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German FLIEGER Watches: EXPLAINED | Jenni Elle

Hi I’m Jenny and today we’re, going to talk about a highly requested topic from you guys and that is Flickr watches. You asked in the comments on my Instagram and so now here it is. We’re, going to talk about who made them and where they are coming from the differences and meanings behind the different doll designs and what the flicka washes off today are capable of.

So let’s get started. I would also like to thank watch finder in Co for their advice on picking new camera equipment for our videos, if you do not know who or what which finder is, you might have been living under a rock which I’m.

Not judging you for, but if you don’t know who they are, I definitely recommend checking them out and I will link the channel in the description box below so this is part 2 of my made in Germany series and this part is about Flee watches one of the most successful watch types out there, thanks to their distinctive design, they have become extremely popular, which they in turn inherited from their eventful history with the first manned flight in 1903.

Timing and navigation instruments became a necessity, and so the pilots, which was born the term flee awash itself, describes a type of pilots watch that dates back to the 1930s and 1940s era. From Germany, as Frigga is the German word for pilot and now estiga watches were built for the German airforce German fleet.

Watches are also known as be even or bell-bottoms one, which simply translates to observation, watches and here’s, one remarkable thing: those were and personal items of pilots but tools. They were given when starting on a flight mission that they had to return.

When finishing their fight, they were meant to assist the navigator or observer on board on the plane to transmit orders and instructions to the pilot for timing missions. Precisely with the rest of the air fleet.

Air forces from around the world needed such precise devices, and so many manufacturers that still exist today build pilots, watches during were like IWC, Bulova, Hamilton, Stovall, aku and Al Anon Sunnah, for example, and so today I want to show you three specific fleet watches made in Germany, with different types of dials that represent the technical precision and there NARAS will design legal watches, are so popular for and on a quick note, a little disclaimer here I have reached out to the manufacturers that have lent me the watches for today.

So this is not paid or sponsored by them in any way. Just me reaching out and asking for these watches. First, we’re, going to start out with a very classic model that beautifully represents the origins of the flicker watch.

The stove of Lea classic – I have here, comes in a stainless steel, fine matt case that has been ground by hand originally, if Lea watches came in a standard, 55 millimeter case ensure that the dial is big enough to help with legibility.

This modern homage slimmed the case down to a way more wearable 40 millimeter case size, and I really like how the slim, lugs and the overall case design make this watch easy to wear. Even for small wrists, like mine, the most recognizable feature of a FLIR is its style.

Of course, and, like I’ve mentioned before Bo, one had two main dial designs, the first one being built at around 1939 or 1940, a lot of sources. I found use either the one or the other year and onwards was the type a that looks like the dial on this via classic, given its intended purpose.

The doll had to be super quick and easy to read during flights, no matter the circumstances, and so they have went with big Arabic, numerals a simple three hand: setup and a triangle with two dots on top at the 12 o’clock position to Quickly grasp the time and like it was back in the day, every single part of the dial, but the surface stayed luminous and is covered with super-luminova inside this stove are Beatson at twenty eight.

Twenty four point: two that has been nicely decorated, which you can see through the ACEF. I am H to find space on the rotor to put in the classic, descriptive engraving that could also be found on the watches from the late 30s and early 40s.

It has a power reserve of about thirty eight hours and one feature that was essential for a bit worth a hacking. Second, that means that the second hand stops when you set the watch, which seems rural for today, but absolutely it wasn’t.

The standard back then, as before each flight, all planes and pilots involved had to make sure they were on the same time. So they had to wait for the signal from the airbase who got their Center time from the German naval Observatory, and so a hacking second allowed each pilot to set the time as accurately as possible.

To me, this Strava is a very interesting watch because of the way modern and traditional features off of leah have been blended into one watch. On the one hand, you get the classic type, a dial, the first style design to start out.

The German FLIR watches paired with a modern but alligator interpretation of the one so huge case. This one is definitely one of the most easily legible watches I have ever held and surely a great choice.

If you’re looking for watch, it gets the job done, no matter what starting at around 1100 hero in this configuration next up, I want to show you a figure watch that represents the progression and the quick development of the iconic dial.

The lack of pilot watch original spire, though the case size with a diameter of 39 millimeters, sounds more contemporary. It’s, the design and the finishing of the case itself. That feels more traditional to me than other watches on this list, because what’s special here is the dark sandblasted steel case with its bigger crown and case back engravings.

You can really feel the subtle roughness of the case with your fingers and seeing the specks engraved on the case bag makes you want to offensive flayed and literally touch the sky. I mean obviously being used during air force missions.

Felucca watches have to endure all sorts of fight maneuvers, so I think keeping the case design so simple and robust really adds to the character of this locker. As you can see, with this watch, the down layout differs from the Stovall we saw before that’s, because this locker is modeled after the type B dial pattern of b1 as time progressed and the a type dollars being used emissions, the type B Da was a logical progression for the precise timing.

It was more helpful to quickly grasp it was 2:15 instead of 2:15. If you get what I’m saying, and so the type II doll added another smaller circle to the center of the watch displaying the hours, whereas the outside track showed the minutes in fiber steps.

Another change was also made to the amount of luminous material applied to the dial parts on the original watches. From back in the day, they kept the hands and minute markings covered added, radium to the little dots off the inside circle, but spared every other index.

On the marking, as you can see here, so the added new rules would be easier to tell apart in low-light. Situations inside is also beating an esse 2824 point to a leveling movement, of course, with a hacking second to really stay true to its purpose.

What many do not know is that each liga watch had to be regulated and tested as a chronometer by the German Naval Observatory. So though, the Dow might look relatively simple, the precision of the watches is really up there back then, and it still is so today in this configuration the lack of fire costs around nine hundred and thirty year old and delivers from head to toe truly traditionally, you Have a type that can be worn without having to worry about compromising on over sizing.

I think that whenever we explore where things are coming from it’s, interesting to see how they from progressing right, so I was wondering how a more contemporary approach to German aviation would look like, and so here’s.

My pick number three: it’s, the Zin, a 103 ST though this one might feel very different at first glance, compared to the other two. You will quickly see how this one is still deeply connected to the original idea of precision, durability and reliability.

That really lies in the heart of all aeration watches the 103 st is part of Sims instrumental chronographs and a true flicker watch in every way compared to lacquer and trova being founded in 1925 and 1927.

Sin is relatively young as they were founded in 1961. There are first watches, were a mechanical airplane, cockpit clocks for professional use, and so we can see where the design cues are coming from simply because it makes so much sense.

There’s. Still. The math, like dial with Arabic, numerals in a contrasting white color, to ensure a quick and easy legibility, but this one is taking it a step further with the 103, you also get a daily complication at 3, o’clock, as well as a chronograph Function complete with three sub dials for the small second, the stopwatch minute tracker and the stopwatch our tracker that goes for up to 12 hours, and so, if you can’t get enough of tracking the time there’s.

Also, the rotating bezel of which you can use four minutes or seconds this aviation chronograph is powered by an automatic value, 70 50, with a hacking second and standardized according to several di and standards.

I think that, with this sin, you really understand how aviation watches. First of all instruments or tools, and then there also happen to be watches, maybe not so much today, but definitely in the past.

Pilots have relied on these watches and their construction and design therefore speak for itself. It seems like this version of the German fleet watch blends together the requirements for modern aviation, the ideas and design of traditional watches and the practicability and casualness of a modern, everyday watch.

Given its complications and in this configuration it costs about one thousand. Six hundred and seven euros, if you would want to get it on this leather, strap. Okay. So that concludes my top three, a german flag watches for today there is such a big selection out there and so many different variations and concepts, and i really like that, though, i think that the design is something very specific and maybe not everyone’S cup of tea, it’s, a good reminder of how watches started out as tools to assist us in all sorts of different tasks, and so my question goes out to you: what’s, your take on watches? Do you already own one, or do you consider getting one in the future, make sure to? Let me know in the comments down below and now as always.

Thank you so much for watching this video today and spending some time with me, and i will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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