undertake.

It could be anything, it really could be anything, but what I think is important here is make sure that goal is something you love to do it’s, your passion, because then it won’t seem so much like hard work and Before you know it, you’ll, be doing all the hard work, it would be a labor of love, and that is really where you want to be a really powerful example of this is in the excellent book man’s, search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl now it takes place in one of the darkest periods of human history, but what enabled him to survive this and the main thesis of this book is, he had a sense of purpose and it gave him hope, and I highly recommend that book.

Okay, number three is surround yourself with winners and what I mean here, I’m, not talking about the on a superficial levels. It’s up to your interpretation. I’m talking, it could be well, it could be job success.

It could be a whole manner of things. It could be somebody who’s very proficient at a particular talent or skill, or something that you want to acquire now. My father used to tell me this all the time when I was a kid and I never really understood what that meant until much later on in life and it’s.

True, if you surround yourself by positive people that you can learn from it’s, a two-way thing: it ‘ S got to be give-and-take. Obviously, a good indicator is you want to look for people that are passionate that are devoted that are highly motivated and stick to what like we mentioned earlier routine, this kind of thing, because those are the winners I’m talking about you – need to Identify those that are a positive influence in your life and those who are negative, avoid toxic people avoid those that that are gonna pull you down and are wasting your time because time is so short.

You know so always make sure that when you spend that time, because time is an investment in itself, it’s around people that are going to be with you side by side fighting the good fight so to speak. Obviously it’s.

Different for everybody, you know who these people are in your own life in the context of your life. Okay, number four is arm yourself with information. Knowledge is power. I really do believe being. Autodidactic is crucially important not only to being a well-rounded individual, but it just pays off.

You know it’s being able to have a wide variety of knowledge about separate subjects. It’s. It’s. A day-to-day thing. There’s, the old adage, you are what you eat, and that makes a good point of course, that’s very very true.

Maybe I should put that as number 11, but I think I like to think of it. You are what you read as well. This is just as important, I think the the mind is often forgotten. In fact, I was watching Rambo to First Blood Part 2 last night, and he said this brilliant line boy you can feel totally safe because we have the most advanced weapons in the world available to us.

I always believe that the mind is the best weapon and it’s very, very true. The problem is all the lifestyle channels that vloggers that bloggers, it’s, always style over substance. There’s, not enough emphasis on learning and learning doesn’t have to be boring.

You’ll, see endless videos on YouTube with titles like top 10 ways to make her think your heart or something something like that right. Well, I’ll. Tell you what is hot, having a knowledge of varied things is hot, being polite and knowing when to be firm and when to be compassionate success.

I’ve written some extra things here, like self-reliance, we live in an age where we have access to endless information at our fingertips via the internet and books and all these things so make the most of it.

You know learning new skill learning how to cook and then impress her with your cooking, that’s hot, you know so, or going to a restaurant and knowing the difference between certain cocktails and being able to talk about it.

It’s. Very James Bond you, you know, but that is hot ok number 5 is exercise. Often this is incredibly important. You need to strengthen your body because at the end of the day, it does carry your mind and I cannot tell you how much sharper I think, how much more calm and productive I am went, especially after doing cardio.

Now I don’t. Go to the gym! Ok, I can’t because of my lung condition. Even if you can’t go to the gym, you can do it for free at home. You don’t need anything. You just need the determination and a little bit of time every day or when you can and when you stick to it, you will feel so much better and I’m, not talking about reaching some kind of mr.

universe. Absurdity of level. In I mean look if that’s, what you want to do that’s great. I wish I could do that. Unfortunately, I can’t, but at the end of the day it really does help come depression.

You you feel better. The health benefits to your heart, your lungs, that’s. Why? I do it another reason why I do and there’s. Also, another aspect of this that I think is crucially ignored and that is being able to get out of harm’s way.

I do believe it’s, important to be able to lift yourself your body weight out of a situation and to run a certain distance if needed. There’s, a survival aspect to this, and the result is a little bit more confidence in yourself.

Okay, number six is taking pride in your appearance. Now I’m. Not talking about expensive clothes. You don’t need a Savile Row suit for this. Okay, I’m. Just talking about feeling your best and putting your best foot forward.

For example, yeah you wouldn’t, wear flip-flops to a fine-dining restaurant. You wouldn’t, wear a baseball cap to a job interview. I mean these a lot of it is common sense, but I I really feel it’s fundamental, to be clean, presentable and dress appropriately for your situation, and if it’s an occasion or something and your environment, it’S just shows respect.

I also think the style of vlogs and blogs kind of pressure, people into this gap, a dandy, look with a three-piece suit and all this that, which is great look if you’re into that that’s. Absolutely fine, most of you are either too casual or too smart, find your comfort zone and express your style.

The way you want it, you can dress as flamboyant as you want or as minimally. I guess we have this freedom, but what I’m saying is, I do feel it is worthy to make some effort in particular cleanliness.

Okay, number, seven! Well, that’s, not seven, but number seven is set your personal code and what I mean by that, and if you’ve seen my 10 things I can’t live without video. This is a little leather. Actually it’s, an egg eleven.

What’d? He call this it’s like a notebook cover and inside is a notebook just a regular note. No, but can I jot down two things? I I jot down the meanings and definitions of new words while I’m reading as to the previous points, so I learned them and the other thing is: I set down personal rules for myself.

So a lot of my rules are things that I’ve, been taught from my parents from their parents. Various sources of inspiration like Marcus Aurelius and his stoic philosophy of meditations, which is a great book I’ve, talked endlessly about on the channel.

There is book of the samurai there’s. A lot of things I’ve. Taken from there the five rings – Robert Greene, I adore his books, so you can kind of jumble it all together. Is that a word jumble chuckling? It is a word apparently how fantastic.

Now I’ve learned. Another words adds to my book. You can jumble it all together and before you know, you have a really strong code set for yourself by having it on me all the time written down. I read familiarize myself and keep it fresh and it does help it does help.

It helps to define that line and know what you’re about. Okay, number, eight is reward yourself. This is something I struggle with, and what I mean by that is is knowing when to reward yourself. After a hard day’s, work or you accomplished something you were working towards.

I tend to be a bit of a workaholic weekends. Don’t mean anything to me, but I started taking a day off every week. Watch movies and I read books and listen to music and call loved ones. This kind of stuff after I’ve accomplished what I set out to man and ticked off those objectives that I mentioned earlier.

I like to have a glass of wine watch, an episode of Anna Fraser or Star Trek, or whatever TV show, and that’s, my treat and or vodka. If it’s Friday or Saturday now for you, it could be different. It could be meditation, it could be computer games that’s, actually something I do do.

Why are you laughing doo, doo, doo, doo? Okay, yes, yet do or do do if that’s, what you enjoy doing now for you, it could be completely different, it could be meditation, it could be complaining. Complaining, complaining could be complaining now for you.

It could be completely different. It could be playing computer games, it could be meditation, it could be. I don’t, know going out raving, you know whatever, but it is important honestly, because otherwise you spend your whole life working before you know you’ve got gray hair and you’re.

Just like oh damn. I should have, I should have had a bit more fun, you know so, but don’t have too much fun. All right that sounds a bit don’t have too much fun. That sounds terrible. You know what I mean: number nine is prioritizing and it could be anything it could be time.

It could be money, it could be. I’ve got here it written down, self-care family friends. Sometimes it’s, not what you do. It’s. What you leave behind and don’t, do learn to identify what you need to do.

First. You know. I know it sounds incredibly rudimentary, but it’s. It is crucial. I have to write things down and I take things off, but maybe I’m a little bit too obsessive, but it does help getting things in perspective and knowing what you have to attack.

First again, this kind of goes back to having a goal and objectives of objectives along the way. Okay, number 10, always be your self, never ever take notice of whatever people are saying. You know you are unique, and that is what makes you special and by paying attention to what other people say, especially negative things.

Don’t engage in it. Don’t lower yourself to the level. I love that Churchill quote, you know you’ll, never reach your destination. If you throw stones at every dog that barks another great little quote, is about more more about keeping it real, and I’ve said this.

It also on the channel is a great quote by Marco Pierre White, the award-winning British chef. He used to say you can dress a pig in a suit, but it will not stop it from grunting, which I love it’s, just it’s.

You know it’s, a powerful image, but it also reminds you that you, you know you can’t breathe. You can ‘ T pretend to be something you’re. Not so it works both ways. My mum, my mother, my mum, God, gets left on the head for that.

My mother, my mother, used to say mommy, says mommy dearest know I’m starting summer Hugo. My mother always says to me, especially in challenging times. Remember, who you are it’s very simple, and she’s, not talking about oh well, your ancestor did this or your family, but ah blah blah blah.

She’s, not talking about anything to do with that. What she means is is remember, who you are, she means take pride in yourself, essentially believe in yourself. Yes, there’s, billions of people in the world, but there’s.

Only one you in life, you’re, always gonna have detractors people that just don’t like you for whatever reason now 10 times out of 10, the insult or criticism is actually about them. It’s, always like that something they don’t like about you or they accuse you or something or something to that effect.

It’s. Actually they’re talking about themselves, so that really helps and kind of takes any of the the sting out of it. The other thing to remember is that most people they don’t really know you. I’ve made it a personal again one of my rules in my little book is I never talk badly about somebody.

I’ve never met or I don’t know again. It sounds like common sense, but remember they don’t know you they don’t. They don ‘ T know how great you are. You know so it’s up to you to show them to keep smiling, to keep being positive and always onwards and upwards.

That’s. Why I like that little phrase or saying I guess, okay guys, I’m gonna leave it there. Please do share your advice, tips, things that have helped you and assisted in achieving what you set out to do to be productive or chase your goals for lack of a better expression and let’s.

Try and help out as many people as we can. Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to like the video. It always helps and click on the little bell icon. If you haven’t already, so you get notified on new videos.

Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one. Okay,

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