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3 Watches That Are CHEAPER and BETTER Than A ROLEX! | Jenni Elle

Showing you three watches that are not only less expensive than their Rolex counterpart, but which are also readily available and even technically, more advanced. So let’s get started, given the current situation with Rolex it’s almost impossible to buy a sporty model without having to deal with exorbitant waiting times or the equally over-the-top prices on the gray market.

Many of you have asked me about alternatives to those super popular Rolex models, watches that are not a compromise between what you want and what you actually get, but there are truly amazing pieces that are equally as good, if not better and that are affordable and available.

So that is why today, I’m, showing you a three watches that are at least in a one case, and only equally as good, but even better than their Rolex counterpart and all of the watches. They have a one major thing in common.

They’re all respected models, each with their own individual character, and so before we head into the three watches. I want to thank corner 24 for sponsoring this video today. Chrono 24 is the biggest online marketplace for luxury watches, for commercial watch.

Dealers and private sellers from all over around the world. Every watch in this video is going to be available on the marketplace and I will link the watches in the description box below and up here. The first part of this video is basically equally as iconic, as is Rolex counterpart, and you could technically say that this watch was kind of the co-founder of Rolex is success.

Of course, I am talking about the el primero from Sunita. Many of you might know that the Sunita primero has passed on its movement to the Daytona, so basically Ronix was using the same movements as to need in their chronographs up until the year 2000.

But there are some things. Many do not know about the el primero, which even outshine the Daytona in a certain way, but let’s. Take a look at the watch. First, the el primero has a diameter of 42 millimeters, a lock to lock of 50 millimeters and a height of 12 point 7 5 millimeters.

Given the proportions of the case, the el primero is definitely comfortable wearable for smaller wrists. As you can see here, with a 170 millimeter of wrist size, the case with its 100 meter, water resistance really stands out.

With its amazing finish, I really like the flattened and polished edges on the case, as it gives the entire foam a very nice and flowy. Look compared to that the chronograph pushes, as well as the crown looked rather average when going for the leather strap on the app Romero.

You get a watch that is really versatile, as I could definitely see. It worked with nicer clothes, but also looking really good, with a more casual outfit. If leather straps are not your thing, you can also get the Alpha Mara with a rubber strap or with a steel bracelet.

When looking at the doll, you immediately recognize the distinctive el primero design, with its three different colored sub belts and the contrasting bright red chronograph hand with the eye-catching to need star at the bottom, but it doesn’t.

Only look very nice, the finishing on it is also super good. You got the perfectly applied and very sharp looking our markers crisp, looking lettering and a stunning sunburst finishing on the doll as the cherry on top.

Additionally, you get super nova, are markers as well, but we’re really gets exciting. Is the movement of the el primero it’s, not only a column with a chronograph but also developed entirely in-house.

A big plus here is that Sunita has built a chronograph movement with a five huts frequency compared to the four Hertz you have in the current Daytona movements. With those five Hertz. You were able to measure your time up to one tenth of a second and that’s.

Only the first advantage compared to Rolex with it’s, a need. You also get what so many are missing from the Daytona, and that is a date sitting neatly at 6, o’clock. We have a practical date display making the el primero a perfect everyday watch, but there is another feature on the out primero.

That Rolex is missing out on because compared to the manufacturer, with the crown Sonique decided to show us, the amazing caliber, el primero phone would be through a sapphire case bag. I love the skeletonized rotor with the star engraving, which is making this watch an automatic one with a power reserve of 50 hours.

The el primero is a watch that many people know, but I feel, like you actually have to see this one in person to really appreciate the amazing quality and design it’s really impressive. That Sony kept the firefights frequency, considering that, when Rolex used the same caliber they for some unknown reason lowered the frequency to four Hertz.

All in all, the el primero is leaving that a Tona behind in many aspects, the Edit date and the case back, is a big plus and the fact that you can get this one on the gray market for about five thousand five hundred dollars, which is like Twenty percent of what you have to pay for a Daytona on the market right now is crazy.

There’s, just one thing that Disney does not have long wait lists. Those who answered by one can walk into any ad and try it on or check out the offers online. I’ll, put a link in the info box up here and in the description box below for you to check out and browse the offers on Kronos 24.

The second wedge of today is a true style icon with the rich history that started in 1957, which makes this one almost as old as the Rolex Submariner itself. The Omega Seamaster 300 can compete in pretty much all aspects with the Rolex Submariner and we are also going to find out in which cases the CMOS that is even better than the sub.

The C masters started out as a classic dive watch when it was designed in 1957. Following up other divers like this Submariner, it has a diameter of 41 millimeters, a locked, a log of 48 millimeters and a height of 50 millimeters, which is a bit higher than the stop due to the bezel and the case Bank.

The case itself has a 300 meter water resistance. So definitely what you would expect from a solid diver. The sides of the watch have a fine set and finish the upper surface, and the edges are polished which emphasizes the lines on the case.

Like the case, the bracelet is also made from steel. The outer links are brushed, the middle link is polished rather flashy. Look for a bracelet, I would say compared to other models like the Speedmaster, with its rather disappointing clasp.

I think I ‘ Ve really stepped up their game on this with its solid clasp with an added quick adjustment, I would even go as far and say that it works better than the glide lock on the sub. When looking at the dial, you can see one commentary that helped Rolex as well as Amiga to stay successful and that is maintaining iconic designs.

The C master in this video inherited it’s, designed from the first bottle released in 1957. The are markers are not applied, but sunk into the dial filled with artificially yellowed super-luminova that sits right, underneath dial the hands as well as a little pearl on the bezel, are also in doubt with the same yellow, super-luminova and nice touch here are the different colored Looms which I really love, the bezel is a typical diver bezel, so 120 clicks unidirectional and made from scratch.

Proof ceramic. I think at this point it’s obvious that CMOS is definitely on the same page as the Rolex Submariner, but in terms of movement, the CMOS is definitely ahead of the sub Amiga has built in its coaxial calibre.

That is not only chronometer certified, but also meta certified, which means that it has been reviewed under stricter guidelines than the Rolex, as this Seamaster runs with an accuracy of plus zero to plus four seconds per day, and a long way is also completely anti magnetic.

Besides Amiga know, many manufacturers can say that about their movements and not even Rolex same as that’s. Neat, you can see the movement through the sapphire case back of the C master, another case in which Amiga is one step ahead, which brings us to another point on chrono tiny, for your even able to find them, starting at four thousand five hundred US Dollars.

And you can find the links to the watch on chrono up here and in the description box below oh and bad way. If the vintage look on the Amiga 300 is not your cup of tea, I could also recommend the C master diver 300m.

It is in a similar price range, but it’s, the contemporary equivalent to the C master in this video, and I’ve, also done a review that I will link for you down below. The first watch is in this video.

We’re, both something for let’s, say average or even a little bit smaller sized wrist. So the last word today is something for the bigger wrist out there, even when looking at Rolex the selection of watches above 40.

Millimeters is not too big, but even with the big models such as these sea-dweller, you not only have to face steep markups on the RRP when looking on the gray market, but also a long wait lists when trying your luck at an ad.

But what if I told you that there is an equally great watch that costs significantly less? Let’s, say a four thousand two hundred and sixty euros, because that is exactly where the to dope elegance comes into play.

A watches is definitely on par with Rolex on many levels, with some added extras. Even rolling cannot compete with. So let’s. Take a closer look and see what the Pala gross is all about. Like I promised, the Pala gross is the biggest watching this video measuring 42 millimeters in diameter, with a lock mm 50 millimeters and a height of 14 millimeters.

Those measurements combined with tutors design, give this watch a massive appearance at the case is where we find the first big, Plus competitive Rolex. The case of this is not made from 904 L still like the Rolex.

The brushed surfaces and the polished edges on this case are formed from titanium, which means it is anti-allergic. So those with a nickel allergy do not get to wear Rolex, but can wear. This Pella goes without a care in the world and we can continue right away with the next point in which Tudor does not only improve on a major issue.

People have with Rolex but completely pulls ahead of its big brother. So to say, the class on almost every Tudor watch is definitely lacking compared to the clasp on a Rolex, but on this model, Tudor has treated us with an enormous folding clasp with a safety catch that adds one major advantage: a special, quick adjustment.

So without any tools you can quick adjust the bracelet up to two centimetres, but as a post of the sub Tudor has included its patented extension system, which means that, while keeping these same length, the bracelet adjusts itself to your wrist size on the go.

Whenever you may need it a bit more tight or loose another big plus, where the Pelagos is on par with the Rolex, if not even offering a bit more, is the bezel has to be expected. We have a unidirectional, diving bezel on this watch, but tudi finally made this bezel from ceramic, something many would have loved to seat you to do on their black bear line with their aluminium bezels, for example, and I also think that it is really cool that they Capped the bezel mat, so the Pala grouse is still keeping its distinctive Tudor look, but let ‘

S continue with the doll, because there are some details on this, which have definitely made me fall in love with this watch. Given that the snowflake hands are the cuter trademark, it is the rough 3d look of the entire dial that really stands out to me.

Each our marker is perfectly placed the markers at 6 and 9 are exactly double the length as the rest of the unix’s at 12, o’clock since the Troodon logo and underneath at 6, o’clock. We have the Pelagos lettering with its chronometer certification and the 500 meter water resistance and 3 o’clock is the date display without even magnifying glass over all the Pala.

Ghost really has a very neat look, and the selection is surprisingly versatile, because you cannot only choose between different colors, but Judah has also provided us with two different versions: one for those who prefer to wear their watch on the right hand and another one for those Who like to wear their watch on the left hand, so the watch in this video is made for your right hand, wrist, which is very unusual I might say, and so objectively speaking, there is no criticism with the Pala grouse or anything else that would make this Watch not as good as these sea-dweller.

Only the design is up to personal preference, as always, but the design is exactly where the big advantage lies for the Peleg was because, when wearing a tuner, you can be sure to not attract any negative attention.

Unlike with a Rolex model, sometimes the smooth design and the resulting understatement is appreciated by many watch lovers, and I would even go as far and say that tudi has really stepped up their game in the past couple of years.

In terms of innovation, you also do not have to pay extra for the peligros or wait for an eternity. You can immediately click on the link up here or in the description box below to start browsing through all the different offers on chrono 24, starting from around 3300 dollars.

Okay, so those were three watches that are not only less expensive than ever all its counterpart, but which are also readily available and even technically, more advanced in some cases. So what do you think about the whole better or worst and Rolex debate? And what is more important to you personally, the prestige that comes with wearing crown or the understatement of the watches in this video I’m, excited to see what you guys have to say.

So, let me know in the comments down below. Thank you. So much again for watching this video today and spending some time with me and guys before I forget please make sure to follow chrono 24 here on YouTube, because there is now a video online with myself in it.

We have Adrian from barking Jack. We have kai from watch vice and Tim from watch Gecko, and we talked to Pascal from chrono 24 about the current situation in the watch industry so make sure to follow them to know miss out, and now I’m gonna wish.

You a great day bye, [, Music, ]

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I am showing you 3 watches that are not only cheaper but also better than their Rolex counterpart!

Which one of these would be your favorite? And what do you think about the ‘better than Rolex’ debate? 

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