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Alien-Inspired: Jason Wilbur’s LEO Watch Lands On Earth

Wilbur Watch Co.'s new LEO Watch.

Wilbur Watch Co.’s new LEO Watch.

Unveiling its newest seven-year-long innovative “time sculpture” just a couple of months ago at the Couture Show,  Wilbur Watch Co. made an unforgettable impact with the LEO Timepiece.   The LEO, a marvel of design and engineering by its creator Jason Wilbur, captivates onlookers with its mesmerizing constant motion and striking aesthetics. This watch marks Wilbur’s first foray into the realm of round watches, but is anything but classic. It showcases an outer-space-inspired idea in a manner that genuinely embraces Jason Wilbur.

Jason Wilbur’s LEO Alien Inspiration

LEO, as the name suggests, holds a special significance. It stands for “Living Extraterrestrial Object,” embodying the essence of the timepiece’s inspiration and the enigmatic nature of its design. Wilbur’s fascination with stories from Roswell, New Mexico, and Area 51 in Nevada led him to create a watch that captures the intrigue and mystery surrounding extraterrestrial encounters. By incorporating an other-worldly, alien-coded language in the form of cryptic symbols, Wilbur has created a watch that stands apart as a symbol of artistic expression and boundary-pushing innovation.

Wilbur Watch Co.'s new LEO Watch.

Wilbur Watch Co.’s new LEO Watch is an living extraterrestrial object.

Beyond its striking appearance, the LEO boasts exceptional craftsmanship and precision. The use of a first-of-its-kind space-age aluminum alloy and the integration of the WILBUR Engine One movement, manufactured by Concepto in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, with jumping hour in the center, ensure optimal performance. The fixed bridges, visible from the dial side, double as the hands for the minutes at 6:00 and the seconds at 12:00. The movement runs at 4Hz and offers 50 hours of power reserve.

Versions of the LEO

Wilbur Watch Co.'s new LEO Watch.

Sapphire disks and rotating parts make the jumping hour watch mesmerizing.

Several versions are offered. Each boast an 8-part modular case with anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the front and back.  The case is hand finished and is complemented with  Wilbur’s ergonomic “landing-gear” strap. The choice of materials contributes to the watch’s sleek and stealthy aesthetics, elevating it to a new level of sophistication.

The Leo JW1.1 is crafted in a titanium and black DLC case with blue dial accents. Fifty of this version will be made, each retailing for $32,500. The Leo JW1.2 features gold-hued dial accents and boasts a titanium case. Just 25 will be made of this version, each selling for $36,500. Similarly, the Leo JW1.3 Fire Fly is created in just 25 pieces ($36,500 each) and boasts bright neon yellow dial accents.

Wilbur Watch Co.'s new LEO Watch.

The JW1 movement was made for Wilbur according to his standards by Concepto.

The LEO’s visual allure is captivating. The constant motion of the specially constructed floating disks, adorned with cryptic symbols, creates an ever-changing display that keeps the observer spellbound. The striking colors and the watch’s size further add to its appeal, ensuring that it becomes an immediate conversation starter. Wilbur’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the timepiece, from its sleek and stealthy material to its three-dimensional construction.

Wilbur Watch Co.'s new LEO Watch.

Wilbur Watch Co.’s new LEO Watch — the JW1.3 Firefly. Just 25 pieces will be made, each retailing for $36,500.

Following his design of cars and other engineering feats, Wilbur turned his sites on creating   futuristic timepieces more than a decade ago – and has never backed down.  Built in the USA with in-house regulated Swiss movements, each  new LEO timepiece is created with an artful mix of steel, ceramic, and titanium components. Just 100 pieces total – each numbered – will be made. The watches are water resistant to 3 ATM.

Jason Wilbur’s Commitment To Quality And Innovation

Wilbur Watch Co.'s new LEO Watch.

The case back of the LEO watches are engraved with the words: “Dedicated to the pioneers.” Wilbur admires those who thirst for perfection and innovation (just like him).

Jason Wilbur’s tireless dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and engineering has resulted in a timepiece that not only tells time but also tells a captivating story. The LEO embodies the spirit of exploration, challenging us to embrace the unknown and discover new horizons. For this very reason, the case back of the watch is engraved with the words: “Dedicated to the pioneers.”

The spirit of this watch also underscores Jason Wilbur’s own spirit. I am fortunate enough to have known him for quite some time. A prolific designer who constantly pushes the limits, Wilbur is all about thinking way outside any proverbial box. He doesn’t conform to the norms, but rather explores them and explodes them with dynamite ideas and over-the-top looks. Much of his work is driven by his own sense of wanting to deliver only the best, most authentic and imaginative  works of art.

To know him, to have a conversation with him, is to journey through many topics at once – all relevant and all presented in a new and refreshing manner. He is bold, a bit rebellious and full of life and his smile and enthusiasm is infectious. This is a man of integrity and passion – one I am proud to say I have gotten to know for the past 10-plus years.

Jason Wilbur

Jason Wilbur

The new round watches — a surprising departure for this independent American brand — complement Wilbur’s previous pieces, including the EXP and Launch Edition collections – both of which transcend  conventional boundaries.

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