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9 Omega Seamaster Affordable Alternatives: Military Dive Watches $200+

Now today I was scheduled to review the latest and mingi Seamaster than no time to die James Bond watch, but unfortunately, with the ongoing situation, it’s no longer possible to physically get a hold of one.

You see what happens is the PR company that handles relations between people? Like me, reviewers watch magazines and big brands like Amelia. They simply can’t, get a hold of the watches. The set aside specifically for a review, so we’re.

Just gonna have to wait, but instead considering the military connection of Omega Seamaster, you know being supplied to the SBS the SAS and, of course, James Bond himself and the new addition of military markings on the dial.

It’s kind of vintage inspired aesthetics, even though it is rather divisive with that faux patina, I have to say I’m, not a fan again. I haven’t, seen it in person, yet so my perceptions could change, but the point is instead I thought I’d focus on 9 watches, with a significant military connection and talk about them because at the end of the day, the New Bond watch is what is the retail price around nine to ten thousand dollars? That is a lot of money and you can buy some truly amazing.

Timepieces were just as much historicity and connections to elite special forces, all kinds of navies from around the world. All the rest of it, so I thought I’d focus on that today. Now quick wristwatch check, I am wearing one of the watches features I’m, not going to get too close.

I want to see if you can guess what is comments down below. It does come in quite high up on the list anyway, without further ado, and before I wrap it on too much let’s get into the actual video. In the late of 1960s watch case, manufacturer EPS a came up with a revolutionary new sealing method.

It actually became more watertight. The deeper the watch went basically the deeper you go, the more pressure was applied to the case back pressing it against the o-ring gasket, and the super compressor diver was born.

The crosshatch engraved dual crowns and internal dive timing. Bezel was copied by many brands, and this design combination became iconic. There was some single crown with external bezel super compressors too, but they did not become as synonymous with the more well-known super compressor style, the most notable brands during the super compressor craze of the 60s and early 70s that used the dual crown design included.

Wittenauer Ben ruse Hamilton lip IWC long jeans Gironde pair ago Bulova, throw black pan butcher, t-cell Universal genève and, of course, jlc to name a few. While many know jlc as one of the finest swiss halter ology watchmakers or the watchmakers watchmaker.

To be more precise, they are no stranger to making watches for the military. Perhaps the most famous example is during World War, two, there were among 12 different companies that supplied the timekeeping instruments to the British Army, often marked with a broad arrow sign that was then mimicked by Amelia in the new Bond watch.

These watches are often referred to as the Dirty Dozen so when it came time to making new super compressor in the late 2000s jlc directly collaborated with the US Navy SEALs to utilize the compressor technology for an ultra robust new generation of automatic watches.

These were designed to withstand the extreme conditions of missions accomplished by the US Navy’s elite Special Operations force. What is unique about these modern incarnations is that you have all the inherent in-house produced, quality and mastery of watchmaking, but in a highly masculine tough and bold watch the stencil styled lettering and shapes and materials.

It is undoubtedly very modern. It’s. Also, half the price on the used market compared to your typical pre-owned Rolex sub, or the new Bond watch for that matter. [, Music, ] eterna, is a swiss luxury brand.

We have covered on the channel in the very early days. To recap quickly. They are important for many big contributions to the history of her ology, but mainly for two things. Firstly, the five circles in their logo is a reference to the 1948 invention of the friction, reducing ball, bearing mounted rotor system and production of the aterna Matic.

This was a subtle but important change to automatic watches and made them dramatically more efficient. This would soon be adopted by the entire watch industry and then, secondly, they are also famed for the crew members of the contiki expedition wearing their watches in 1947.

Thor Heyerdahl and five crew members set out on a journey from South America to Polynesia on a wooden raft called the kontiki. They set out to prove the possibility of contact between the civilizations of these two regions in ancient times to honor this historic voyage.

The Turner would go on to name their subsequent dive, watches Contiki, the aterna super contiki automatic dive watches were then sold in small quantities to the Israeli Defense Force in the 1970s. Following the Yom Kippur War, they were issued to the shayetet 13 commandos, the Israeli counterpart of the US Navy SEALs.

These watches were used for diving missions and were decommissioned in the early 1990s for more precise and less expensive. Quartz-Based diving, watches at earnest still makes very similar watches to this day under their heritage collection and with updated contemporary materials and newer ETA movements.

They are classic extremely well-made, highly overlooked, an average for around a few grand each no list of dive watches could be complete without mentioning the progenitor of all military diving watches.

If you missed my review video that discussed the history of Panerai, let me summarize quickly Panerai. If you haven’t guessed already was originally italian from a place very close to my heart Florence.

Now it is part of the super luxury Swiss conglomerate Richmond. The Florence based workshop produced wrist-worn diving instruments between 1935 to 1970, most of them to the Italian Marina military. Panerai watches were originally designed and manufactured by Rolex, with the dials made by the Panerai family, which were rendered with luminous radio mia a highly radioactive radium based self-luminous compound during World War.

Two, these cushion shaped art deco, styled oversized watches with California. Dials were then issued to the infamous and daring frogmen of the decima forty Liam ass forever immortalizing Panerai into military legend panel.

I have come a long way since then, and while they are now swiss-made, they have evolved into a highly desired luxury commodity and status symbol. Favored by the rich and famous, however, their intrinsic distinctive cushion-shaped look still remains, and prices vary anywhere from three to ten K and beyond.

If you want the newer in-house calibers and the various complications that are now available rather shamefully, it certainly has been a while, since we featured a doctor on the channel, especially considering how many firsts they have contributed to the history of dive watches.

Originally this Swiss watchmaker specialized in dress watches, but the company then decided to focus its attention on the development of dive watches in the 1960s Doc ‘ S are then consulted with divers, including Jacques Cousteau himself, and the then chairman of the u.

s. divers claude wesley. After years of research and testing by specialist team of divers and engineers, the sub 300 t was the result. Tests indicated that an orange face was more visible in murky water, with its now iconic and instantly recognizable 300 meter, water-resistant curvaceous shaped case and bright neon orange dial.

It became an instant hit with professional divers and, as a result, was soon issued by the US Navy and the French marine nationale to their combat divers, along with being purchased by the Swiss armed forces for their engineers.

It even became a cinematic star when warned by Robert Redford during the 1970s and, more recently, by Matthew McConaughey in his portrayal of Dirk the hit a modern sub 300 T can still be purchased new to this day with many vintage period-correct examples, ranging from a few Grand to substantially more for rarer and military used versions on the pre-owned market, the sin may be better known for the aviation pieces.

After all, they were founded by an aviator watch pioneer hand pilot, but their reputation and ability to make the highest quality of watches has earned them a well-deserved place in this list. Zinn had already been well established for the manufacturing of navigation clocks, pilot chronographs and even eventually, being warned by a German astronaut in space before turning their attention to developing dive watches, as is so typical with so many German brands.

Their commitment to manufacturing the best of anything soon extended to these dive watches and they are some of the toughest watches in the industry when it came to issuing a timepiece for Germany’s, KSM, which is an elite unit of the German Navy.

Made of commando frogmen known as camp trimmer, naturally zin was the choice. The temperature-compensated quartz-based UX S has several of Zins own proprietary technology that sets it apart from the competition.

Firstly, the case is made from detrimental hardened German submarine steel and coated with a scratch resistant ceramic layer. Secondly, inside the case is what they call hydro technology, meaning it is filled with a special silicon oil.

The incompressibility of the oil gives the watch an exceptional water resistance, with the movement being rated up to 5000 meters and the case 12000 meters. Another advantage of this oil is the optical effect where the hands and dial appear flat, even underwater, maximizing the legibility and minimizing Distortion.

The watch is then completed with a mission countdown timer bezel and a highly contrasting white red black color scheme. That simply screams is to do business. Typically, you’d, expect to pay around two to three grand for one of these later on.

They were also issued to the gsg-9, which are a special tactical units of the German Federal Police, and for a few hundred dollars more, you can actually get a version of this watch with the GSG insignia on the dial in a complementary red.

Again, we see a watch featured in the early days of the channel. Citizen unequivocally is renowned for its professional, diving watches, but few are as renowned in its arsenal as the automatic NY zero zero four zero.

With its unusual left side crown modest-sized, 90s style and and almost brutalist aesthetic. It became the choice of Italy’s. Marina military in the 90s up until the early 2000s, while it has been discontinued and replaced by the NY 0, 0, 81 and 85, you can still pick them up on the pre-owned market for an absolute steal.

Obviously, the military versions are more expensive and a highly desired, but they are essentially identical to the civilian versions. Simply without the marina military printed on. The dial inside is the 8 to 0-3 movement by Miyata, which happens to be owned by the citizen group, making it essentially a completely in-house manufactured watch.

The fully luminous dial and sunburst blue variants are still widely available pre-owned and offers tremendous value for money, starting at around $ 200 and upwards [ Music ], the Canadian based Swiss maid marathon timepieces, are, without a doubt, some of the best made and underrated military-spec watches.

On the market today, in fact, they make only military watches, with either officially issued sterile, dials or branded versions for the civilian market. This historic brand has been independent and in the hands of the same family for four generations.

Since 1904, they have a plethora of watches. To cater to all styles and budgets, from pilot to Field and, of course, divers, the marathon GSA are meaning government-issued search and rescue is a stainless steel, 300 metre diver that you can get in either courts an ETA automatic and in different sizes or finishes.

It has one of the most unapologetically functional aesthetics you can find and very fittingly. They are built like absolute tanks. An interesting and distinctive trait found in all of their watches, is the consistent use of tritium gas tubes that ensure the luminescence is constantly glowing for up to 25 years with compelling functional designs, consistent high quality and affordable prices.

Is it any wonder they have been issued around the world to Canadian military, the US military, the IDF law enforcement and several US government agencies prices range from underground to several for the higher-end models? I was very late to the Yemma party.

I really regret not owning one of these. Sooner a few months ago, I finally reviewed their most iconic watch and fell completely in love and decided to pull the trigger. The aptly named Superman was originally released in 1963, and they are all entirely made in France, as Yemma is indeed france’s premier watchmaker soon after they were then issued to Frances Air Force pilots.

But aside from this prestigious military connection, they have an amazingly rich history as a brand as covered in my recent review, including many space-going watches and chronographs, worn by motor racing legends.

The diver is, unlike any other, as it features a bezel locking mechanism incorporated into the screw down crown. This enables it to lock the bezel in a required position of your choosing without the need to fully unscrew the crown it’s.

An easy and effective way to prevent accidentally, knocking the bezel and thus giving an incorrect reading in a military context. When timing is everything and lives depend on it. This feature is even more crucial, but what is so lovable about these watches is the surprising classic, elegant style, the beautiful execution and the availability in different sizes, either bronze or steel, various dials, the choice of either affordable, quartz under $ 500 or even a new completely In-House movement, at just over grant during the making of this very video yema, announced on their Instagram that the French Air Force would renew their relationship with the brand and, once again, we will see them being supplied to their elite pilots in the future.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most underappreciated diving legends on the market today, when talking about dive, watches with military involvement, it is impossible not to mention Rolex and the extremely lusted after mil subs.

However, it is precisely for this reason demand by collectors with deep pockets combined with their rarity prices, have skyrocketed far beyond anything Amina or for that matter, any high-end dive watchmaker can offer.

Thankfully, the same cannot be said about the little brother brand Tudor well, not yet, at least if you saw my special top 10 watch books, video and my videos and Tudor submariners, you would have seen just how many times Judah has been selected to serve the needs Of military organizations all over the world, but by far most numerous was the French marine Nationale and then followed by the US Navy.

In fact, the true des Submariner was issued to far more organizations and in far larger quantities than the Rolex sub ever was, while the more distinctive snowflake handed and square dials of the 721 and 716 subs are now well beyond 10 grand for a decent example.

In the used market, they later seven nine zero, nine zero like mine or the smaller seven nine one, nine zero and the mid-size and mini-subs are still relatively accessible and hover around the 5k mark in terms of price, with the alluring looks and feel of vintage.

Submariners often even with Rolex signed parts, they feature more affordable to run ETA automatic movements and are simply timeless in design to a certain degree. They have a coolness to them that the sometimes ubiquitous Rolex is don’t.

Any true watch enthusiast will tell you they are not the poor man’s Rolex. They can now stand proudly on their own as a legendary family of watches, with a far richer and longer tree of service with the military.

And if you’re, something of an Anglophile or just appreciate british history, the tudor name is something to be extremely proud of. Okay, so there we have it that’s, my top nine favourite non-homogeneities to the amiga CMOS the ningyou bond c master.

Do share yours in the comments below it’s, trying to help out as many as we can. I know there are tons out there. I only have nine recommendations. I know there’s going to be many a whole. Well, a never-ending si, pardon the pun of military divers.

I haven’t included, so do share yours below please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful, and especially if you want to see more videos like this, please do hit that like button.

As always, thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao [, Music ]. We all work hard for our money so when it comes time to spend it on a luxury watch, the best way to take your money furthest is to buy pre-owned with some dealers.

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So why are they so highly regarded authenticity is always guaranteed. Every watch comes with a two-year warranty and watch box has their own in-house Swiss trained expert watchmakers. They have a global presence and an unrivaled selection.

It’s, simply the best way to buy, sell and trade. Your watches from the comfort of your own home anywhere around the world, with the team comprised of passionate watch enthusiasts as an urban chant reviewer.

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The release of the 007 movie “No Time To Die” has been postponed to later this year, and although we’re excited to see the latest Omega Seamaster 300m on James Bond’s wrist, that doesn’t mean we have to forego cool dive watch related content until then. Today I share 9 affordable alternative divers that have also seen action on the wrists of prestigious militaries from around the world, priced from $200 to $10,000.

We’ve explored Omega’s involvement with military timepieces, including the production of watches for the MOD, SBS, SAS, RAF, and of course, James Bond himself. Now, let’s take an in-depth look at some of the most underrated military watches you can buy for less (and sometimes far less) than the asking price of the latest Omega Seamaster (Ref. which retails at $9,200 new. With its deeply vintage military inspired design and style, what else can you get for that money?

Join me for a deep dive into a world where quality, precision, toughness, reliability, and function are a matter of life or death for some of the most elite military organizations.

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