2020 EDC: My Favorite Seiko Diver, Wallet, Knives, Pens & Accessories

Raaah it’s more hello. Now don’t forget to like this video to the pit. Okay, hi guys and welcome to the show. Today we return to another gentry favorite a traditional style of video. It is, of course, the EDC, which is something I do annually, and it was in fact one of the very first videos I did on the channel back in the day it was the cocky King.

I think, do you guys even remember the oh jeez, the original Gentry will remember. It was the the Hamilton that very much made famous by Hugh Laurie, the the legendary British actor anyway, I’m, waffling ravening on.

Let me do wristwatch yet before I forget it’s, the Tudor Submariner and I’ve put it on this wrist candy watch club car key strap, and I think it really works as something about monochrome divers with khaki colored straps.

I don’t know it just works, and this is one of my favorites in fact cuz. It’s very soft and risk any watch pub have really up to their game in recent years. Again, I’m waffling. I’ll leave links down below if you’re interested along with everything included in this video.

So without further ado, let’s, take it to the light box and have a closer look. Let’s. Go through some regular items that I guess my quintessential favourites that you already know. Of course, my can’t feed the big wallet.

Let me just cover my ID there NatWest you got ta love that always the cognac leather has really aged beautifully. I love all the marks and details. I got this one personalized and this is a brand london-based, but made in Italy incredible quality, the stitching you guys and though I adore coffee Friedrich like in luxury quality, but without the you know, cheesy, branding or exorbitant prices.

You really get what you could pay for: classic classic kind of British style, warm or kind of Scandinavian style, vachetta, quality, little leather. I believe this one is handmade and of course, the Italians are renowned world renowned for their leather goods.

I also a big fan of their bags and it’s. My go-to wallet still got my MetroCard, which actually has got credit on it and, interestingly enough, because I do still go back to New York quite regularly to see family work not right now, but I will be there again soon still using the scan this or sand.

This or whatever they’re called mp3 players with two different types of you know you got the standards apple headphones. This is for one on the street, because I can also quickly plug it into my phone use.

It for phone calls. Obviously, but as you guys know, the quality isn’t very good. So again, this is another old favorite, the San Heiser. Now back in what’s in here? Okay, I ‘ Ve got ear plugs they’re back in the day when I was doing sound engineering, San Heiser headphones were the best.

In my opinion, these are amazing. I forget, I think they’re, the cx2, something blah blah blah anyway. I forget, but they’re, very affordable, amazing frequency response. If I want to listen to music seriously, that’s, what I use, but the the the reason why I go for the Apple ones is because these are noise cancelling they got.

No great isolation, so it can be a bit dangerous of wearing this on them on the street, but in a plane it’s perfect because you just get completely taken away into a different world with the music. So these are my my go to.

I haven’t changed them. In fact, anything if anything I’ve, just replaced them with new ones and the reason for the mp3 player, because I know a lot of you thought there would go William Blake. We’ll, say well.

Why don & # 39? T you just play off your phone. Well, the reason is these ones: the battery lasts for absolutely donkeys, and also it doesn’t, take up space because there’s. A lot of photography. A lot of video, which I put on this and interestingly, as we’re talking on my phone, I don’t, know anything about phones, so don’t ask me: I only upgraded to this iPhone when my last one, The screen was so correct and I dropped it so many times I’m, not a phone guy.

Obviously, but I do like the covers. This is Albert Dora, the famed German painter polymath illustrator, and this is one of his prints. I love this particular image because it has the night and he ‘

S, got the devil, it’s got death with him and he’s, just marching ahead forward with that kind of resilient spirit with his dog. As a companion on this mighty horse and there’s, a lot of symbolism and we could spend hours just analyzing this one image, I love his art.

I am actually part German as well, which I found out quite more recently. I do have some German heritage, but beyond that I’ve, always deeply deeply loved German culture. You know obviously Wagner etc, etc.

So I like what this image represents. It represents fortitude tenacity going forward, no matter what so I just thought that was a really cool. Little find. What else have we got that’s, that’s, a kind of regular? Well, as you guys know, I love my Parkers, but I was actually given this the Space Pen.

The fish are now I’ve reviewed the official Space Pen, but Fisher have made whole line of newer ones. This is the blueberry clip. Okay, they didn’t go to space, but they use the same technology as the pen that went to space.

Now I’ve reviewed that one so have a look back. This was given to me by my good friend, Michael shout out to Michael. I hope he’ll well, my friend – and this is just a more compact version of the Fisher official Space Pen, so it uses that incredible gel inside that you can write at any angle, does not dry up it’s, just a Little bit more compact, I love the vivid, they’re, lively, blue and they’re built in America made in America.

So I love supporting. You know, like Italian, made British brands made in America, legend Fisher pens. You know an American legend really is so you kind of see a little bit of pattern there and talking of american-made let’s, discuss knives now.

So in my last ADC I’m. Pretty sure this was my my go-to. What I nearly said watch that my go-to knife, the benchmade gripped ilium. It is Benjamin. I got it right, fantastic. I’ve since build a little paracord with memento mori skull on it.

Of course, I love Benjamin. This is just such a great knife. You can flip it out with one hand, solid construction again made in America. However, it is a little bit too kind of tactical, and you know I must note guys always check the local laws where you are about what you’re allowed to carry them and what you’re not allowed to carry so this Particular knife depends on where I am is legal, some places illegal in other places, so I wanted something that had the elegance of my one of my favorite knives lay on the whole laggy old and it’s funny every time I talk about this.

Some French people correct names and say always pronounce this way and others place. No, it’s, a silent G and they can’t even decide themselves. So you know I’ll leave that argument raging. But this is a wonderful size.

Now I said in the previous video that this isn’t, my knife, that I take with me on more formal occasions now. This is the real thing made in France to be an official Lael knife. You have to be made in certain part and blah blah blah, and he got the rosary, whereas it cross their original II was a shepherd’s knife and in the be accessory accessory in a previous video.

I said that I only tend to carry this when I’m going somewhere a little smarter – and I said the restaurant, for example. Now a lot of people misunderstood thing. Why would I use a knife in the restaurant that’s? Not what I meant, I just meant, you know if you’re wearing a dress watch I don’t want to have this in my pocket.

This just doesn’t, go with the whole attire, a knife. Yes, it’s a tool, but I also like the look of them, the feel of them, and it just feels a little bit more correct. If I need to use a lot knife later on, let’s say I’m peeling an apple or I don’t know what you know.

I can’t, be without a knife. It’s, it’s, a quintessential tool for me, and then you know you ‘ Ve got other things like this, which my Japanese made a spider code that the Hannibal Lecter knife, which I also reviewed, which I do adore, but this is highly illegal.

I mean it’s, a really. I mean look at that. This thing is sharp as hell, even though originally it was designed for marathon use, but anyway, the annoying thing about this. I like to operate a knife with one hand, so I bought this, which I thought was a a kind of a nice amalgamation of these two.

It has I’m. Pretty sure this is a deer horn handle there. Now I’ve only had this a little while – and this is a bit stiff – you see that I didn’t really like the action, but it ‘ S got quite an interesting blade.

Usually I go for a serrated now it is small, so it’s inoffensive. So this is perfectly legal when I am to carry line and lock there to close it, it’s. Quite tough and like I said I only just got it but case is actually from Pennsylvania.

I believe Bradford they were founded in 1889 and originally they made cutlery. I just thought it’s. This is a nice elegant thing in a relatively smaller size. A unique blade that you can actually open with one hand, although little bit clumsy I’m, still getting used to it.

So you know I can ‘ T really give my full opinion on it. Just yet but yeah I’m enjoying this. I’m, enjoying it’s different here different, but yeah a little bit more smarter, a bit more tastefully done.

It is exquisite quality. I mean you really do feel it. So let’s, discuss some of the new stuff now in terms of flashlights or torch, as we say back in Blighty, you guys know the stream light here. I just love this powered by one singular triple-a battery very bright.

I love the clip. You can reverse this, put it on your cap, solid construction, since this one I have had others, but I’ve, always come back to this. It’s, just so solid. In fact, I have several now my wife has a red one.

I bought her one and then just compact and great quality. Simple, tough, durable as you can see, I’ve got all kinds of scuffs on mine and it’s. Yeah it’s just become my go-to. I have ordered this, which is a little old light, as you can see there twist it there.

There you go and it’s surf or UV for doing the the loom shots. As you can see on my little custom skx there, Oh fantastic, we’ll, discuss the watch in just a moment, but I don’t carry this for everyday, but I did want to mention it because I am impressed with the price Of this, the quality – this is a kind of olive, green and again single triple a battery beautifully made.

I might even get the regular one of the this because it’s, just so small, so I’m gonna do that soon. I think I might even order it off Amazon, because I ‘ Ve got this off my arms and a lot of this stuff.

You can’t find on Imus, and I’ll. Leave that the the links down below but the old Olight they’re fantastic externally. So that is a new acquisition. But again you know I don’t. Carry that every day. Talking about new editions.

There is, of course, a face mask. I never thought I’d. Have to add this to my EDC and as I head out for everyday essentials, exercise fresh air. I do wear one of these. I actually had a couple of boxes left from my last lung surgery.

So let’s, move on to another item. That is a recent addition. Now I use that money clip and I do still carry money, because sometimes not all businesses accept credit cards gifted this by the guys who develop, whereas it’s called the resolute there.

I’ll leave a link and they also gave me where is it? This is a kind gift. I believe they manufacture this extremely unusual, looking plane or aircraft construction design, which I think is really really cool so shout out to them, but I have to say I’ve actually enjoyed this little box cutter knife.

I mean I always have a secondary knife and he just flicks out like that. You can see in the made in the USA, very cool, little aircraft logo. I believe they’re starting a Kickstarter or something for this.

I might be wrong, but again I’ll, leave the links. I love it. It’s, really cool. Oh, I forgot my pendant, my my horror logically related pendant. This is the Aztec calendar. If you saw my video, I made about power.

Ology books, the Aztec calendar, is amazing. This has a double meaning for me. Firstly, obviously it’s, a it’s, a crucially important bit of horological history. The Aztecs were way ahead, mathematically in their understanding of astronomy and measuring time.

I’ve, actually seen the original in Mexico City at the zocalo, but the double meaning is also because my wife is Mexican. This is solid gold. I believe this made by a company from LA, and it is incredibly intricate and detailed and almost precisely replicates the the complexity of the actual real thing.

I have to say. The real thing is huge. I mean it’s, the size of a bus. You know it’s, a nice little connection to my wife, then talking on my wife and jewelry, I should really talk about my wedding ring.

A few of you have asked about it. I’m, not sure if you can see there. I actually designed and had this made to match the wedding ring that I also designed and made for my wife and, as you see it’s little skulls.

So the classic symbolism of memento mori of literally till death, do us part and it was fairly expensive. I mean making jewelry especially custom, designing and making jewelry he’s, not a cheap thing to do.

She has a black diamond with two skulls on either side, which I designed I’m, not gonna go to the the symbolism of the black diamonds, but it’s, something very personal between me and my wife, and I love that Reminder of what the most important things in life, and obviously you know it’s highs in kind of nicely, with Mexican Day of the Dead and their traditions as well.

So there we go and talking of jewelry I should really well. Let me show you this: I’m, not sure if I shared it in a video before you guys know. I love my signet ring or actually that that’s, that’s, a black star suffer.

You can have stones, and this is my birthstone, which is an amethyst in a kind of Gothic style. Beautiful, absolutely wonderful, find or you can have your initials, which I have seen here. You guys know so you don’t have to have a family crest.

This is the classic. This is what I was wearing before, but anyway, so I had this commissioned. This is the same companies before they really done a nice new boxes for their product. Oh Oxford, signet ring company in the UK with the classic Oxford style.

Setting this time, I went with a red sardonyx that has the top in a blue there, as they cut away for the engraving, because this is obviously I ‘ Ll show you the wax seal. This is the inverse. This was the old school way of signing a letter, the wax seal.

So this prints of that right – and I had this Commission last Christmas with one identical for my month – which I just think is a wonderful thing and she wears it proudly and is again it’s. A connection between family, ok, Signet rings are not for everybody.

It’s. An ancient ancient thing started in 1918. I’ve done a whole video about it. The Romans really spread it in to Europe and it was then kind of revived and but populum most the rest of Europe in the Middle Ages, and that’s.

Actually, when my family got christened this particular crest, the the line holding the Crusader cross, which, as you’ve, noticed, I’ve morphed into the logo for the channel and the significance of it, and he’s very deep.

For me, I mean it represents a connection to the past to loved ones. Every time I look at it, he reminds me of where I come from and if I just pull in Burke’s landed gentry there in volume one. I do have all three volumes we go to: where is it here? There’s, the actual line there, because my mom is a Wolford very proudly.

So so there we go and the tradition is you, you get it at 21 and it’s 1 on the pinky, although I wear it on the incorrect side. So I’m, really chuffed with this, and you know sometimes I feel like wearing something else.

It’s. You could change it to match in your attire, etc. Okay, so let’s. Carry on I’m gonna cover my keys for security reasons. I oh there you go there’s. A Victorian house see I always have a secondary knife.

I never can have enough knives, but these are great. You know toothpick. You know this is just a very basic one. I’ve got loads of these. This was a little gift from NDC with the Italian colors cuz. I am also Italian, of course, so thank you shoutout to NDC this little thing.

I picked up this cheapo from Amazon. It just has a thermometer and the compass. This is great the gerber. So this is five tools: screwdriver the crowbar bottle, opener, all kinds of things this is just – was only a couple of bucks again made in America.

This has come in so useful. This was from Fortis. There you go, which actually has to be mentioned is the watch I’m wearing, though they gave this to me when I did the Reno video. If you remember the Reno Air Race, videos which were really fun, if you missed that video arc guys, you’ve got ta check it out.

That was an amazing May in event. So yeah, hopefully I’ll, go again. If they’re gonna do we know this year, fingers crossed fingers crossed talking of watches. Why am I wearing this? I? What I really should address that and I’ve – got my little SKS, the hunter Pro Mod, the I like to call it the baby Panther I was thinking during this situation.

I’ve, been wearing a lot of day dates because working from home. Sometimes I forget what day it is so the day day, complication has really been useful. Obviously wearing solid got Rolex day-date. He’s, not the most practical, so divers, in particular with a day date that you can wash the strap you can wash the watch.

Don’t have to worry about water damage too much. You know has been really my go-to watches of late and probably will be for the rest of the year. It’s, but also you got the the timing dive time bezel, which is incredibly useful for obvious reasons, and so has been the Fortis cosmonaut because of course he got the screw down pushes their day day.

24 hour time chronograph, which I’ve, stopped there with that incredible ammonia movement, I’ve, been wearing a lot of watches with day date, complications, and I think that is going to be probably the trend for the rest of the year.

What else have I got? Well, you got my copperloy, which I discussed in my 10 things I can’t live without the video there. I think this is blue agate. What else? What else? Oh, of course, now this is the ghost strike kit with includes it’s about her, but I think about 70 bucks or so made in America, her gerber there from Portland Oregon.

I might be wrong about that, comes with their lifetime guarantee. Now this is the ankle kit which you get the straps on t ankle and it’s called the ghost strike because it has a very thin profile, got a rubberized handle there and you can pull it out of the your ankle, strap and just Click it back in very secure there for views.

The reason it’s called the ghost strike it’s very light for it comfortable you don’t notice. It’s there, but it gives you the assurance that it is, but it’s. A nice move back up there and the knife itself.

You just see the size it’s, not too big. So most places in the United States. This is not a problem but, of course like before, please check the laws where you live, oh and by the way, this unscrews – and it comes with this, which screw on here.

You can remove it from there and construct and you can put it on your belt. If you prefer to have you on your belt, maybe behind you or by your side, something like that so really cool. I love this neglect to mention sunglasses.

Well, personals, of course, but I don’t, typically, wear them all the time depending on weather. So that must get a mention too, but those are my go-to personals again I’ve done that a million times in previous videos.

So let’s. Take it back to the studio before I go. Some of you are still not getting the notifications when I post new videos, so please do remember to hear that little bell icon it’s, probably there or there or somewhere there abouts.

What else? Oh most importantly, I’d love to hear what your EDC consists of. What are you taking away? What do you recommend please do share in the comments I love hearing back from you guys and that’s about it.

Yeah don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful and as always guys, I will catch you in the next one: okay,

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