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Grand Seiko Introduces a New Series of GMT Watches Based on the Changing Seasons

Grand Seiko Seaons GMT 2

These watches all fall within Grand Seiko’s Elegance Collection, which means they veer more towards the classic and formal. The case shapes are traditional and sit somewhat outside the more distinctive “Grammar of Design” case styles that the brand is known for. Still, they feature Zaratsu polishing on the case flanks and have the meticulously crisp transitions between polished and brushed surfaces that Grand Seiko does so incredibly well. The Hi-Beat watches are just a touch smaller than the Spring Drive, measuring at 39.5mm versus 40.2mm. Both are somewhat on the thick side, at 14mm and 14.1mm for the Hi-Beat and Spring Drive, respectively.

Grand Seiko does GMT complications exceptionally well, so it’s nice to see their sekki inspired watches get a new complication in a series that’s not limited or exclusive to a single region. It’s something of a parlor game on watch forums and Instagram to play “Which one would I choose,” when it comes to Grand Seiko’s patterned and textured dials, and these new releases certainly complicate matters if you were looking at any of their previous releases along these same lines. All are distinctive in their own way, and evocative of the seasons they represent in a way that Grand Seiko consistently seems to get right.

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