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Analog Shift Curates Special Collection Of Pre-Owned Watches For J. Crew

LonginesThanks to the incredible sales at watch auctions this past weekend and last week, millions of dollars were spent on vintage  luxury watches. Some pieces even commanded upward of a million. These auctions only serve to reaffirm the great interest on behalf of collectors for vintage pieces. Now, in an interesting turn of events, the famed J. Crew is opting in on the fun. Teaming with Analog Shift, which was purchased about a year ago by Watches of Switzerland, J. Crew will put its proverbial toe in the pre-owned waters – selling a carefully curated selection of pre-owned timepieces exclusively online.Benrus Alarm watch

Analog Shift, founded by industry guru James Lamdin, is an expert at curating vintage and pre-owned timepieces.  Now, it has selected 18 pieces for the initial launch of the J. Crew pre-owned marketplace. The first watches will range in retail price from $950 to $9,650 and will only be sold on This initial roll out marks the brand’s re-entry into the watch space in a very different way than making its own watches  and is the first of an ongoing partnership with Analog Shift.

Breitling ChronomatAmong the 18 Analog Shift for J. Crew watches set to go up for sale:  an Omega Seamaster Chronograph housing the well-known Caliber 321 manual winding chronograph, a mechanical alarm wristwatch by Benrus and a very rare diving watch, the  Aquastar Cressi Sub, with a double-signed dial.

Aquastar Cressi Sub watch 

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