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Here’s the current TAG Heuer situation.

Whenever the brand and the watches come up, i am left with just you know, like shrugging my shoulders and telling people that i myself have never owned the tachoya, but that i really like their design and some watches and it’s.

Not like people bring up takoya in a neutral kind of way it’s, not like they say, hey jenny. What are your thoughts on tack? Hoya? It’s, almost always something along the lines of hey jenny. Why does everybody seem to hate takoya so much that got me thinking, given their recent releases, the fact that they have been around for more than just a couple of decades and their pioneering role when it comes down to mechanical watch manufacturers who dare to enter smartwatch Territory, how come that there seems to be an overwhelming amount of people online who refuse tank hoya categorically and for those interested the beautiful vintage toyo that i have with me in this video has been kindly lent to me by max from videowoodfoos.

de. He’s, my go-to source for pre-owned watches, and he let me film this 1940s hoya with a stunning valjeu color before you, and if you’re interested in that, i will link his website down below for you in the description box.

So you can browse his offers online. So every weekend during the season, when i was in elementary school, our flat was filled with that noise yep my dad watched every qualifying and every race and even back then i remember how the tacoya logo stood out to me.

Almost the entire racetrack was blast with it. Cars had the logo on it, and it was also featured on that timetable. Thing that popped up during the race. So to me, attack hoya, even though i didn’t know what it was at.

The time has always been connected to high-end motorsports, races and cars, and so when i got more into mechanical watches, the first thing of takoya that i saw was their ad with cara delevingne on it, with the hashtag don’t crack under pressure and Honestly, i was kind of surprised – i mean fair enough.

Cara delevingne is absolutely stunning and a successful supermodel, but i couldn’t figure out how that is somehow connected with what takoya means to me, and i think here is where we can find one of the first polls that seem to hold up the Shitstorm tent, that seems to loom over takoya it’s.

The disconnect between how people deeper into the hobby perceived takoya, given their strong motorsport or sport background in general and their recent marketing, and there is a video made by timepiece chronicle that i will link for you down below that went more into depth about this.

But the main point is that takaya’s. Marketing strategy seems to aim at the biggest group of people to everyone who wants to wear a watch by using brand ambassadors that are more linked to the general.

You know like hip and cool lifestyle situation like cara delevingne, for example, and i’m, the last person who is going to blame a company for wanting to profit. I mean that’s, kind of the spirit of it.

But personally, i think that this route of marketing is not sustainable in the long run and might be more harmful than we think to takoya’s brand heritage. In the end, if they keep aiming for a bigger group, they might be losing their core fans undermining their bases.

You know, but let’s, get right to my next point on this. So the next let’s, say poll again is something that christian from the theo and harris youtube channel has brought up on one of his recent videos that i will link for you down, below, which i think sums it up pretty great.

It’s, the general and when i say general, i mean watch enthusiasts perception of the different identities. Takoya seems to portray, and i want to give you an example here. I think we all have our different personas, depending on who we are with or talking to i mean i know i have my phone voice or when i hang out with my very good friends.

I might act a bit different than when i’m around people that i do not know very well, but in general, i think most of our different personas in different social settings have a common thread and are just parts of who we are depending On the situation, ideally, people won ‘

T say that you seem like a completely different person when you, you know, switch groups, but more so things like oh yeah. She or he is more this or that when you get to know them better, you know, but with attack hoya, it seems that these brand personas don’t really match together and christian had a very good point when he put it that way.

There are basically three different tahoe identities or personas, so there is a hoya identity which reflects takoya’s, rich brand history, their heritage and their achievements. From the past, then, there’s, the tac or takoya identity, which sort of seems to represent everything that is going wrong with the brand currently since attack bought hoya.

During the course crisis, people are quick to blame them for allegedly ruining the brand and its core values by focusing on more affordable quartz pieces that allegedly lack in design and quality, basically claiming that they did everything for a quick sale without taking care of the quality Issues and last but not least, there is the jean-claude beaver takoya, which represents the newfound hope in the brand and its future.

As he’s, not only very well respected and very successful in what he did and still does, but he also had a substantial influence on the conception of recent watches from takoya, and i think you can already tell what the point here is.

I know the saying goes: if you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything, but i think in this case it’s more a if you stand for everything you will fall for everything kind of situation. If tahoe tries to please everyone, they end up pleasing only very few.

I think – and i’m – not saying that this is actually the case here. Like i said, i have never owned a takoya, but as it is with the internet, nowadays everything stays on it forever. There’s, always going to be traces of people, shit-talking takoya for their issues online, no matter if it’s justified or not, and so for my last point that i want to make.

I’m willing to put myself out there and say people just love to hate and what’s easier than to hate on something? A lot of people already seem to disagree with anyways. I think we’re all guilty of that.

I remember how i got my first game boy. It was a hand-me-down from one of my cousins, you know the big square, grey ones and i felt like the luckiest girl in the world. The first game. I played was, of course, pokemon and one of the first choices you have to make.

Isn’t only deciding on a name for your in-game character, but you also have to choose between a bulbasaur, a charmander and blastoise, though it felt like the hardest decision of my life. So far, i knew that i was never going to pick bulbasaur.

Simply because i knew that almost every one of my friends had a strong dislike for that poor little thing, and even until this day i cannot tell you why. But i was happy to jump on the bandwagon and go for blast stories, because i was too lazy to really question why or where the dislike was coming from, though this is a very off-topic story.

It helps to understand what i mean when i say that people love to hate it’s easier to agree with a seemingly big and loud group of people than disagree and stand alone, or only with a few by your side.

That’s, just human and just the way it is, i guess, but as someone who might just you know, start out digging a bit deeper into watches it’s easier to agree on the common notion that tachoya is crap. Instead of taking the time and doing your own research and actually trying on the watches for yourself all in all, i think we can all agree on the fact that generalizing, something is really a good thing.

There’s, always nuance to an issue. To me, tacoi is a brand with many facets, a lot of great history, a great origin story, but also with flaws and issues. So basically, like most things out there, i’ve, read about the issues in quality online and i’ve heard about revision and these like service horror stories.

But i can also see and read about people who have been happily wearing and loving their attack higher watches for years and years without any issues, and i’m, not saying that those quality issue claims are all made up.

I’m sure it’s, something they should look into, but moaning about design and concepts is ultimately a subjective issue and, as always, the consumers are going to vote with their money and the most profitable designs or ideas are naturally going To move forward, ideally tachoya is such an interesting brand and definitely not something you should just categorically dislike, because you’ve read something on a forum board a couple of weeks ago i mean compared to some others.

Takoya has a great website, an incredible brand history, and i think they also show courage in pursuing their smartwatch collection, though it’s, not something that i am into. I think we can all appreciate their spirit and the will to explore more things, and so that makes the end of my video for today.

As always, this is just what i think and have thought about. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. What anyone says about your watch or the watches that you like. I think the best watch in the world is always the one that you end up wearing the most and enjoying the most and that’s just it.

So what about you? What is your take on the tag? Hoya situation? I’d. Love to know your thoughts in the comments down below and also, let me know which pokemon you chose in the beginning, because i think that’s going to be very interesting to see.

As always. Thank you so much for watching this video today and i will see you in my next one [, Music, ] bye. You

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