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A 38mm Full Steel Casio Watch: What They Got Right & So Wrong (A1000M)

I’m actually wearing the dan henry uh, incidentally, which i also recently reviewed, and today i want to answer the question: is it worth you know close to 100 bucks in price? Actually, you can get them for about 75 and so on now before we review this, please don’t forget to like this video, but as always, let’s start with a little bit of history.

Now in part one. I discussed why cassio are such an important brand and why true watch enthusiasts and casual watch wearers respect the company, and i gave a very in detail back story to contextualize, not only that video, but this video as well.

So i do highly recommend you check that out, if you missed it but to quickly summarize, i addressed a common misconception of how many erroneously see cassio’s, just a cheap watch and nothing more unaware of how they actually revolutionized the industry pioneered.

So much technology we very much take for granted today and are fundamentally an important part of horological history. But what is important to note here is how and why the steel, a 1000m, how it came to be exactly its origins, are undoubtedly the unisex versatile aw 158, which was released in 2001, which itself was a more formal, evolved stepping stone to going full steel, like We have today, and that was um an alternative to the classic f91w from 1989.

goldtone, followed in 2009, with an updated, electroluminescent, backlight and updated module. All of these aforementioned watches are influenced by their ancestors in the 80s and 70s that gave them their definitive design, language and style.

So why did cassio move towards producing more plastic and resin watches over steel? Predominantly plastic-based digital watches became the dominant sellers for casio during the 90s and 2000s, as it was naturally a cheaper material than steel and as digital watches became ever more affordable.

Solid steel fell out of favor during the 70s it was the complete opposite. Casio was being seen as an exciting, cutting-edge technology and they actually positioned themselves as more of a luxury product compared to the ultra affordable, tough tools and fashionista accessories.

They have become in recent decades in 2019. Casio finally decided to appease the fans and returned to their solid steel routes and released the a1000 that were marketed once again as an upscale premium successor to the aw, 158, 59 and 68.

We reviewed in part one [, Music ]. So let’s start with dimensions. First, at a widest point, we have 38.1 millimeters beautiful slenderness of 7.6 millimeters lag to lag. We’re, looking at 39.5 and the lug width of 18 millimeters, so an absolutely fantastic size for both him and her functionally speaking.

It operates exactly the same as its predecessors. If we flip it over, we can see we have the light with the three button setup mode start and stop in exactly the same configuration. The material is entirely stainless steel for almost everything, with the exception of mineral glass, it has the newer 3479 module and features the same complications and accuracy as before, but actually in a slimmer size which is uh part of the refinement in the module.

The electroluminescent backlight is absolutely outstanding, as you can see, they’re very equally bright and it’s. A lovely kind of cobalt blue that has the numerals in a um, a sky blue to to contrast, very effective.

Indeed, and as you saw in part one, it’s, a million times better than the led illumination, even if it does shave a few years off the battery life. And while we are on the subject of the dial around the liquid crystal display.

You’ll, see this very alluring and rich, faux tahitian coloured mother of pearl, which it’s like a deep opal and really does come to life in certain lights. Some may wrongly associate it or more commonly associated mother of pearl with feminine watches, but i have to say this is so understated you, don’t really get that feeling.

I love the directional, brushing the angles, a lot sharper than the predecessors and, i have to say the um. The button action does feel higher quality compared to its predecessor. Now. This is mainly because the watch was actually designed around this newer module.

So there’s, no plastic retainer ring the fit and feel on. The wrist is outstanding. Casio have done an excellent job of making it somewhere between the a158 and 68 in scale. It’s, certainly going to please a lot of wrists with its 38 millimeter diameter, but more so for the smaller wristed.

Of course, unless you have the bigger wrist and you want to get that kind of hit of nostalgia, one discernible difference is the weight, however, being completely solid steel. Now it’s, substantially heavier, but um still light in comparison to traditional mechanical watches.

Of course, it has a reassuring 82 grams compared to the 50 grams of the 58 and 68.. It’s, also extremely comfortable, mainly due to the thinness of it. I mean it really does wear like a dress watch, but then, of course it’s, beautifully articulating and very fluid tapering mesh bracelet, which i think is a clever move, because mesh has kind of been a bit of a comeback trend of late, and I think the the new bond watch certainly started that off.

It brings also a more luxurious quality, which is a logical choice. If you’re trying to make a higher end version of the previous really tinny uh folded bracelets of the past, and because this has a redesigned case here, uh with the 80 millimeter lug width, they’ve, cleverly put little um bolt Action spring bars there, so it’s, a doddle to change out very nice detail.

Indeed, and if we look at it from afar, you’ll, see how the tapering follows the line down it’s subtle, but it’s, a it’s, a nice little refinement to the bracelet, and this Of course is adjustable, so you can get the absolute perfect fit and you just hook it in there and flip it close, and it’s nicely signed as well: [, Music ].

So let’s, talk about the style and design to further refine the watch. The top of the bezel, as you can see, is a brushed finish and directional brushed finish very reminiscent of the royal oak by adumar piguet and the nautilus for that matter.

Both gentle classics, of course, and icons – was it deliberate. I, i think so by kind of referencing. These steel classic luxury watches super luxury, watches that revolutionized these higher end brands.

They are indirectly drawing inspiration, um and suggesting that this is a kind of entry-level equivalent and talking of 70s revolutionary watches. It does have that slight futuristic feeling it’s, as if dennis lasdan had designed it uh.

The sides has that brutalist, aesthetic, which i think lends itself to digital watches beautifully. I could imagine this being worn, uh on logan’s, run or or solaris, or definitely silent, running or some kind of 70s sci-fi classic like that uh yeah.

I would describe it as kind of retro sci-fi. The refinement continues on the dial. If i angle it like that, you can see how they’ve framed the displays uh, the casio. There is in a kind of embossed raised lettering, really really nice touch and the way the mineral glasses flush with the bezel.

This would absolutely slide under a cuff, very nicely done. The royal oak look is further accentuated by cassio, retaining the rounded hexagonal k-shape and angular button guards or wings as they are referred to on the nautilus.

Now talking of mother of pearl, i think, is a really interesting choice of dial texture. I wasn’t going to expect in a digital watch. I’ve got to be honest, because mother of pearl is actually quite an ancient luxurious material.

I mean in terms of watches it’s, been used as decoration for centuries, mother of pearl over more obvious blingy diamonds and other textures as a sense of luxury. A bit of pizazz without being too gawdy or obvious.

Real mother of pearl is very expensive to produce and dangerous too, because the particles of dust created are so fine when cutting the material. So you really have to have very skilled specialists to do it when they’ve, you know, cut it to a dial size as well as being costly to source in the first place, but this faux mother pile does a good job of recreating that Richness that beautiful iridescent quality that is so bewitching without looking cheap.

It’s, not too obvious. So let’s. Talk about positives well. Finally, we return to true solid stainless steel, not um kind of stainless steel in part, and you know fo on the case as before. I think this is long overdue.

I think they’ve, also executed. It amazingly well um. You rarely do feel it when you wear it mainly due to the exceptional construction feels very, very solid. This is a million miles away from its predecessor.

In fact, it’s. Quite an interesting experience, um having a casio like this. That feels like a luxury watch, you get that feeling, which i really am um surprised and yeah. It’s gorgeous. Looking as well, let’s.

Let’s. Let’s be honest. I love the attention to detail. Uh there’s, a lot of it. The alluring shape uh the seamless transition of the polishing, the balance of retro, um and kind of futurism uh at the same time, and they’ve done away with any kind of, as we see before.

The extra colors, which i think adds for a more versatile watch. Ultimately, it’s, a very compelling mix of kind of sporty dressy, uh and and will definitely be fun to match sartorially in many ways. This is actually the amalgamation of styles that cassio originally intended with the production of the first aw 158 in the 2000s.

And of course, if we go back to the beginning, the cassiotron in 1974, it’s very cool. That cassio have stayed true to this thinking and ideology, and it shows they know what they’re doing and once again, it kind of lends itself to a very versatile product that can do it all in any situation and at the end of the Day, that is what is beloved about digital watches.

Like this, the most important thing for me when it comes to casio watches, is the nostalgia factor. It just makes me smile every time. I i wear my f91w. It takes me back to childhood and i can happily report that it has not been abandoned with the a 1000 series.

You definitely get that if anything it’s kind of further accentuated. It feels like the casio. I always wanted in some strange way or it’s close to it, and i have to say it’s, one of the most comfortable watches i’ve, ever worn it mostly also down to that mesh, of course, but The thinness, the the weight, the scale is just so comfortable and something i must mention um, even though i did buy this used.

I do appreciate the attention that’s gone into the box. It’s, just a very unpretentious slide. Open box with a little pouch that you can actually reuse it’s very intelligently, designed but faithful to its lineage and also, i think, forward, thinking with style cues from other important moments in horology.

So they’ve done a bang-up job. There [ Music ], not surprisingly, there are uh quite a lot of negatives, almost as many negatives to this watch as there are positives now compared to the seven year battery life of the a168.

This is much shorter at only three years, but not the end of the world. It’s, easy to change out the battery. Secondly, the glass is only mineral. I would love to see sapphire glass. I think that would have really been an a wonderful upgrade.

The water resistance is also rather low at only 30 meters very disappointing, indeed, and kind of undermines its ruggedness uh. It’s, its use in more sporty scenarios, and i think a good water resistance is one of the underlying important factors and helps to distinguish a dirty watch from those that are not.

However, the main negative and it’s painfully obvious. As i move it is that dark screen in some light it’s, illegible at other angles. Uh you can’t even see it. One of the worst negative displays i’ve seen, and i don’t understand because they’ve, put out negative displays that are far better than this years ago, so they are capable of it’s, something With this particular module, maybe because it’s, a newer module, who knows – and sometimes i find myself even in decently – lit rooms having to push the button for the backlight just to check the time.

It very much reminds me of those early led pulsars, like the one james bond, wore that you’d, have to press the button to show the time it’s almost that bad. Now i am actually contemplating buying the non-negative, which is like this and then swapping them out.

I i did see a video on an excellent uh youtube channel all about casio watches the guy did that and it’s. A shame because i like the way the black works with the mother of pearl on. I almost forgot one more big negative here.

This has only been released in europe and japan. Why cassio did this? I have no idea it’s very confusing. To me, it should have been released elsewhere around the world. Really, maybe it’s, uh foreshadowing future releases.

I don’t know, but i had to source this from spain from the used market and it’s also rather annoying because uh for many people who go to the mall or their local casio dealer. You cannot try this on. If you do not live in those countries, why they decided? This is a complete mystery to me um.

Are they trying to target specific groups of people, perhaps the trendy fashion, conscious of europe and japanese cities, [ Music ]? So, in conclusion, despite the many shortcomings i still have enjoyed my time with this watch uh, it does feel like a luxury watch compared to those before it so cassio delivered on on the more premium experience.

Undoubtedly it’s. Uh it’s a bit like wearing a pair of comforting slippers of a nostalgia. It really is um. Is it worth a hundred dollars? Well, yes, or no, i think the hardcore casio fan will absolutely lap it up and enjoy it.

If you’re, not that into casio, probably not. I do have a suspicion, however, that this is going to be replaced with a more fully realized version that will hopefully correct some of these wrongs. Personally, i’d, be willing to pay double even quadruple for the upgrades that i mentioned.

A fully swimming version would definitely make this. You know a great do it or one watch collection, type of an affair. Have i decided to keep it? Who knows we’ll, see it’s, funny it’s. It’s, nowhere near perfect, but yet i cannot help but enjoy it now.

In closing, i would like to say that this is uh. One of the best and simultaneously most frustrating casio, watches um. I’ve ever reviewed. To be honest, mainly, i think, because of what it could have been it’s.

It’s, so close it’s. Definitely going in the right direction, but having said that, i am very excited to see what casio do next, while it is undoubtedly far from perfect. There is so much promise here anyway, guys i’m gonna leave it there.

Thank you very, very much for watching. Please don’t forget to like this video, especially if you want to see more watches at this kind of price range. Don’t forget to add your thoughts, quiz comments, opinions, uh all the rest of it down below, and i will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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