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Hands On Review: Tonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chronograph Watch

Tonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watchTonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watch

Tonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watch (photo: R. Naas)

Second generation of the Lamborghini dynasty, Tonino Lamborghini, founded his eponymous brand 40 years ago this year to create products that embrace the spirit of Italian design. Today, under the vigilant eye of third-generation Ferruccio Lamborghini as CEO, the company offers sunglasses, leather goods, and watches.  Recently, I had the chance to go hands on with the Italian-designed, Swiss-made Spyder shield-shaped watch inspired by the brand’s Miura raging bull emblem. It was a blast.

Impressions of the Tonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chronograph

The watch I borrowed was the Spyderleggero Chronograph in black with a satin anticordal aluminium case. The 51.40 x 46mm diameter of this watch makes it look big at first glance, but interestingly enough, it fit the wrist beautifully and a I have a fairly small wrist.  The watch boasts a black vertically striped dial that is light and shaded to add dimension and depth to it.

Tonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watchTonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watch

The Tonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero Chronograph watch is sold in several renditions, including black dial with white accents, red accents or yellow accents.

While the watch is offered with red or yellow hands and accents on it, the one I wore was totally in black and white. I loved the harmonious balance of the chronograph subsidiary dials at 6:00 and 12:00 with the day and date on the rights center dial opposite the Tonino Lamborghini typeface and shield-shaped raging bull logo.

Tonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chronograph WatchTonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chronograph Watch

The Tonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chronograph watch has a commanding presence on the wrist.

Powered by an automatic chronograph movement SW500 with day and date, the watch boasts 48 hours of power reserve and makes an impressive statement on the wrist. I was glad I got to wear it when the restrictions of the pandemic had lifted because I got a lot of comments from other people about the watch. The eight screws on the bezel and the inset black rubber-clad middle case really lends great automotive appeal to the design.

It is the perfect watch for car rallies and shows, but also for everyday wear because it exudes a strong presence and evokes confidence. In my opinion, the Spyderleggero Chronograph is one of the most exciting collections by Tonino Lamborghini. One of the best things: unlike the car, this timepiece is “affordable” at $4,800 and you don’t have to leave it parked in the garage.

Tonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watchTonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watch

The Tonino Lamborghini SpyderLeggero watch retails for $4,800.

The first Spyder watch created by the brand was introduced in 2007 and today, the Spyderleggero is its best-seller. Tonino Lamborghini also offers additional models if the Spyderleggero is too intense for you. Watch lovers can experience this brand hands on at the upcoming Las Vegas Couture show next week.

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