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Here’s Why I Would Never Buy A Luxury Smart Watch

You need to frequently wind them up to keep them running. If you don’t wear them, or is it ok to let them stop? So a few people have already answered that questions in the comments and to summarize it all, let me say that it is not a bad idea to let them run out of power when you are not wearing them, because as corrosion and deterioration is thing having the Purse inside rest for a bit is totally ok.

I’ve, seen that some people say that it is not good to have them run out of power, because the oils that are needed inside for a lubrication are going to. You know dry out or get sticky, but that’s, actually only the case with very old vintage watches.

If you’ve got a new watch or a mom. What a watch they actually use synthetic oils inside them, so they are super long lasting. So you do not have to worry about that. So, for example, whenever I don’t wear a watch for a couple days or weeks.

I simply just store it inside a what role and just let it sit there until I pick it up again. I also know that some people give their watches a quick spin in case they have not been wearing it for weeks and do not plan on doing so for weeks to come just to make sure that the movement inside gets well moved from time to time.

Ok and let’s continue with question number two from Mauricio Orlando’s and the question is: how much can you bend the rules for wearing a watch in formal occasions? Can you go a full Daniel Creek and in a record it says NATO diver well tailored suit, and actually, I think it’s, sometimes even more interesting to bend the rules a little and wear something others would just not expect.

But, like you said, Daniel Craig were a very well-tailored suit and well he is James Bond, so that is definitely working in his favor. In his case, I think you can really tell that he’s ringing the seam so on a NATO intentionally, and it just looks really good and that’s.

What I think makes the difference here if it is an intentional choice and it clashes with what you are wearing in the kind of right way. I think it’s great, but, like I’d, say for example, someone is wearing a little fitting suit or jacket, and then person with a you know a g-shot for example, and that person is not a James Bond, then they probably Wouldn’t like it.

Okay, next question comes from yeah Eragon and the question is hi Jenni. Can you make a quick recommendation for a watch brand that a blind or low vision individual can use so in terms of wristwatches for visually impaired people? There’s, two choices which I think are really cool.

The one would be the dot watch, which looks very futuristic and more like a SmartWatch, and the second would be one of my favorites, which is a vintage rakia. That watch and I’ve, actually stumbled through that watch a couple of weeks ago and I was browsing through.

I think it was eBay or chrono 24 for a vintage racket. I watch online and so i’ve. Seen this one. It’s, a very nice sort of cushion like case shape and you ‘ Ve got a DAB with our minutes. Hands, including the hour markers, and they ‘

Ve got these little bumps, and so you can actually flip open. The crystal and I will put a picture for you up here and you can flip open the crystal and you can actually feel the time with your fingers and then, when you’re done, you just flip it back, and it just looks like a Regular watch again it’s really cool, and I also think it’s, not that expensive.

I think it was something below the 100 mark, so yeah definitely make sure to check this out. If you want okay, so question number four is one that I get quite a lot and it says: do you remember you first watch? Are you still keeping it or what was your first watch and actually I still got my very very first watch to this day and it’s this one here.

It’s, a classic shaped case nice, slim lugs, with durable, baby, pink strapped to it and on the down we have like, I said, the beautiful Jimi Hendrix print with the minutes and our hand and contrasting seconds hand it’s very Futuristic design and you’ve got the Arab numerals, which are very easy to read and super minimalistic and just a perfectly well-balanced dial in general.

So I got this one for a disciplinarian measure, because I think I must have been 6 or 7 and I was out with a friend and we were playing outside and it got. It was the summertime and it got very late and I was supposed to be back at home, but I was kind of like mad.

You know I don’t care playing outside did not care, and I wondered way too far off from where I was allowed to be, and so my parents they were looking all over the place to me. They went around in the car searching for me and when I finally found me I was brought back home and then I got grounded, I think for about like two weeks, and so I was only allowed back outside with watch.

So I know when to come back home and I think I was allowed to be outside for like 30 minutes for a couple of days after that I was allowed back out, and they explained to me like hey, listen when when this little hand is on the Five and this one is on the I don’t, know like six or whatever I’m.

It’s time for you to come home and it’s. Also how I learned to to read a watch. Oh my sister story behind this masterpiece of Jimmy Panda Lakes watches out here: okay, let’s, get into question number five from watch doctor and the question: is people watch you on YouTube for horological content? Who do you watch? So there are a couple of channels that I really enjoy like Adrian from barking Jack, for example, he’s, always got a super, informative videos.

I’ve, really enjoyed listening to his voice, very nice and easy to listen to watch finder with their amazing videography and the storytelling just a great inspiration overall Federico from Federico talks watches I really like his industry insights because he used to work for An ad and that’s, that’s, always cool to hear from from the other side of things, TGV from the urban gentry is really cool.

Oh my god, Teddy by the saw also amazing YouTube channel. I really enjoy the videos with his girlfriend Courtney. She’s, got such a great attitude and she’s just super funny in general, and then we ‘

Ve got 24 hours at a time with Oleg and his dog, whose name is bond. I think I really enjoy his Russian. What reviews he’s, doing an amazing job on these and the other reviews as well. Pretty sure I’m, forgetting a couple more that I really enjoy watching so yeah.

Why not share what you like to watch in the comments down below, so we can have a look at all these amazing channels, okie dokie. Last but not least, we have question number six from captain Anthony and the question is: with technology all about Smart TVs, smart phones etc.

What’s, your opinion on Smart luxury watches, and how do you see the future for smart watches in the luxury sector? And I think, before we start on that one it is. It is crucial to distinguish between two types of luxury smartwatches, because I would say there is this one group of luxury smartwatches from these big tech giants, like Apple, for example, because they do demand a comparatively high price.

And then you also have the smart watches from established watch manufacturers like taquoia or Breitling, which just started out making these smart watches. And so I would honestly say that in a couple of years I don’t see how these smart watches from the actual watch friends are still going to be around, because I mean hear me out on this: you’ve got these Tech giants who put so much effort it’s like their main focus the technology, the development of all these technologies.

They constantly keep on improving their products and there’s. So much experience in knowledge into these smart watches, and then you have a brand like Breitling or taco, for example, and they basically have to start from scratch here and I don’t see how they would catch up with that experience.

In my opinion, and so I would say that in a couple years they’re just going to die out. I to me it seems like, like a trend, a short-term trend. I think they should just stick to what they can do best.

I mean Apple is king in terms of user experience, I just don’t, see a Breitling or like a telecoil, really catching up to that, but yeah. Let me throw that question back to you. Actually. What do you guys think about my watches from like writing? For example, do you think there is a market? Does anyone actually wear them, because I have not seen them around yeah? I’m, so interested to see what you guys think, and so that was it for my Q & amp A today.

Thank you so much for submitting questions here on the community tab on YouTube. If you want to have your question, be a part of my next Q & amp, A just make sure to be subscribed to my channel, so you do not miss out when I post on the YouTube community tab.

So you know when to submit your questions, and that was it for today. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, and I will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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