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Here are 7 PERFECT watches for your wife or girlfriend!

So I usually do not like to distinguish between ladies and men’s watches, as the most watches are pretty much unisex for me, but the question I get asked by a far the most is: hey Jenny.

What what should I buy for a my girlfriend or wife or mistress, and before we head into the list? Let me say one thing: real, quick. If you are not 99 percent sure that she’s, going to like what you’re.

Getting her make sure to ask her first, save your wallet and your heart from the disappointment and make sure to include her preferences into your choice. Ok, so now here it is a list of watches that would make a great gift for the special lady in your life and to the 3 percent women watching this.

You might find your next watching is list two right. Let’s start with the first watch of today. What I got here is the urban 34 from undone, which their first designated. Ladies watch undone is known for referencing iconic designs.

This one draws inspiration from the Rawlings Kelly as well as letting you customize your watch, which is also why I have picked this one for this video. You can make a look of the 34 millimetre case. Choose which strap you want to have attached to it and personalize the dial and the case back and as a disclaimer.

I have received this watch as a gift from undone myself and personalize it with my zodiac sign on the dial, and you can also leave this blank or get initials on it, and I also went for the picture case back option.

As you can see here, you can either have a see-through case back or upload a photo of your choice to be printed on. The back. The case itself is made from 316l steel, so same is true, for example, with a cycle v h61 quartz movement ticking inside powering the date display and to 24 hours subtile with a mineral crystal on top of it.

The other parts movement and non sapphire crystal are a slight turn off. I think 193 euro watch makes for a great gift. Is you can happily personalise it to really wow your lady and it’s? A nice mix look wise with its vintage inspired.

I’ll and the along on doing it like case design on the side. Next up, we have something straight out of germany, the young hands, my saddam, an automatic with its super neutral design. It works with almost everything and its simplistic polished white dial is very easy to read.

Given its powerhouse background, i think that this watch is going to look great on almost every occasion, depending on those drop you attached to it. This one here is a red Aquilino, strap with a quick release, so you can easily switch it out for another strap, which also makes for great future gifts.

This one is definitely a solid watch for all those who appreciate reliable simplicity with the option to dress it up every once in a while. It all comes with an automatic caliber j, 800 40.1 with a 38 hour power reserve.

A 33 point, one millimeter case diameter and a very slim height of only 9 point 8 millimeters on tops it’s, a sapphire crystal through which you can see the dog with its dhofar hands and the date at 3, o’clock.

Looking at this one online for about one thousand, one hundred and forty euros with the red, strap and so for the next watch, we stay right here in germany and we’re, going to look at the enormous head.

Grenadine, though both young hands and namaz are diehard Bauhaus fanatics, the Tecla is on the opposite spectrum of the philosophy. For me, this one is something for those who, like it, colorful and fun, and don’t really care about rules and regulations.

So much because the attacker is a very modern interpretation of what Bauhaus could look like. I really love the fresh approach and the unusually coloured dials that make for a great selection of choices, though there is no date.

You have a small second at six o’clock, which add a bit more flair to the dial in case the color is not enough for you, mostly on a blue and leather strap. This great case measures, twenty nine point: five millimeters is what resistance out to three bar with the in-house automatic caliber alpha built into it with a powers of forty three hours.

You can get the typical 18 for 1700 euros, though it almost also offers a cheaper white out for about 1280 euro. The next watch is a true classic in terms of ladies watches, and one of its ceilings is also on my wish list.

The Cartier tank solo small is as stylish as it can get as it is a modern interpretation of one of the first responses from Cathy that is probably never going to run out of style. Ever all sorts of tank variations have been worn by many famous people like Jackie Kennedy or Andy Warhol.

So this one makes the perfect choice for those who appreciate those big style icons, though the tank always feels a bit melancholic to me that tanks, although bridges the gap between super expensive, precious metal, vintage pieces and these dry emotionally detached modern watches.

The case measures 31 to 24 point four millimeters with classic Roman numerals, the well-known blue suit hands and the synthetic blue spinal a camisole on the crown. I know some right guys hope in arms, as this is a rather expensive quote, swatch but think about it.

This way, at the end of the day, it’s, a very fashionable design. It’s, got a prestigious brand name printed on top of the doll it wears very comfortable even on smaller wrists, and your lady does not have to worry about winding or setting in every time she puts it down for a couple of days and It all starts at two thousand six hundred and ten euro.

Next up. We have a Rolex and many immediately think of this small date, just when it comes to ladies Rolex and watches. But what I would like to suggest here are actually the smaller sized Oyster, Perpetual from Rolex and, more specifically, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual of 34 millimeters.

This one’s, a great everyday watch for those who, like it, robust and durable. Yet elegant and professional enough looking to work in every sort of situation with its dome, bezel and no cyclops lands on down the Oyster Perpetual is really flying under the radar and many ladies who do not want to grab the attention with what’s.

On their wrists are going to appreciate that something from around 4,000 and 750 euros you get an inherence caliber 3130, with a power reserve of 48 hours and a water resistance of 100 meters and al Marcus felt supernovae on dolls with various colors for watch number six.

We are going back into rectangular cases again and, of course I am talking about the Lovaza from really cool the reversal. Do a time is the perfect choice. If you want a watch, it hits all sorts of boxes.

Its elegant looks great during the day, but is fancy enough to be worn on a night out has a perfect case back for engravings to make it personal, a vintage Art, Deco, look yet modern materials and finishing plus comfortable to wear, including amazing, craftsmanship and mechanics.

You’ve got the front die with its silver gray and setting brush yosh finishing the subtle blue, the foam hands and on the back dial the sexy in nighttime black dial, with silver frosted numerals inside Pizza manual, around caliber 844, with a 30 meter Water resistance in a stainless steel case on an alligator strap with a handy, quick release, so changing the straps is easy as pie, though you kind of get two watches for the price of one.

This one still has a hefty price tag of eight thousand two hundred and fifty years, but you will get a watch. It is probably going to last you for generations to come. Last but not least, I want to show you a very special watch that I was being made aware of by a friend of mine who bought this watch for his wife as an anniversary gift.

Let me say that this one is not going to be. Everyone’s cup of tea, but is really special and deserves a bit more time in the spotlight. In my opinion, with their happy sport range, shapow really did something extraordinary, and I love the duality of this watch.

The lines of the case, especially the lugs and the big owl markers, look rather masculine, but then we have those beautiful diamond sterling around the dial in combination with the find our finishing and needles in seconds, and it looks so dainty and playful all of this.

It’s in a 36 millimeter stainless steel case powered by an automatic movement that is based on a Selita calibre SW 301, with a death window at 4:30 attached to a padded alligator strap with a quick release function.

You can also get this with all sorts of different straps, making it easy to customize this bigger version costs 7800 a euro, but you can also get a smaller size with 30 millimeters and 5 diamonds for around 6000 140 euro, and so that was my list for Today, what watches would you like to add any nice ideas for watches, to give to your significant other make sure to? Let me know in the comments down below and, like I said in the beginning, this list should serve you as an inspiration.

Maybe you get to look into friends that you haven’t had on your radar before and at the end of the day, everyone’s, taste, it’s going to be different, but I am sure there is the perfect Watch for your ladies somewhere out there, okay! So now we are at the end of this video, like I promised in the beginning, I’m, going to announce the winner of the Steinhardt from last week’s.

Video and the winner is victor. Sorry, congratulations Victor! I hope you enjoy the watch and have fun with it. Please make sure to leave a comment down below or send an email to hai at Jenny Elcom. I will leave my email in the description box below for you with your address, so I can send the watch to you and that is it for today.

Thank you guys so much for watching and spending some time with me, and I will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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