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6 Watch Trends I Love and Hate ($1600 GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT)

Lucky Charms All Around

People around the world bring unique items, believing that they will bring best of luck. Those things are called lucky beauties.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Christie’s Auction Breaks Jewelry Sales Records

Among one of the most discussed topics in the fashion jewelry globe was the recent Christie’s public auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s famed precious jewelry collection. Titled “The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor,” the public auction took location Tuesday, December 13 and also Wednesday, December 14 at Christie’s Rockefeller Facility headquarters in New York City.

In Search Of High Quality Luxury Watches

Trendy, deluxe watches can be found in various designs as well as are made from a variety of materials. You might choose to shop for gold watches, silver watches, diamond watches as well as more. The vital point to remember regarding purchasing luxury watches is that you do not need to spend even more money to get a great-looking watch. There are numerous watches out there that would be considered a deluxe to have, as well as they don’t set you back nearly as much as some of the largest name brands. If you go shopping meticulously, you can find a wonderful watch at a wonderful price.

The Glamour of Vintage Jewellery and Modern Reproductions

Jewellery and also its role underwent significant changes over the course of centuries. If in older times it had a variety of functions ranging from its use as a money to religious, symbolic or creative functions, today the use of jewellery is mostly ornamental.

Getting Started With Your Wedding Registry

He finally proposed! Now is the critical time to start preparing for your future with each other and also that suggests wedding event windows registry. This post will certainly guide you with the long process of what requires to be done to start.

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