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Can I Survive A Week Without A Watch? + Oris Aquis 1K Bargain Unboxing

Do something a little bit different! I want to see if I can go a week without wearing a watch and just see what happens so.

The wristwatch check my last wristwatch check for quite a while is my little Seiko skx my custom modded skx there. So I’m gonna put this away and see what happens right. I’m gonna get back to work. [, Music, ]: Hey how’s, it going.

I thought I don’t know I mean I don’t know if I’m running late or running early, and I forgot to put batteries in the clock. So I don’t really know: [ Music, ] [ Music ], as it assumed what oh damn it, damn it [ Music ] Jesus, Kinect Kinect.

Why isn’t it connecting? I missed the whole thing I just lost track of time. I lost it. I’m trying to take a risk. What’s check for the Instagram? I don’t know who I am anymore: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], you [ Music, ].

Better already. I’ll, never be without you ever again: price [, Music ]. Now, before we get into this video, I’d, like to remind you that you can now receive a special discount on your next watch from watch box, check the description below for a promo code exclusively for the good Gentry.

For those of you new to the channel watch box are the world’s, leading most trusted and respected dealers in pre-owned, luxury watches onwards and upwards. Ok, hi guys and welcome to the show in this video today I’m gonna share an unboxing.

An old friend has rejoined the collection. You already know what it is, but I can’t help myself a victim of my own reviews. Actually now I do wristwatch check. I’m wearing my Laurier. I just saw on the Instagram.

They’ve, come out with a new one. I think a third generation of the Neptune. This is the first generation so seeing that I had to pop it back on the wrist back in rotation. I haven’t, worn it for a while, but absolutely loving it and by the way, guys if you are stuck at home – and you have an hour to kill quick shout out to Steve Pappas.

Who is a podcast that I was a guest on his podcast? We were talking about everything from Star Trek, movies, watches, obviously, bond watches what else computer games all kind of different aspects of kind of nerd culture, which obviously includes collecting watches.

So I’ll, leave a link down below it’s accessible on all platforms, shout out to Steve. It was absolutely honor and a pleasure some extra content for you guys to enjoy so without further ado. Let’s. Take a look at the unboxing.

I’m not going to review this watch because believe it or not. I’ve reviewed this watch six times or six different versions of this watch and it’s intrinsically linked to the history of this channel. It’s watch important to me because it opened my eyes to more of the mid range and it was my first horas I didn’t really know about Horace.

I wanted to kind of scratch an itch. I had about $ 1,000 to spend when I first bought it right in the infancy of the urban gentry channel and it so it’s, important it’s integral to the history of the channel, but more so for changing my perception About what you can buy, because at the time I had what I started, the channel, as you guys know, with psychos and Rolex, is so without further ado.

Let’s. Take a look at the unboxing. I’m, so no knife check needed. Although I’ll do it. I got the old Hannibal, Lecter Hawk bill, blade, which I absolutely adore this knife, but anyway, so we’ll, put that to one side and yes, it’s.

Aras it’s, a norris drum roll, please, oh! It’s, a different orange box. I actually this is the box that was the the 65 I reviewed, the I think it’s, is it called brush? Yeah might have got that wrong, but anyway, so this is the old-school Horus logo, that’s, pretty cool yeah and then under here we’ve, got only all the bits and bobs.

I did the drum roll a little prematurely there, but anyway let’s, open it up. Just remove that that’s, the whole warranty and everything it’s been a while since a bonus. Yes, it’s. The Equus, so you could probably guess this is gonna happen.

This is the thirty nine millimeter. This is the 2018. Oh, my god, I can smell the the vanilla that’s quite extraordinary. It literally just put that right there. It literally is the ultimate example of a pristine Madelaine moment.

I I know I apologize. I use that please shake quite a bit but hold on. I just got smeller’s. Oh my god. That really brings back that excitement right there. It is already going it’s. The second generation, because you see oh, I’m.

Sorry, I’ve got bit of fluff on my gloves second-generation because you ‘ Ve got the the more kind of blocky hands slightly different case. Lugs there’s, that famous structure there. That was so wonderful.

Oh it’s. It’s unscrewed. So so look at the back. You know exhibition case back that the iconic red rotor, good old Selita, there, 300 meters – ah fantastic – I’m, so happy to hope back and I love the the rubber strap.

The rubber strap has always been my favorite. I mean don’t. Get me wrong. The the bracelet is great, but for me it’s, just something about that rubber that it’s, the smell it’s that vanilla smell it’s.

The way it fits I’ve, always enjoyed it. It’s just very comfortable. Well, I never noticed the little pelage work on the inside of the buckle. That’s. A nice touch, [, Music, ]. So few quick observations in the 48 hours that I’ve had the watch.

The accuracy has been outstanding, I’ve noticed it does have a subtle, sunburst dial and I would have preferred the mat like the originals. Having said that, it’s, not immediately noticeable yeah. You only really sit in certain light.

Also the hands is there definite improvement? I actually love the minute hand. It reminds me a little bit like an obelisk and if you know the history of her ology, you ‘ Ll know the significance of that, but also the way the different shapes are differentiated, gives clear distinction between hours, minutes seconds, etc and certainly much more fitting to the modernist style than the original leaf hands.

Something definitely worth noting is I didn’t need to cut the rubber, unlike the original 43 millimeter I owned, so it does have micro adjustments because, obviously, once you cut the rubber sections off indicated by these little embossed lines, you cannot reattach them.

In regards to how it feels it still has that reassuringly solid feeling. As the very first day I handled my first story, Aquos, I’ve, never ceased to be impressed by the flawless precision. Bezel alignment is perfect.

The printing, which was also another thing worth noting, is how they compared to the original it’s, a definitely clean and look so here it is that smell of vanilla. Oh my god, it really takes me back.

I’m so glad I got this one yeah it’s, the kind of no frills just all black, but I wanted the most versatile one. I’m, getting really into black dial watches. I used to be more into blue dials, but I just love the simplicity of this.

I love them. No-Nonsense, look even the red rotor and this size now. I know I have reviewed the size before, but this is a smidgen smaller than the limited-edition, because it doesn’t have that kind of modern art medallion, which is very, very cool.

But this fits me like an absolute love. For me. It’s, the perfect amalgamation of modernity, beautiful high-quality materials, an original design, it’s, not like anything else and believe it or not. I snagged this for just over a grand.

I still think it’s. Impeccable value. Do I think it’s, the best diver around that price? Well, that market is quite crowded now and after I had the Auris, I fell in love with the squad. I won five to one which kind of took my heart away from this, but I’m glad.

I still have this, this love for it. As you guys know, I was contemplating upgrading my Tudor Submariner to the snowflake and spending quite a bit of money in that would have detracted from my savings towards my Grail for later in a year – and I know I’m – not gonna make Any big purchases for the while I mean I’ve – got plenty of Watchers coming in from watch box.

Plenty new releases that I’m borrowing, but something familiar that I know. I love that I’m gonna enjoy that is compatible, that it’s sporty and a little bit different. It’s, an enticing mix of function, the balance of the dial, the understated nurse, but yet it does have an elegance to it, but at the same time feels built like a tank.

And if you look at my collection, it’s. Getting very vintage heavy, so I think I was missing something a bit more futuristic, and this certainly has it. I also love Aras. I think they’re, such a stoic brand that are really innovating in terms of its quality heritage.

I mean it’s, a brand. You can really be proud of their independence. You know I made a point of visiting them when I went to went to Switzerland. I discussed it in great detail in the review. So I’m, not going to go over that, but have a look back at the last a quiz review, because that the history applies to this.

Just as much as the limited edition. As far as the negatives that I also discussed, the Achilles heel and the bone of contention that everybody will always have is the integrated, straps and bracelets into those lugs.

It doesn’t really affect me, because if I want to wear a NATO or a diver with a NATO, I wear the Tudor or, if I want to wear the bracelet, I ‘ Ve got this, so it’s. Not a big deal, yes, would I like to put it on later, of course, but I’m willing to put up with its imperfections to enjoy it, because at the end of the day, that’s.

What watches are about all the emotion? It still has this effect on me. It’s amazing five years later, so I’m kind of just chuffed to have about. Actually, you know what I’m gonna shut up and just put it on and enjoy it.

You know I would have liked to get that limited-edition, but the blue would have clashed with something, for example, with this I don’t. Think it would have worked, but there’s, just something so honest about the Equus.

I love that it’s, its own thing. You know, and I look at it and I think of I think of the channel and I think of you guys and I think of that journey, the beautiful lines of the rubber strap as it meets the case.

The gentle shimmer of the ceramic bezel, which was always something that I was impressed with because back when this came out there, wasn’t that many mid-range entry-level divers that had ceramic. I do prefer that brushed of my tungsten that I had, but it’s funny, because when I originally got the very first that quiz which was in that balloon, blue, it kind of broke my heart, it was too big for me.

Oris listened to watch enthusiasts, and, and now you can get something like this is beautifully made. It goes without saying that the Auris a quiz is, I think, when you feel the sharpness of the edges, and I don’t mean sharp in a as in uncomfortable, but just the way that polishing meets the edge it’s flawless.

Its flawlessly done it’s, just great to have it back in the collection anyway, guys I’m. I’m rabbiting on. Let me know in the comments. What is the watch that you have reborn that you’ve sold, missed, bought again missed? Perhaps I don’t know.

Perhaps you’re, not like me in that regard. Hashtag watch. Try it roll up on one last thing before I go: well, you did it a tutelage. Entry in Italia, Sona pensando, did a stifled, estée, bayonet and yeah.

Thank you very, very much for watching don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it, found it useful and as always guys, I will catch you in the next one: okay ciao. We will work hard for our money so when it comes time to spend it on a luxury watch, the best way to take your money first is to buy pre-owned with some dealers.

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Today I share the results of a personal challenge: can I last a week without wearing a watch?

I also unbox a modern classic from Oris that I have owned and sold more times than I care to remember. What is it about the Aquis automatic diver, especially this newer 39 mm version, that is so compelling? Why can’t I get it out of my system? Is it still one of the best Swiss made dive watches from $1000 to $2000? Join me as I share one last indulgence before I begin saving again for the next long term luxury grail watch.

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