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Here Are Some Unpopular Opinions from Watch Lovers: Watch Hot Takes 🔥 | Jenni Elle

So, for example, let me give you my heart ache. I think the rolex submariner looks better on a jubilee bracelet. So after I saw a folks on Instagram about watch howtechs, I thought let’s, see what you guys on YouTube here have to say, and that was quite a lot so here it is your ho takes about watches and my humble take on them.

So here comes the first one and it says specs should be on the back of the case and not on the dial. You know, honestly, that does sound like it would actually be a good idea, at least for some of the dolls, because I think a great example here is Musa with their clean.

Looking dolls. They sometimes don’t even have their logo on it, and I think it works really well, because that way, you really get an unobstructed look on the doll and the finishing overall, and I mean we also have no more su put their specs on The edge of the case back so yeah an interesting or taking, I would rate this one with an impressed nod, so he goes at the next one.

I say that scratches and dents add character to my watch deep inside. I am weeping – and you know what I am totally with you on this, because I really like to convince myself that all these scratches that end up in my watch, they add character and they tell a story but honestly, deep down, I am freakin screaming.

Whenever I bump my watch into something – and I mean it’s, not as bad when the watch is already old or pre-owned, and you can already see that there has been some scratches in it, but putting in the first scratch into a brand new Watch that is just that’s, just brutal, so alright, this heartache with a crying face emoji, because that one really hit hard okay.

So the next one is a combination of two and it goes. Hating Rolex is now more annoying than being a Rolex fanboy, and then someone commented on it and said: flash news, hating Rolex haters is more than and being a Rolex hater.

You know that heartache made me realize how much of a hypocrite. I am because the first part I totally agree with, but then I also agree with the second one as well. I get really not by people judging or blissing others by what they like, which is automatically what people do, who hey those who hate Rolex, and I guess we all just suck.

So I do rate this hot tag with a 10 out of 10. In the truth, hurts department, okay, let’s, get straight for the next one and the next one goes the you blow. Big Bang is actually quite nice. People just won’t, admit it, because it’s based off the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.

No, just no – and you can get another hot day from me here. I think the Royal Oak Offshore is tacky. So I write this with the disappointed puppy meme and we’re going to dive right into the next one, and it says also the Hulk, Kermit and root beer are all ugly and ap is a one-hit wonder so this one might get me divorced Because I absolutely agree with you on the root beer part, probably one of the ugliest Ronix one was ever made, though my husband loves it, though, and so thank you for bringing that up again.

Actually, the the AP part. It reminds me of that. Maybe some of you know this one. There is this meme and it has been done ages ago. It’s, a very crude drawing of a guy lying on the floor like almost dying and a bird that flies on top trying to hold him up, and the guy has AP written on him and on the bird it says: Royal Oaks, oh yeah, That’s, funny so yeah.

I rate this heartache with a thank you sticker for putting me in the doghouse for a night for me. Can you say that about the root beer? Okay next take, and it goes. This is the last generation of luxury watch owners.

It’ll, be all over in 40 years. I have to say that’s, a sad ho take. My first instinct was to go like oh hell. No, but honestly, who knows what’s going to happen in the next couple of years? There has been so much change in the past two decades.

Honestly, I have no idea how the watch industry is going to turn out and then 40 years time hell. I don’t even know how it’s, going to turn out in the next 10 years. Even I would say, but I’m sure there’s, always going to be some diehard fans.

They’re just going to sit around in their flying. Tesla’s and admiring their now vintage bad girls. On a holographic stripe, or something like that, so I rate this ho take with a 2 out of 5 sad Keanu, Oh memes, for making me think about my own mortality and reminding me that I’m going to be 70 in 40 years time.

Thanks for that, so the next one is very short and it goes. You only need one watch and I absolutely disagree with you on it, because it just hurts too much to admit that you are probably right about this, so we’re gonna go right to the next one and that one says never on divers.

Watches are stupid, stop trying to make your dive watch look classy and sophisticated, just dress, more classy and sophisticated, and that one actually made me laugh at all, because I was sitting on my computer and scrolling through your comments, and I read that one and I was Like yeah, I absolutely agree with you on this one and I was wearing my hair black by 58 on the other strap and I felt like a complete idiot.

But I guess I have to say that technically speaking, wearing a diver on the other strap makes no sense because of all the water you get it wet. But honestly, I feel with any kind of watch. A leather strap feels the most natural it’s kind of the most natural way of wearing something on yourself, and I mean it’s, also more comfortable that way, but anyways to get an angry-looking genielle thumbnail for that, because you indirectly Called me stupid, so last but not least, we have both latina isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is people like to trash it because it’s cool to do so, watches with 14 adjust, half different character aspects that we Should appreciate mmm, nobody just full patina is weird, and I don’t mean off-white coloring I don’t, have a problem with that personally, but full pattern of reminds me of these weird trend from a couple of years ago, like really A couple of years ago, when converse tried, selling these or looking Chuck Taylors to people, what the actual hell is that about I don’t know.

Why would I want to spend the same amount of money on a shoe that has been made to look like it has been worn for decades and I think the same goes for the full patina on watches, because if I wanted something that would look old, I Would just get something that is old and saved the money and go for a vintage piece with an authentic patina.

So I rate this heartache with a nine out of ten long military watches. Okay, so those were your hot takes and I have to say some of these were truly on fire and I really love feeling through your howtechs in the comments.

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments what your ho take is. I’m, excited to see what you guys have to say and if you like this video, a more fun and light-hearted video, make sure to give this one a thumbs up, and I will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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I’ve asked, you answered – Here are you Watch Hot Takes 🔥!

If you want to read more watch hot takes (some of them are truly on fire 😀 so do not say that I did not warn you) check out the link to my community tab here on Youtube where I posted the questions

What is your hottest watch hot take? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks again for watching and spending some time with me 🙂
– Jenni

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