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Analyzing Rappers’ Watches: K Trap, Jay-Z, Fredo, 2Pac, Cardi B +More

Ma I like big goats, and I cannot lie gonna – have to worry about the Sega producer, trying to be all in the video all on a record, [ Music ]. Now, before we get into this video, I’d, like to remind you that you can now receive a special discount on your next watch from watch box, check the description below for a promo code exclusively for the good Gentry.

For those of you new to the channel watch box are the world’s, leading most trusted and respected dealers in pre-owned, luxury watches onwards and upwards, ok, hi guys and welcome to the show. Today I thought we’d.

Do something a little bit different and analyze some of my favorite hip-hop artists and their watches. Now I should well, of course, I’m gonna do ressort shake as we are discussing. Well, this is what she’s.

Gon na come up a lot in this video, so I had to put on the day day. This is my second day date, as you guys know. Well, if you haven’t seen my videos, I’ll. Just recap: for you very very quickly, I traded my former day date in that I bought last year for this slightly later linen doll.

It’s, the 1/8 to 3/8. I think have I remembered the reference number nice nice, so yeah it’s, got the double quick set as my old one. I only had the single well. First of all, I should explain I listen to tons of different types of music.

Predominantly now don’t, laugh predominately opera and drama and bass. I know I ‘ Ve said this before yes, a bit of an eclectic mix. I listen to everything, but when I’m working out there’s, nothing better than some really good hip, hop music and my favorite rappers are ice, cube and mob deep.

So a lot of American predominately American artists, having lived in New York for 10 years, can you blame me hip hop, I think, is a great jean route to discuss, because no other form of music has so many interesting watches, especially because they are symbols of empowerment.

Of success of status without further ado, I’m already rabbiting on too much let’s get into the first Rafa and it is K trap from the UK when he came out with this. Quite recently, he unmasked so to speak and it’s, pretty obvious.

Why wore a mask if you follow his content and he’s a big date, a guy it’s even crept up in his lyrics rose-gold. I’m, pretty sure it’s the day day, two in Edgware Road with LD and other fantastic artists.

He wears a solid gold Daytona. I presume it’s, the one 165 to 8 champagne diamond. He took absolute classic. I, like Kate Rapstar because – and he said it in an interview himself – less is more. I think he’s, an amazingly talented chap.

I mean he has one of the most unique flows. I’ve ever heard and, interestingly enough, he did in Indian unmasking video. What was the track called our big moods, yeah amazing. I love that stately home really cool video.

He actually wore a shirt with mini Hugo’s at the or sure. So I don’t know if there’s a connection there, but anyway we cannot discuss hip-hop music without mentioning the day date. The day that has one of the longest histories of involvement with this genre, you only have to go back to the Great’s of 2pac and biggie.

In fact, there’s, a story that 2pac before they were adversaries that 2pac actually bought Biggie’s; first Rolex day-date back then they were all 36 millimeters. Like me, if you’ve seen my top 5 gangsters and their watches, it is a watch that is synonymous with captains of industry.

Would success with villains, the streets and presidents, obviously because of the presidential bracelet. For me, I adore it because it’s. An extremely luxurious watch, Kate Rapp, is somebody that embodies that British spirit of entrepreneurship.

It’s obvious where he started and then now he’s, doing music full-time. It’s extremely admirable and he’s, got there through hard work and making fantastic music. We’re gonna see this pattern again and again, as we discuss these artists that they’ve made that trends ition and in doing so obviously his watch game has got even more eccentric, more flamboyant, shall we say recently.

I spotted him wearing a I’m, pretty sure it was a nice that Royal Oak, I can’t. Tell you the reference, because I couldn ‘ T really see it and talking of ice that watches. I think that ties in quite nicely to a New York artist that has become extremely successful reasoning.

We are, of course, talking about cardi B and she definitely has a pawn shop for these watches. In fact, her is it her husband what’s? His name Oh offset. Thank you very much. I have to consult my my wife.

She’s from New York. After all, and his big fan of cardi B, he bought matching Patek Nautilus’s and hers was a chronograph. This is the reference 5980, the entire bracelet and the almost the entirety of the case of the watch was iced out now I could be wrong.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m, pretty sure it was aftermarket. It’s, not really my style. It’s a little bit. Obviously it’s, not my style, but I have to say it does suit her. But what’s interesting is that she mentions Rolex, predominantly especially in her first commercial hit, which was modak yellow there’s, a lyric in there in factually you know what hold on a second, I’m gonna get My my karaoke obsessed friend Hugo, if he’s, they’re coming Hugo coming.

Can you hear me who, though, right okay take it away? He look only the real can relate. I used to live in the peas, and now my Crips got a gate. Rarely got charms like frosted flakes, so her first hit was 2017.

She came in just as Patek was really becoming popular. In fact, in 2018 the following year, Patek was the most mentioned. Watch brand in the hip-hop game, overtaking Rolex, which is a significant change now I think the Nautilus is a great choice.

Would I would i encrusted with diamonds? Obviously not that’s, not my cup of tea, but for her it works. It’s, also an extremely sporty piece, as you guys know, I’ve reviewed them. I’ve discussed the history.

They’re quite robust for such a quarter, ology iron piece. They hold their value extremely well up there with Rolex, I mean no other two brands dominate auction houses and value retention like Rolex and Patek.

This is just fact so, obviously going to be the go-to choice for the artists that have gained that kind of success. In a way that protect Nautilus is the newer president, I’m, not trying to take it. Obviously I adore the president, but it’s.

It’s. The next generations, president, if that kind of makes any sense now you can identify her model because of the sub dial at the six o’clock and, of course, the chronograph pushers, which is a good way to distinguish it from the perpetual calendar.

No, it would not look perpetually sorry, the annual Canada that I reviewed previously now. This originally came out in 2006 and it’s, probably the most expensive. What we’re, looking at here day, dates, can range from well, as you guys know, from about ten for older vintage models, all the way to hundred thousand and beyond, depending on you know, materials how blinged out it is all the rest of it And the Patek is slightly in the high bracket, so hers was, I’d, say on the used market, probably about 60 to 70 and beyond the Patek, and the Rolex both share something very important.

They were first, the Nautilus obviously was game-changing for Patek. It transformed the brand from this kind of Wow. I’m gonna, say old money, old world style very classical, dress pieces too something for the modern age of super luxury.

The Rolex had already started that transformation. The day day, the famous in 1956 for introducing the first instantly changing day and date on the dial, a really great one of my favorite complications.

So let’s. Go back to the UK for a while and discuss blade Brown one of my favorite artists, and he definitely well. He’s actually been quite instrumental in in in motivating me so many times music. I mean for the the whole bags and boxes mixtape series Financial Times, as the name implies it’s.

It’s very inspiring stuff. This is the kind of thing I put on to to really motivate me to get work done and he is an entrepreneur and he ‘ S said in multiple interviews. In fact, I watched one just the other day where he talked about someone asked the question about his lyric calling Cartier’s, dead, watches and what he meant by that, and he drops name brands into his lyrics constantly.

In fact, twelve summers is which is an outstanding track. I highly recommend it that’s, where the lyric about Cartier was included in the interview that I saw, he explained how being an entrepreneur I mean that he ‘

S got the clothing line. I think he’s just opened a club in Barcelona, this kind of stuff and, of course, his music career. He was saying how certain watches can be investment. If you learn about it, you can actually make money again.

Not my style of you know I buy for enjoyment. I ‘ Ve already said that, but it was interesting to hear him talk about it. You can obviously tell he’s, a watch guy, because let’s. Look at what he chose for that twelve summer’s, video he had the AP 37 millimeter double balanced, openwork Royal Oak, of course, a favour of mine, a favor of the channel, his in rose gold.

Now this is an extremely special piece of lead because it has these double balances, working in tandem that that dramatically increases the precision. At the end of the day I mean we could get very, very technical, but I’m gonna save you all of that.

It’s, a marvel of engineering and decoration because it is completely see-through. You can see the balance wheel from both sides and the level of decoration the beveling the hand craftsmanship that has gone into producing that piece.

It is a work of art. Now I ‘ Ve actually talked about this watch before what I really like about his choice is that he hasn ‘ T opted for the entirely blinged out version. He’s. Just got the rose gold.

You know the standard there. Well, there’s, nothing standard about it. It is at magnificent, but I feel when those pieces are blinged out, it attracts from the main attraction, which is everything going on in that movement, and now that is a watch that is highly sought-after and it’s just like he said in the Interview it’s.

Gon na keep its value. He knows what he’s. Doing he’s, a smart guy. I deeply respect him. In fact, I think I yeah I did. I posted about him on the Instagram. Now one of my favorite lyrics of his is in a daily duppy priest.

I just know there’s, a tech to protect the Patek blade-bone, as far as I know, is the first artist to really like wear that. Watch and you know it’s. Definitely something a connoisseur that knows about AP is, is gonna recognize, so obviously I got a like a huge buzz when I saw that in the video I just thought it’s.

The coolest thing it’s, cool to see more rappers, not having to try so hard with a lap link and enjoy it for for what it is and, okay, I know it’s been a bit UK centric, but let me just Get this one rapper out of the way, because right now, at the time we’re recording this, his work is kind of blowing up and he’s also been seen wearing to AP’s.

But this time, not the Schwarzkopf this time, the Castro, if you know what the Fidel Castro is two watches on one wrist, which is kind of quite interesting, and that was of course Dutch rule Dutch of early now he happens to be the brother of Stefan Don.

What I do respect about him that he’s forged his own way and his music, especially he just dropped, surely the other day incredible: music, video. In fact he was doing he was dressed as a postman because he delivers so many packages and he was saying he got 40 on the wrist and lo and behold a date, so obviously another ap day day combination.

They’re going back to. If only you knew – which i think is probably one of my favorite tracks this year so far, he wore to AP Royal Oak Offshore on one wrist. Now I’m, not quite sure which references they are.

They’re. Obviously, a lot bigger. There are a lot sporty, Oh with the rubber straps. He was wearing a turtleneck and, as you guys know, only real gentleman. What hit her tonics right now? Sorry bad joke.

But you know what I’m, saying: let’s. Talk about somebody from Philly. I am in Philly recording this as we speak, and we have to mention meek. Millz now meek, Millz was featured in an article on vice vice comm, where somebody actually listened to over 200 of his songs and made the graph statistically tracking.

Every time he mentioned. The watch, and he mentioned watch is a staggering 156 separate times, mostly AP and Rolex. So here we see a trend of AP and Rolex again consistently being mentioned. You guys know I adore API.

I almost all my AP today as well, but it’s a little bit too conservative. I just thought like that. Yeah. This is more fitting, but my point is: is that I have a profound respect for AP that’s still independent.

I think we’re gonna see the Royal Oak, the president and the Nautilus at the top. Every single time we analyze this is genre music right. So let’s. Take it back to New York, the birthplace of hip-hop, and we cannot make this video without talking about jay-z now jay-z.

To be honest, I could make a whole series, not just one video our whole series on all the watches. This guy has worn over the years. He is unquestionably a watch enthusiast, a watch collector or watch connoisseur.

He’s famous now, not just for music, but as an entrepreneur as an investor as a very successful businessman. Again, we could spend all day just just talking about his incredible history and portfolio if you want to get all business, but anyway, now before we analyze some of his key pieces, I want to just draw your attention to a quote that jay-z actually said himself now: Jay-Z is said: everybody’s supposed to stay in their lanes and not be neat.

Your rapper, you’re supposed to rap, carry a boo box where chains go to the club. That’s. All you do. What are you doing collecting art? What are you talking about? Wait a minute you’re getting out of the zone, people hate when people cross lines.

Obviously that was taken from some kind of interview or a conversation, because it very much seems like dialogue. Somebody would say off-the-cuff, but I think this quote is really interesting, because it encapsulates his whole outlook, not just as an investor, but as a collector I mean this is a.

This is a man. This is a gentleman that appreciates art. I would, I would actually say, like he’s, one of the few rappers that have almost transcended hip-hop into a whole nother sphere. Almost God can you can you call his? Is it hip-hop intellectual? Can I say that I think so yeah I like some of his more recent concepts, the politics of struggle.

It’s really inspiring stuff. Anyway, we’re, not talking about his music, but this is important because it shows you the caliber of artists. We’re talking about this. Is somebody very special indeed – and this is why he’s, one of the greatest rappers of all time I mean you cannot make a list without talking about jay-z.

Another interesting perspective about jay-z is how he uses watches. Now, according to this article, I found in GQ now this is dated 2019, but jay-z handed out $ 40,000 Rolex watches, as party invites so VIP invitations arrived in the form of a package containing a bottle of ace of spades, champagne and a rose gold Rolex Daytona And this was with a chocolate dial there’s, a great article on the richest calm about jay-z’s.

Ten most expensive watches all icons. You know all certified hits, but I love the variety. I love the fact that he’s, open-minded not only got the the go-to rapper classics, but very sophisticated choices as well.

The PS the resistance has to be this is the Patek Phillipe grandma, the chime six three zero zero g. It costs 2.2 million dollars in white gold, sporting a reversible case with one side with black dial and the other, a white dial.

It was first released in 2016, but it’s. Aesthetic very much reminds of the extremely complicated pocket watches protect used to doing back in the day that kind of showed off how many complications they could fit into a timepiece.

But this of course goes beyond that, because it is a wristwatch. It’s. Most alluring feature is that it chirps this quarter, hourly chime known as the grand Sun re, and it can keep the exact date to the year now, wait for it the year 2000 and 100.

So I don’t know how old jay-z will be when he actually needs to adjust the now. This is the second evolution of the grand master chime, and only a handful of these were made so extremely rare, extremely special.

It’s beyond the refined in taste. It’s like literally wearing a work of art on your wrist. It’s like walking around the Picasso. One thing I really admire about jay-z in particular is that he does kind of embody that New York state of mind that that go-getter attitude – that is so quintessentially New York, you know, and having lived there for so long, just something I really identify with.

I really respect and admire right. So let’s. Take it back to the UK and end on one of the most successful rappers in the UK in the last couple of years. It is of course Fredo now Fredo in BMT, big man.

Ting sounds nice even me saying it now, Fredo in the track. Bmt! Let’s pop over to Hugo just to see how it went. You go come in Hugo BMD, my rarely that’s, a prezzie, not a GMP! Thank You, Hugo! So obviously he knows about watches too why he feels the necessity to two-disc the GMT one of my favorites.

I don’t know, but I think it was just that to work that lyric in there and to kind of illustrate the point he’s, a big ap guy, a big day day guy. But one watch that I really found interesting was a blinged-out sky dweller.

Now I have been extremely critical of this watch in the past. As you guys know, I do think it’s. A bit lopsided case of the watch is too big for the bracelet. It’s, also too big in general. Having said that, it does fit him very well and for somebody that has to travel internationally, the bezel that ingenious innovative way of manipulating the multi times, L and complication via the sliding.

I think I have reviewed it. I should know this. The control bezel is really really cool. I do like that watch. I kind of have this in love and hate relationship with that watch. Personally, I just wish it was a bit smaller, but you can tell it’s, the sky dweller, because of that off-center disc, to display the second time zone.

Now I’ve, never seen a blinged-out one of these, so this was the first time I you know at first I didn’t know what it was, but then I saw the the second time zone. I’m in two minds about aftermarket gem setting like that, because I know, and I’ve, seen from experience.

I have a friend of mine who collects very blingy Rolexes and I’ve, been to stores when he’s bought them new from the relic store, and I cannot deny that they are masterfully done. I mean they employ their own geologists in the Rolex Factory.

They really are experts, so the aftermarket options, in my opinion, never quite as good. Now I love that watch in terms of its innovative technology that Rolex introduced them. I’ve. Never seen that kind of complication manipulated by bezel.

That way, I think it’s very clever, but it is disproportionately executed in terms of the case. My feelings have not changed about the sky Doyler I don’t, think it’s, the worst Rolex. By any stretch of the imagination I mean you know, I’ve talked about the wall leopards.

Do you remember that yeah crazy, the Daytona with the leopard skin up yeah and then, of course, there’s. The yacht-master to which I’ve, never really understood why you need that complication unless, of course, you really race yachts, then by all means, but anyway let’s.

Victor the positive. I, like the fact it’s slightly offbeat choice. I’m, not a fan of the blinged out entirely encrusted, bracelet and case. Possibly gonna hurt the resale value. But then again you know if you got fredo money, afraid of success.

What does it really matter? He enjoys it, and that is the most important thing at the end day, so I kind of props to him for for going a little bit left-field, it would be nice to see more rappers embrace obscure stuff.

You know, like real watch. Enthusiast choices: now, if you notice there are a lot of UK rappers in this list, not just because of my own background and born born in London, very proud, Ashley, I Kate rap.

I think he’s from South London, Dutch Cervelli. He’s from Hackney and I think Frey does from West London, so yeah there is obviously I have my personal preference right, but it is more prevalent seeing watches in UK rap videos constantly compared to the u.

s. alright guys. I’m gonna leave it there. Please don’t forget to add your thoughts, comments, opinions all the rest of it down below, especially your favorite rappers. I’d, love to hear that and then he watches the war as well right.

Thank you. So much for watching. Please don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it and found it useful and as always guys, I will catch you in okay chair, we all work hard for our money, so when it comes time to spend it on a luxury watch, the best way to take your money furthest is to buy Pre-Owned with some dealers this might be risky, but not kind of watch box.

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Today we look at current watch trends with some of the most successful and talented rappers from London, NYC, LA and Philadelphia.

Why has the Patek Philippe Nautilus taken the number 1 spot, over the Rolex Day-Date as the most rapped about super luxury watch? What are my personal favorite rappers wearing and why? Join me as I analyze an eclectic mix of artists from around the world and discuss what I admire about their choices. In this video we take a look at the enduring allure of the Rolex Day-date and why it is favored by artists like K Trap, 2Pac, Fredo and Biggie Smalls. We share what makes Cardi B’s 5980 Nautilus unlike any other, followed by a shocking fact about Meek Mills and his watch obsession. We also see what dictator Fidel Castro and Dutchavelli have in common when it comes to wearing watches. Most interesting of all, we see how business entrepreneurs Jay-Z and Blade Brown buy watches for reasons you would not expect. Who is the greatest watch collector in the hip-hop world? Join me and lovely cantankerous T-Rex Hugo Mountbatten to find out!

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