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Corum Unveils Golden Bridge Jewelry Collection Just In Time For International Women’s Day

Corum Golden Bridge

The Corum Golden Bridge is an icon in the world of watchmaking. What better watch to pay tribute to with a jewelry collection?

Today, on  International Women’s Day, it is absolutely fitting that we introduce the exciting new Corum jewelry collection based on the brand’s iconic Golden Bridge watches. The daring collection of gold and diamond earrings, rings and pendants plays on the Golden Bridge’s beloved tonneau-shaped case and boasts round bracelets that recall the round Golden Bridge watches.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge Icon Eternity Ring.

This foray into jewelry is not so surprising, given the fact that Corum has long produced some of the most exquisite high-jeweled watches. The settings of those timepieces rendered superb masterpieces that also happened to tell time.

Now, by combining its jewelry insights with its pioneering design spirit and by drawing inspiration from a legendary timepiece, Corum showcases its many passions perfectly in the Corum Golden Bridge Jewelry collection.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge Tonneau Snow pendant.

To create the collection of open-worked tonneau-shaped jewelry,  Corum (owned today by Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited) turned to Baechtold, a jewelry company begun in 1975 by a German sculptor and co-owned today by Tevin Resanond Baechtold. Corum has worked with Baechtold before on many of its jewelry pieces. The result of the paired talent is magnificent.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge Tonneau Snow Ring

The Corum Golden Bridge Jewelry collection consists  of four series as it makes its debut to the world. All pieces are crafted in 18-karat white gold or rose gold. Additionally, Corum uses natural white diamonds that are mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process and the Responsible Jewelry Council Code of Practices. The gold used is ethically sourced and/or recycled.  The diamonds are all F-G in color (white), and VVS-VS in clarity.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge Tonneau Full Pave Creole Earrings

The Tonneau Snow series is inspired by the icy Golden Bridge watches that are set with diamonds. The Tonneau Snow includes a ring whose design is inspired by the Miss Golden Bridge watch, which is longer and slenderer than the tonneau Golden Bridge. Depending on the size of the ring, it is set with anywhere from 42 to 50 brilliant-cut stones weighing from 0.84 carats to 1.17  carats. Also  in this series is the Tonneau Snow pendant, with open-worked tonneau frame that is set with diamonds and hung from a double chain of 18-karat gold. Diamond earrings round out the suite.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge Tonneau Full Pave

The Tonneau Pave’ collection features pave’-set diamond rings, earrings and pendant.  For those who love a little added drama, Corum delivers with Tonneau Full Pave’  pieces that are not just shimmering with diamonds on the side facing outward, but on all sides.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge Petite Tonneau Bangle

It is in the Icon series that Corum plays a little with the shapes – adding repeating tonneau shapes for more three-dimensional pieces that have added depth and drama. This collection includes an Icon Eternity ring, earrings and bracelet.  A Petite Tonneau series showcases round bangle bracelets and rings that have repeating tonneau-shaped motifs on them. There are versions that are half-set with diamonds and others that are fully set, including a bracelet that boasts 358 diamonds weighing 2.37 carats.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge Petite Tonneau series.

 In a conversation with Corum’s vice president, Boon Chong Soon, he said the project was one of passion for him, as he sees it as a tribute to Corum founder Rene Bannwart. “In the past Mr. Bannwart produced a limited jewelry collection based on the Corum key logo, but it ended after a few short years. Moving forward with new Corum jewelry is also our way of remembering the past while adapting it for the future.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Miss Golden Bridge diamond-set watch.

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