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Buy Cool Watches, Donate Watches And Feed Ukraine Refugees At The Same Time

Starting this off with a hashtag: #WatchFamforUkraine Solidarity Auction. Do something to help.

As we in America watch the events unfolding in Ukraine from afar, many are doing what they can to help. That includes the global watch collecting group, RedBar, which is working on a big charity watch auction to raise funds to benefit World Central Kitchen‘s (WCK) efforts in and around Ukraine. RedBar is coordinating with Revolution Magazine to bring as much awareness to this charity auction, wherein 100 percent of the proceeds will go directly to WCK. It also means that watch lovers can help by donating a cool watch for the cause, and buy digging into your pockets to buy one of these watches.


For the #watchfamforukraine auction to benefit World Central Kitchen to help Ukraine refugees, RedBar ‘s Atom Moore is donating his personal Frederique Constant RedBar edition watch.

The #WatchFamforUkraine Solidarity Auction goes live on March 25 and ends on March 28 at midnight.  Since the crisis is unfolding in real time and WCK is already on the ground feeding people, the auction timeline is highly condensed. The idea is to bring the global watch community together for one simple purpose: to raise funds to supply essential meals for those who need them. With that, they have decided to rapidly enact the #WatchFamforUkraine Solidarity Auction.

They are asking anyone in the global online watch community who wants to help, to reach into their sock drawer or safe, take out an example of horological dopeness and donate it to their charity. They welcome any and all donations.


Kathleen McGivney is donating her Maurice Lacroix RedBar edition watch.

Current pieces already donated include a unique piece by George Bamford who is making a  GMT in Ukraine’s beautiful livery of blue and yellow. Kathleen McGivney, RedBar co-founder, is going to be giving up her personal Maurice Lacroix RedBar edition, Atom Moore will donate his Frederique Constant RedBar. Wei Koh will be donating piece number 1 of their collaboration with Baltic, and Revolution will be giving up a super cool vintage Breitling Top Time Long Playing Reference 815  that inspired the current limited edition Top Time Triumph. There will also be more surprises in store.

If you are interested in helping, and donating or buying watches for this cause, keep in mind that the auction starts really soon. So don’t just sit there. Do something. The auction goes live on Eric Ku’s site,

WCK has been on the ground since day one feeding people who are fleeing into Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary, and are supporting eight border crossings, as well as restaurants that are serving food to people in Ukrainian cities such as Odessa and Lviv.

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