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4 STEEL ROLEX WATCHES Below 5.000€ | Jenni Elle

Hi i’m jenny and in this video i’m, showing you four rolex steel models where you can find them and they all cost less than 5 000 euros. So let’s get started [ Music ]. By far one of the most frequent questions i get is about steel rolex models, their availability and their prices, but you want to start out with higher end watches, but also want to make sure to go for a rather safe choice.

As a lot of money is involved, i think we can all remember the first time we went out and bought a watch that was significantly more expensive than any other watch. We’ve bought before right, so as tastes and preferences luckily differ from one person to another.

I want to give you an overview of all those full steel rolex models that you can still all get below: 5 000 euro and so for this video. I got chrono 24 to help me out with all watches from this. Video are available on chrono 24 and i will put the links for you in my description box down below chrono 24 is the biggest online marketplace for watches, where you can browse offers from watch sellers from all over the world.

So a big thank you to chrono24 for sponsoring this video okay. So let’s start with the first watch of today, the oyster perpetual 39 millimeters. I wanted to start out with this one, because i think that this one shows very well how it doesn’t have to be an older vintage watch from rolex to deliver you not only amazing quality, but also a price that is still very reasonable.

In the context, i think both the 39 and the 36 millimeter oyster perpetual make up the perfect watch for when you want to start out with rolex as a brand. And if you want a more in-depth review of this watch, i will link my video for you up here and down below my favorite thing about the oyster.

Perpetual is its simplicity, but that does come with some trade-offs too. When you decide on the 39 millimeters, you get the amazing sunburst style in different colors, including stick hour markers which are partially covered in super luminova.

It is all packed into an oyster case and a bracelet, and i think this is as simple yet elegant as it gets when it comes to rolex it’s only disappointing that rolex did not continue its practical approach to the class because, on the Oyster perpetual, you have to make do without any type of quick adjustment.

It might be to push down the price, but i think this trade-off is definitely not worth it all in all. This particular watch is great for starting out, if you like it, simple but practical and perhaps for trying to stay under the radar with your watch.

So if you want to put this low light champion on your wrist, make sure to check out the links on chrono 24 in the description box below next up, i want to show you a rolex that many might have already heard of, but i want you to Look at a certain reference number of this model.

The air king 5500 is probably my favorite air, king of them all the four digit reference number refers to rolex watches made before the 1980s. So with this one, you get a true vintage rolex watch and i really love how this air king really throws you back to this time.

Back then, even standard two watches were smaller, so the old air king sport, a 34 millimeter diameter, which makes this a really great option for people with smaller wrists, like mine, for example, given the design of the hour markers, they naturally lead your eye to the center Of the dial, where you can see the fine lettering with the rolex crown sitting neatly at 12, o’clock.

I prefer this style layout over the new models, because it looks less cluttered to me. Admittedly, with watches from the 70s. You do have to make some trade-offs too, though you get the refined, looks and proportions.

You also have to make do with all the bracelets and shaky clasps, and you should be keeping an eye on the movement as well. Sometimes, vintage watches have also been heavily polished. So if that’s, not the look, you want to be going for make sure to check out the tips of the lugs and the sides for marks of over polishing.

If you want to get some heavy 70s vibes make sure to check out the link to the air king on corona 24 in the description box below okay. So next up we have a well-known guest here on my channel, the rolex datejust, but not any day.

Just i’m talking about the 1603 again a four-digit reference number, so you know what’s up. This might be the perfect choice if you are missing a date on the other two options i have mentioned before.

Plus you get, the famous machine turned bezel. On top of it, some people even say that newer datejusts never managed to give off the same vibes and the charm of these vintage datejust, and that these are the essence of datejust.

So, basically, the only true one, as i have discussed this in my previous video, i will link it for you up here and down below a vintage date. Just has many pros and some cons you should be aware of with this particular reference number.

You will mostly find the silver dial option on a jubilee bracelet, which to me makes for a perfect dress watch that also works for every day. If you want to make your look a little bit more special on a daily basis, the added date is also a plus, and the machine turned bezel on this makes this stages way less flashy, as the new models are very understated, datejust, so to say, but keep In mind this is an older watch, which means that you should pay attention to the details.

Sometimes the case might be a bit too polished. Some might have some minor movement issues and then there’s, the band stretch and the clasp that comes with vintage watches. I don’t think any of these issues are deal breakers.

I mean, given that the watch is not actually damaged. As all these things make up the character of vintage watches, but i think it’s worth noting, especially to those who might be new to all of this, you will find the link to the datejust 1603 on corona 24 in the description box below So you can browse all the offers online, okay! So for the last watch, i first have to give a huge shout out and thank you to adrian from barking jack who kindly sent over his amazing shorts for the rolex explorer.

14. 270.. If you haven’t watched his videos, you should definitely go check him out. He also has a facebook group that i’ve joined weeks ago, which is really fun, and i’ll link, everything for you and his channel in the description box below out of this list.

I feel like this explorer is really the one that works for most people out of all of them. You get the 36 millimeter in diameter, which looks amazing on most wrists plus a classic black dial, with sticker markers mixed with arabic, numerals on 3, 6 and 9.

O’clock. It also has the mercedes hands which many love on the rolex submariner. So you kind of get the best of all the rolex worlds wrapped into one watch. It is also a watch that looks really really handsome on the leather strap which to me emphasizes the field watch feeling around it.

It would also be a good choice for you if you feel, like the oyster perpetual, for example, feels a bit too clean cut for you. Some of the explorers from this reference number can have either a tritium dial or super luminous on it, and there is also early models out there with blacked out arabic numerals, but those cost significantly more than the standard numerals.

Sometimes you can also see explore cases with log holes on the sides, which would make it easier to switch out the bracelet and some people just like the look of it, but as with all older models, you should check out with how much of a polish you’re okay with when buying one and there’s.

Also, the old folding cast with the full link engraving to make it look like the links go completely over the clasp, which isn’t. Everybody’s cup of tea but, as i said earlier, this one wears really really well on leather, so that shouldn ‘

T keep you from making this decision. If you want to check out all the different variants of the explorer 14 270 make sure to check out the office on corona 24 that i will link for you in the description box below okay guys.

So that was it for my list. I have shown you full rolex supermodels that you can get below 5k, given there are still cases and braces, they’re, all durable and ready to be worn on a daily basis, but i love how they each bring something very different to the table.

But what about you, which is your favorite of the four, do you own one of them and if so, what made you buy it make sure to. Let me know in the comments down below and again a big thank you to chrono24 for sponsoring this video and adrian from barking jack for helping me out with his footage from the explorer and now that is it for today’s.

Video. Thank you guys so much for watching this and the support here on my channel. If you like this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up, and i will see you in my next one bye, either a treat sim dial tritium tritium tritium.

How is that pronounced? I’m, going to figure this out. Google help me tritium. Oh, oh, i was way off it’s. Apparently tertium [, Music ]. You

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