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G-Shock And Surfer Kanoa Igarashi Team Up For Surf-Graph Watch

Kanoa Igarashi, G-SHock

Kanoa Igarashi teams with Casio G-Shock for new surf-tide indication watch.

Continuing in its surf-related relationships, G-SHOCK announces the latest addition to the G-LIDE line of extreme sports watches with the launch of the new GBX-110K1 rugged and reliable watch. It is  the second timepiece designed in collaboration with pro-surfer and team G-SHOCK athlete, Kanoa Igarashi, who started surfing at the young age of just three years old.

Igarashi has won several major surfing competitions and is currently a world-class professional surfer competing on the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour. The newest watch is based on G-Shock’s highly successful GBX-100 series. Not only is its equipped with Mobile Link functions, but also it has a necessary and useful surfer function: a tide graph display.

Kanoa Igarashi, G-SHock

The new Kanoa Igarashi x G-SHock watch retails for $200.

The new model features an all-black colorway adorned with different textures and shades for each part including the bezel, band, and LCD face. The watch also includes personal touches with the bezel and glass featuring a graphic of Igarashi tube riding a massive wave. Meanwhile, the dial, and case back boast his signature. Additionally, the tip of the strap and the lug side also showcase Igarashi’s number 50 on the WSL Championship Tour.

“The GBX-100KI’s Mobile Link functions allow for the watch to be paired with a dedicated smartphone app. In the app, the user can select a location from approximately 3,300 preset locations worldwide and send the information to the watch, including tide data, sunset/sunrise times, and other essential data for surfers. In addition to displaying tide graphs and moon data, the watch comes with a variety of functions that are useful for daily training, such as distance traveled, time, and pace. The wide watch face uses a high contrast Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD for optimum visibility in all conditions.”

Like other GBX-100 series watches, this one also offers standard G-SHOCK features like 200-meter water resistance, shock resistance, world timekeeping for 38 cities, and a  2-year battery life. Making it even more desirable is the price: it  retails for $200.

G-Shock GBX-110K1 watch made with Kanoa Igarashi

The case back of the G-Shock GBX-110K1 watch made with Kanoa Igarashi bears his signature.

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