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A Perfect Pocket Knife Every Gent Should Own: Case XX RussLock

Okay, hi guys and welcome to the show – and today we return to a traditional gentle topic. Yes, the gentleman’s, pocket knife and in particular this one i want to discuss. This is the rust lock from case and how it compares to some of my past favorites and why it has become my favorite [ Music ].

I’ve, been promising doing a state of the knife collection for the longest time, but i wanted to address this particular knife. First now, of course, uh before i get into it, i’ll. Do a quick response check wearing the tula submariner on the distressed, firenze strap by collared the best italian handmade luxury straps in the world? Yes, as you can tell by my turtleneck what you can’t see out the window, but behind the camera is the window.

We’re, going into a more autumnal and then eventually winter weather so perfect. For that season to me owning a well-made, pocketknife is a tradition i inherited. It was something i learned from my grandfather who i look up to as the ultimate embodiment of an english gentleman aside from his bespoke suits cars, timepieces hunting, attire, briefcases, writing instruments and so on.

Among his many accoutrements was always a small bone-handled classic pocketknife, which was also part of his everyday carry well. This is long before such thing existed, but you get what i’m saying, and people always ask me why a knife is in my edc.

The truth is, i use a knife every single day from cutting open boxes to just simple handiwork around home. The pocket knife is a tool that has a history almost as old as horology, starting in the early iron age.

A pocket knife with a bone handle was found in austria dating from about 600 to 500 bc, and also in the iberian peninsula that were made by indigenous artisans and craftsmen dating back to the pre-roman era found in spain.

It wasn’t until the spread of the roman empire that this workers tool was adopted by nobles and the higher classes as a personal tool in a smaller form to be carried tucked away in a toga with ease. Now, when i buy something, whether it’s, a watch, clothes or shoes or something i like history, i like a story behind it and case is no exception and they are also made in a country.

I care about deeply, and that is always a great thing when you find something that’s made in i don’t know somewhere you’re from or or somewhere that you have a deep connection with. It means something a little bit more and also you’re supporting industries, in this case very, very local here in pennsylvania, no less wr case and sun’s.

Cutlery company is an american award-winning manufacturer of traditional pocket, knives, kitchen knives, limited edition commemorative collectibles, fixed blades and sporting knives. The company originated in little valley new york around the turn of the 20th century before relocating to its current home in bradford pennsylvania in 1905.

. They famously made military knives from world war, one onwards for u.s servicemen and women, including the m3 fighting knife and the v-42 stiletto, the latter of which, for the devil’s brigade during the 1965 flight of the molly brown astronauts, gus grissom and john Young used special case knives on a nasa space mission.

The brand enjoys a cult-like following and are widely respected by collectors, and in fact the knife we are looking at today has many more elaborate designs and versions specially decorated, with exotic materials in limited editions.

However, the rust lock is relatively new, the 1953l debuted in 2000 and was quickly to become a favorite among collectors with its unique style and beauty. This patent features a liner, lock mechanism, along with a gimped lever for convenient one-hand opening, designed by the late case, master knife maker tommy hart.

The sleeker body of the rustlock was inspired by the jackknife zero two eight, a knife that has been retired for over 40 years. The knife was then named after case founder, j, russell or russ case. Interestingly, the reference number of this knife is a tribute to the year ross case, passed away, which was, of course, 1953.

. I do think you know. The cheaper knives are a bit of a false economy. The quality is substantially better with something like this and worth every single penny. Yes, i know some of you are going to think.

Oh, that is a little bit costly, but this is something that’s. Going to last you generations, like my grandfather’s, knives, i included in this video. So here we are with a collection of some of my favorite knives uh, the griptilian, which you would have seen um and, of course, the spider curl.

We got the kershaw leek there uh, yes, your typical. I think this is the size six um, which is a wonderful old-fashioned. Traditional beechwood and carbon steel, folding, french, very, very affordable um started off as a as a workers, knife kind of farming and stuff like that and has soon become quite an iconic, um, very, very affordable and then, of course, the the polar opposite of that you have.

Your lael or lagio uh, which is you know i would describe as a luxury knife now, even though it’s started as a shepherd’s knife, and these can reach absolute astronomical amounts, and then you ‘

Ve got your more tactical knives like my kershaw leak here, which i absolutely adore with the assisted opening. This was for a time my favorite knife, because it was so slender. However, you’ll notice with these particular knives.

They have especially the griptilian. I love being able to open it with one hand. That is something i simply could not do with an opinel, or you know these more like traditional knives. So i wanted something that kind of bridged that gap and for the longest time i had my eye on the rust lock here with this gimped lever system here and i’m just wearing the one glove.

So i can polish as i go, because, unfortunately, with steel, it is a bit of a smudge magnet. So with this gimped unique blade here, you can operate it with or open it rather with one hand. Now the trick is to really put it in the back of your hand, and then you’ll flip.

It open like such so, as i said, put it right in the back of your hand there and then just flip it open and it’s just so easy. But of course you ‘ Ve got this very traditional look. This is actual amber, jigged real bone.

You can get this in a wide variety of different styles. Also the size of the knife. I’ll, put all those statistics and measurements it’s not too offensive the griptilian here. If i just open that up you’ll see it’s, a you know, verging on illegal to carry now in the us.

The rules are different and vary from state to state generally. In some jurisdictions it is illegal to conceal knives with blades of a certain length, particularly when combined with a quick opening mechanism such as cursual leak.

Here, just make sure the lock is down. As i show you there see, that would be illegal. Um same goes for gravity, knives, butterfly, knives, switch, blades, etc. But with this it’s, a it’s, a smaller blade.

It’s more elegant and you can still open it with one hand, but it’s, not assisted, and also the blade length is relatively small. It’s, also a clipped blade, which is very, very easy to sharpen. It’s, not serrated.

That is the only complaint i have about my wonderful spyderco. This is made in japan, so this is tremendous value considering this is made in the united states, so this is about 15.. This is about 120, so in luxury, uh territory and obviously for the bigger ones you’re.

Looking at several hundred, this is about the same price, so these two really make you know this is for you at home. This is what i typically use, but of course, look at that size. Comparison. It’s. Much tougher.

You got much more leverage um the benchmade there beautifully made, of course, but this is definitely my new edc favorite also, so you don’t cut yourself returning the blade when you now watch the the liner lock there when you, when you push that Down this part of the blade here has a little groove for your thumb, so you guide it back and then you just complete it slowly and it flips back in so very, very well designed well thought out exceptionally well made now on amazon, and i’ve put this in the store.

You can get these little uh cases for them. Unfortunately, i ordered the wrong one. I wanted something in the rich cognac color to match my key holder that i recently added to my edc. This is from carl friedrich.

This is just so practical. I love this, but you can you can see, look at the difference in the luxury hand made in italy. To this i mean this is 10 bucks. What do you expect, but i should have ordered the darker cognac.

I might just go ahead and do that, but yeah you put this on your belt and it’s. Just very practical you can doesn’t, take up much space such a a great size, this for a um for a knife. Perfect. All right guys, i’m, going to leave it there, but please don’t forget to add your thoughts.

Queries comments, opinions all the rest of it down below. I’d love to hear what you make of this particular knife. If you are an owner of it, what knives would you recommend for a good? Do it all everyday knife or pocket knife in particular? Please do add your suggestions and thank you so much for watching.

Please don’t forget to like this video, very, very important indeed to help support the channel that’s. All i ask for and as always guys i will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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Today we return to an old school Gentry topic from the early days of the channel. I discuss why every EDC should include a pocket knife, and the history of this tool, which is nearly as old as horology. I also share why the RussLock folding knife is my new favorite and how it compares to past favorites in my collection including the Benchmade, Mini Griptilian, Kershaw Leek, Opinel #6, Laguiole, and Spyderco Harpy CO8S.

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