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here’s how I scratched my new Rolex | Q&A #6

I’m, going to talk about how i already scratched my new watch, why my secret identity would wear a muzor and how the perfect watch would look like. So let’s get started, so this is not only my last video of 2020.

. This is also going to be my last q a of the year. So i’ve asked for your questions on youtube and on instagram, and we’re, going to start right away with the first one and it is from adam what are a few of your watch.

Pet peeves, for example. One of mine is odd luck with well. I can totally understand that i would say my pet peeve is or our bracelets that are difficult to handle so difficult to adjust by yourself when you’ve got like screws that are drowned and locked tight or when you ‘

Ve got these pins with the sleeves my red dial cycle. The cocktail time is an offender of that it was so difficult to figure out how to shorten that bracelet, and that is my pet peeve for sure. Next, up from damien, i find a carti tank.

Solo in steel is actually a bit underwhelming in person. What do you think i do agree with you or not, but i think it’s. When i first saw a tank solo in person, i find it a bit flat, but i do blame the steel bracelet for that.

I think it looks much better when you put it on a leather strap. I filmed a carti video where i have it on this light. Gray. Leather strap and i think it looks much better on a leather strap than on the bracelet.

The next question from i cannot pronounce your name um. What is the toughest challenge you have faced in? Launching your channel well, the launch itself, wasn’t that difficult, i would say, because i’ve, already been doing that in german before but as like time went on.

I found it much much more difficult to deal with negative comments, because you guys i’m a sensitive person and for some reason, the human brain just works like that. Where you have nine nice comments and the tenth comment is something negative and i’m talking about constructive criticism talking about like just negative stuff and for some reason you can only think about the negative stuff, but i would say it’S it’s.

Okay, right now i’ve. I found a way to handle it, but i mean yeah. It still very much hurts not gonna lie so yeah. That would be the the toughest thing i would say next question from segment and zucchini, that’s, a cool name by the way, since you own both datejust and oyster perpetual, which do you prefer and why.

I do feel very bad for saying that, because datejust is my wedding watch, but i do prefer the oyster perpetual right now it looks very minimalistic. You’ve, got the oyster bracelet and the pink dial it’s just perfect right now.

I mean i don’t have anywhere to go. There are no like fancy occasions that i can attend right now, so i feel on a day-to-day basis. The datejust is a bit too much for me next question from kippex watches.

Did you damage your watch when you banged it? He’s. Referring to a lot of people have been asking me that he’s. Referring to the instagram story that i posted a couple of days ago. There is, there is a scratch on the bezel, but i think it has been there before.

I’m, not sure um, it’s, not the first. It’s, not going to be the last, which is okay but yeah. That one was very loud, but it’s. Okay, it’s. Okay, you know i’m over it, thanks for reminding me next up, hi jenny, big fan, thank you.

Have you ever thought of collecting vintage watches? What’s? My opinion on that? It’s. Definitely a very untapped topic on my channel vintage watches, mainly because i’m, very hesitant about giving advice on vintage, because i myself, don’t have very much experience on it and i feel that vintage watches do require a lot of Experience to really get into it, there’s, so much to think about how to care for them how to properly like service them.

You also have to have the money to service them. Vintage watches can be quite expensive, like you can buy one and then after like some time you will have to service it and then it might end up costing you more than the watch itself.

So you have to be prepared for that and i don’t know if i am yet a guy and his watch wants to know what superpower would you want and what watch would your secret identity wear? I would either be want to be invisible, or i want to be able to teleport, because i think both of these things could come in very handy in all sorts of situations, and my secret identity would wear a moza vantablack watch, but without the moon phase to Make it even more mysterious, because i think that would be very fitting.

Let me that’s, a cool question. Let me know in the comments what your superpower would be and which watch would go with that. That’s, that’s. Thank you again as watch that’s. A very cool question next question is something i do have quite a lot and i’m, going to put them together.

First, one is from gary: what is the ideal watch if you design it? Who would you work with and why and when do you use it and then matt fairman on youtube? Something similar saying in quotes there’s? No such thing as a perfect watch, but if you piece together your fantasy timepiece, what would you do hear me out? My perfect combo have the bracelet in the case made by rolex, have the dial made by grand seiko and then that’s.

Where i’m a bit torn, i would either go for a movement, a spring drive from grand circle or anything from a la monsoon. Have it on an exhibition case back so i can see it. I think that would be the perfect mix.

The ideal watch – and i would wear it whenever i would want to – i would probably wear it every day, because it just sounds so perfect. Next, up, dixon chan wants to know double watches wearing one on each wrist.

I’ve, seen a few now with apple boom or fitbit on one race, along with their favorite mechanical boom, on the other, full part or a trend. Well, i would say neither i don’t, think it’s, a full power see.

For me this is not a watch. My apple watch watch is is just a device. It’s like my smartphone. It’s just there and i mainly use it to replace my smartphone. I can leave it in the car or leave it wherever and if someone wants to like reach me, i got my apple watch and that’s.

My watch watch that’s, my like, when i want to know the time i’m, going to be like this and not like that. You know, and i find it very practical. I know to some it might look different, but i think it’s cool next question from katie wong as a female collector, hello, hello.

As part of the 4.7 of female viewers on my channel, i often find myself looking at certain watches tempted to buy them but realize that either the case size is too big for me or it doesn’t, look good on the wrist.

What are some watches you wish have similar case sizes so that it fits your wrist? How cool would it be if we could get a grand sack with a spring drive that would be thinner and smaller? I think that’s, really missing a bit.

Smaller aqua terrace, i know there’s. A 38 millimeter like a 36 or 35 would have been even better heart. Take if alan zunik would work out as small as axonia. Oh, that would be like having the classic.

I think it’s now in a 38, but also making that one either like a 34 or 36 would be amazing, because i still think the 38 is a bit too big, because that classic look. I want it to be small on my wrist for that specific watch, so those would be my examples where i would be like.

Oh man, if you were smaller, i would just be broke right, so that was it for my q a today. This was definitely not filmed on a different day because i forgot to film an outro. I just want to take this moment and say thank you so much for being here, not only for submitting the questions for my q a but also just for watching my videos being subscribed.

This year has been so crazy. So i’m, very grateful for all of you being here and yeah. That was it. I want to wish you a very happy and safe new year, and i will see you next year. Bye

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