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Building a Watch Collection with One Brand: Seiko

Chrysocolla Gemstone – Meaning, Origin, Healing Properties, Uses, Similarities and Care

This post discusses Chrysocolla gems. It provides details on the formation of the rock, recovery properties, makes use of as well as care details in short.

Process of Manufacturing Gemstones and Cabochons

This post will certainly aid you to recognize the manufacturing process of gems beads and also cabochons. Exactly how the harsh bordered rocks become a lovely and also glossy grain for making elegant jewelry.

Jewelry Tools For Beginners

Beading your own pendants, jewelry and arm bands is a rewarding as well as basic hobby. However, as a newbie, what fashion jewelry devices do you need to begin? In this overview, I will talk regarding some of the essential precious jewelry tools for newbies.

Things To Know About Venetian Art Beads

The background of bead making in Venice go back to the times of Marco Polo. It was during those times when he returned from Asia with the beads of Asia. Both in Murano and Venice, the beading market mainly used women.

Frequently Asked Questions About Venetian Art Beads

In Venice, the history of grain making dates back to the thirteenth century. It is thought that in the 1200s, the art grain making market was relocated to the Murano Islands in Venice due to the threats which were postured by the process of making Venetian art beads. Venetian art beads are made by holding glass poles over the flame and also gently working them over the mandrels.

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