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Conquering The Rubicon Trail With The Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWGB1000

GWG B1000 37

The GWGB1000 resides in the G-Shock catalog as part of the Master of G series, a collection of purpose-built watches for professionals working in the most demanding maritime, aerial, and on-land conditions. As its name suggests, the flagship Mudmaster GWGB1000 is designed to be exceptionally resistant to dust, mud, and vibrations thanks to a newly designed and upgraded case structure, starting with a series of stainless steel components: the main bezel ring, the upper and lower bezel guards, and a precision metal injection-molded front button protector. A DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating is applied to these surfaces for additional protection against wear and tear, and a pair of carbon fiber-reinforced resin bezel guards on the sides protect the four main function buttons to ensure solid and predictable operation in the field. The 52.1mm wide case wears confidently on the wrist, with a matching strap constructed from a lightweight, bio-based resin that reflects a commitment to the natural environments in which this watch is meant to thrive. The resulting package is a highly capable timepiece with a premium fit and finish that places the GWGB1000 at the leading edge of the Master of G lineup. 

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