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Cartier Unveils New Les Reeditions In Form Of Platinum Tank Cintree

Cartier Les Reeditions Tank Cintree

Cartier Les Reeditions Tank Cintree in platinum.

Cartier, the renowned luxury jeweler and watchmaker, continues to captivate collectors and connoisseurs with its Les Rééditions de Cartier series, a celebration of its rich heritage and iconic timepieces. Always replicating the original as closely as possible and made in numbered series, the Les Reeditions series captivates collectors. Now, the brand unveils the newest  addition —  a stunning homage to the Tank Cintrée, a watch that has made its mark on the world of horology for over a century.

The Tank Cintrée, first introduced in 1921, represented a significant evolution of the original Tank watch, designed in 1917. This masterpiece was born out of Cartier’s unwavering commitment to merging aesthetics with functionality. Its distinctively rounded case and elegant design quickly established it as a timeless classic in the world of watchmaking.

Cartier Les Reeditions Tank Cintree

part of the Cartier Les Reeditions offerings — honoring a legendary watch by creating a limited edition as close to the original as possible, this Tank Cintree watch boasts a ruby cabochon on the crown.

Now, Cartier is unveiling an exceptional limited edition, combining the prestige of platinum with the allure of a cabochon cut ruby on the crown. Officially launched at the New York boutique earlier this week, the watch retails for $38,500. The case has been meticulously refined, measuring a mere 6.03 mm in thickness. Nestled within is the manual-winding caliber 9780 MC movement.

Adhering to Cartier’s signature design language, the watch features rail tracks, Roman numerals, apple-shaped blued hands, an “eggshell” dial, and a classic pin buckle. These distinctive elements pay homage to Cartier’s heritage while reaffirming the Tank Cintrée’s enduring place in the Maison’s legacy.


The case has been meticulously refined, measuring a mere 6.03 mm in thickness.

What sets this limited edition apart is the exquisite play of finishes on the brancards. The vertical surfaces are polished to a brilliant shine, creating a stunning contrast with the matte finish on the horizontal facets. This juxtaposition of textures adds a unique depth to the watch’s overall aesthetic. The Tank Cintrée in platinum and ruby is produced in a highly exclusive edition of only 150 numbered pieces. Its rarity and elegance make it a coveted addition to any watch connoisseur’s collection.

The Les Reeditions series began in 2021 when Cartier launched the Pasha Calendrier Perpétuel and the Tank Cintrée in yellow gold, produced in a limited edition of 150 to mark its centenary. In 2022, the brand released the Pebble watch, which celebrated its 50th anniversary that year with Cartier.  As Cartier continues to pay tribute to its iconic creations through Les Rééditions, this latest release reaffirms the Maison’s status as a guardian of its timeless heritage.


The new Cartier Tank Cintree platinum boasts signature design elements from the original, including railroad track and ivory dial.

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