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Here Are 7 PERFECT Watches For SMALL WRISTS | Jenni Elle

On wrists in the 150 to 170 millimeter size range, starting from 2800 euro, for you to check out, as it seems that most people who consider their wrists as small tend to sit within that size range before we get into the watches.

I wanted to say thank you to kuta athen filmontance here in stuttgart, who lent me some of the watches you are going to see in this video cuda athen film 20 carries over 25 of the most popular brands available, starting from alan gonzoone up to zunit.

So definitely make sure to check them out whenever you visit stuttgart. The first watch i’m, showing you today is one that wasn’t really on my radar before doing this video. Most of you know that the tinied el primero movement was also used by rolex for their daytona up until 2000, and so when i did my video about the three watches cheaper, but better than rolex, with the alpha mario 41 millimeter in it.

Many of you said that they did like the alpha, mario, but with a lug to lock size of 50 millimeters. It is way too big for smaller wrists. So now let me present you the perfect solution to this problem, because tsunite is also treating us with an alpha marrow with 38 millimeters in diameter, though the lactology of 47 millimeters makes this one look a bit bigger than your usual 38 millimeter watch.

Every watch lover immediately recognizes the distinct dial design with its different colored sub dials, with the exception that the date on this one sits at four o’clock. Instead of six o’clock, this watch is as classic as it comes with an added bonus of 100 meter water resistance, which makes swimming no problem.

It also holds the in-house to the el primero movement and you can get this on a leather strap or steel bracelet, starting at around seven thousand and eight hundred euro. The next one is for all those who really love the design of a rolex explorer, but either are not keen on sporting, a crown on their wrist or are not willing to wait around for their watch to be available.

Besides, one compromise that you have to make the tudor black bay 36 offers everything you can think of when it comes to luxury watches, for a comparatively low price, with a diameter of 36 millimeters electroluck of 44 millimeters and a height of 10.

5 millimeters, this black bay Is really confronting the problem many smaller wrists have with the regular black base, as they always end up. Looking way too bulky on smaller wrists, this watch makes an ideal daily beta, as it comes with the tudor, typical smooth finishing, but also a robust case and bracelet.

It would also make a great contender for one’s. First watch in this price here of watches. Aside from that, there are two things to point out, even though i would say that they are easy to bear when considering the price tag of this.

First, the clasp on this does not have any form of quick adjustment, which is something you would hope to find on a more sportier. Looking watch like this one, so adjusting bracelet is only possible with a special tool.

Secondly, as you can identify by the smiley lettering on the dial, there is no in-house movement built into this black bay, but a modified etta 2824. Some might have an issue with that, even though the eta 2824 movement are known to be robust and reliable.

Bearing all that in mind, you can call the tudor blackberry 36 yours for a price of 2740 euro. Many might say that the aquaterra is amiga’s, answer to rolex’s. Datejust, though the aquaterra really is a watch with a self-contained design, and history, though omega offers a much bigger size of the aquaterra.

I am happy that they did not forget about the small wrists out there, and so the 38 millimeter version looks just as nice as its bigger counterparts. We’ve, got the tea pattern on the dial, which is reminiscent of a wooden deck on one of these yachts.

The wavy pattern on the side of the case back to reminders of the waves on the water as the aquaterra is part of the sea master collection, and we also have amiga’s in-house coaxial, caliber 8800 beating away inside of it.

It is not only super precise but also entirely antimagnetic. The aquaterra is also unsurprisingly water resistant up to 150 meters, so you can totally bring it onto your yacht without having to worry it might break in terms of price.

The aquaterra starts at around 5 300 euros, making it circa 1000 euros less expensive as compared to similar rolex models. As we speak of rolex, let’s. Take a look at the watch. I was talking about before the rolex datejust 36.

. With this watch, you get the standard rolex oyster case made from 904l steel, with a finishing close to perfection on a bracelet with polished middle parts and a clasp with a five millimeter, quick adjustment built into it.

This specific model i am holding, comes with an off-white or kind of silvery colored dial, with a sunburst, finishing perfectly applied, stick hour, markers and a date display at three o’clock. As with every modern rolex, you get a super robust and reliable movement inside this one beats the caliber 3235, an in-house movement that is known for its longevity.

The datejust 36 is also sometimes part of the discussion about whether or not it should be considered. As a ladies watch, besides the fact that i do not really believe in putting watches into straight categories such as ladies or men’s watches, i have to say that the datejust 36 looks good on almost every wrist when it comes to its size And proportions, as you can see here, especially for those with smaller wrists, the datejust 36 is a perfectly sized dress watch compared to the 41 millimeter version.

For example. The only downside here is the poor availability, though the datejust 36 is not nearly as bad as the sky dwellers. For example, starting at around 6550 euro. You can get the datejust in various style, bracelet and bezel variations.

So we did talk a lot about tool, watches in the first half of this video. So now it is time to put something dressy on the table, and that is where the nomus orion neomatic 392 comes into play with namos you get the typical german bauhaus design for a comparatively low price, considering all the things that you get with this watch.

So, first, you have a very distinct design that works incredibly well, not only on special occasions, but also for wearing it on a day-to-day basis. Secondly, the quality of manufacturing is on a very high level, which you can see not only on the dial, but also when flipping the watch around to take a look at the movement through the sapphire case back and thirdly, nomus is also providing you with an in-house Movement, which is something you pretty much, do not get within this price range, except from nomos, including all the nice embellishment on the movement parts.

All of this sits in a 36 millimeter case that might look a little bit larger than you would expect, thanks to nomus’s, lug design, but it atones for it with a super slim height of only 8.5 millimeters, starting at around 2840 euro.

You get a solid watch made in germany. The only thing this one can’t do is accompany you to a swim as its water. Resistance is only 30 meters, but besides that, it definitely makes for an amazing, daily companion.

Everyone who is intel pilot watches is probably well familiar with the iwc pilot’s watch automatic spitfire with its design. It comes very close to the mach 11 released in 1948 that was being built for the royal air force by iwc with its 39 millimeters.

It is comparatively bigger than the watches i have showed before, and we also have the thin mezzle, which adds to the impression, but when it comes down to flicker watches, i think this automatic spitfire represents a good mix of still small enough to be worn by smallerist And still being big enough to not lose the spirit of an aviation watch as they tend to be bigger anyways.

The case itself is finely brushed on top and sand blasted on the sides giving this watch a very elegant touch, which i really like as to be expected. The dial is easily legible, with a small date display at three o’clock, especially a closer look.

You can see how well the dial is finished and iwc fans are happy that this one bears the nine numeral on the dial. As the previous mark 16 and mark 17 models had only half stick hour, markers where the 9 should have been, though the 9 could be found on the original mark 11.

. Another nice detail is the native strap, with its inner surface made from leather, which makes this strap super comfortable to wear. Admittedly, the nato is a bit long, but you can tuck the end back or leave it out.

However, you prefer it with a height of 10.6 millimeters. This spitfire sits rather flat on your wrist, and a little drawback is the built-in caliber, which is the caliber. 35 111: a movement not entirely developed by iwc, but based on a celita movement with a price tag of 4850 euro, the automatic spitfire is still below the 5k limit and offers a great opportunity for smaller wrists.

Last but not least, i wanted to mention the rolex daytona when it received its update in 2016, in which the sue bezel got switched out for a ceramic one. It became a really good option for those with smaller wrists.

The new ceramic bezel frames the dial in a way which makes the watch look much smaller than it actually is with its diameter of 40 millimeters. It is the biggest watch in this list, but it still works surprisingly well on smaller wrists, due to its case and bezel design, the daytona is a motorsport icon and the most current version comes with an in-house caliber from rolex.

You also get the immaculate finishing on all parts and the unmistakable daytona design with its sub-dials. The model i’m, showing you in this video, is compared to other daytona, is slightly easier to get with a special understatement on top of it, because at first sight it might look like a full steel model.

But this one is actually made from solid platinum, which makes this one not only the heaviest watch in this list, but also the most expensive one with a price tag of 70 and 800 euro okay. So that was my selection of my favorite seven watches for smaller wrists, but there are two more important things i want to add, so you can be sure to pick the perfect watch for your wrist size.

First, the diameter of a watch is not always a reliable. Tell when it comes to the overall size of a watch, because sometimes the luck to lug is more important, which is the length from one lug tip to the other, as it can be way more influential on the way the watch is going to end up.

Looking on your wrist, especially in combination with the thickness or height of a watch case. Secondly, it is crucial, especially for those who are like myself, a part of the itty bitty risk committee to try on a watch before buying it.

I know this is not always possible, but in case you can make it happen. Somehow i absolutely recommend doing so, because that way you can really see how a case would work on your wrist, so that was it for today.

I hope you like the watches in this video. Let me know in the comments down below which watch you want to add to the list, so we can build a nice collection of watches perfectly suited for smaller wrists in the comments down below.

Thank you so much for watching this video today and spending some time with me, and i will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music ], you

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