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eBay-Sponsored Antique Show, Couture Show Go Live Next Week

Couture show in VegasCouture show in Vegas

The Couture show returns to Las Vegas in August 2021.

For the first time since 2019 pre-pandemic days, the largest USA-based watch and jewelry shows are slated to take place live and in person in Las Vegas. The shows include the Couture Show, the JCK and Luxury by JCK show and the Antique Jewelry & Watch Show. The shows are trade-only events, admitting retailers and industry experts so they can find the most intriguing new pieces to chock their stores with. The Couture Show focuses on the high-end luxury brands and this year, for the first time, the Antique Jewelry & Watch Show is taking place in the Wynn alongside the Couture Show.

This year, too, for the first time, eBay is sponsoring the Antique show, an apt fit for the site that has long dominated the luxury second-hand sales market. The e-commerce leader is looking to spark interest in Certified Pre-Owned watches and pre-owned jewelry and is even planning to work with retailers who already have a second-hand watch department in their stores to help them develop business  further.

Couture Show 2021

Couture Show 2021Couture Show 2021

Jewelry and watches have a new presence on the Couture Show website. Photo: Courtesy of Couture

The Couture Show, which has been taking place for decades, was originally held in Scottsdale, AZ, and years later moved to Vegas to be concurrent or run consecutively with the JCK show. Before that, we all had to fly from one show to the other. I am proud to say that since the inception of the Couture Show, I have never missed a single year. Additionally, I have even been asked to speak at some of the shows.  This year, the show is taking place in the new space allocated by Wynn for conventions of its size.  Many top watch and jewelry brands are returning to the show despite the Delta variant, and we are even witnessing some new brands as they make their first appearance on the market. The Couture Show, billed as the world’s most exceptional curation of designer fine jewelry and luxury timepieces, has ramped up its presence, added a new website complete with quality content about its exhibitors, podcasts with industry experts and more.

eBay and the Antique Show

eBay sponsors Antique ShoweBay sponsors Antique Show

eBay has introduced an authentication program for all watches over $2,000.

In the past, the Antique Show took place elsewhere in Vegas, but this year, it is happening right inside the Wynn hotel, in a choice spot between the Lafite and Latour ballrooms where everyone attending Couture must pass through on their way in and out. The space will consist of dozens of top watch, jewelry and vintage goods exhibitors, as well as eBay, which will be showcasing its ideas for growth for the entire luxury industry.

Because eBay has long been a leader in the luxury watch and jewelry markets (in fact, it is one of the largest luxury watch marketplaces in the world), it works hard to remain involved at grassroots levels, helping others to expand their engagement in the marketplace, as well. The platform deals with high-value items and hard-to-find luxury  goods to showcase to its more than 182 million shoppers.  The brand has launched an Authenticity Guarantee service for all watches valued over $2,000, and even added an escrow-payment aspect to the business for buyers and sellers of luxury watches over $10,000.

Its presence at the show underscores its commitment to the Certified Pre-owned market and to the secondhand market. Additionally, the innovative new concepts being rolled out under the vigilant eye of eBay’s GM of Luxury, Tirath Kamdar (formerly of TrueFacet)  are designed to help retailers and brands grow their on-line space with their own targeted stores on eBay.  In all, the shows promise to be chocked with good experiences.

eBay sponsors Antique ShoweBay sponsors Antique Show

eBay, sponsoring the Antique Show this week, has implemented an escrow-payment plan for certain priced watches.

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