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It’s all very well and good talking about watches that do this, that and the other that have all the bells and whistles. But at some point someone actually has to wear the things and if they want to do so for any kind of duration, a little thing called economics is going to have to get involved.

It’s, no good. If a watch is too heavy to loose, the crown digs in or the bracelet is too tight, a watch must be sized correctly for you and scientists tell me that the perfect sized watch for the average human being is exactly 39 millimeters.

So is three of them. So we can keep on making grape watch videos. I’d, really appreciate it. If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you. It’s, always on romance that watch stories are traded, but with the Tag Heuer Carrera, the intrigue in its 1962 creation, surprisingly comes from a more commercial point of view.

We’d, like to imagine then newly inaugurated, Jolla, CEO Jack Hoya, gazing out at the beautiful Vista of the juror mountains, the howl of racing v12s, echoing in his mind when he created the Carrera, but that’s.

Just not true. The company he had inherited was one made famous by its association with motorsport manufacturing mounted stopwatches for racing cars since 1911, but times were changing and the landscape with it, and when Omega announced, the wrist-worn speed master chronograph in 1957 Jaguar knew it was time to act Except that he had to wait because Heuer wouldn’t be under his control until five years later, by that time, Hoyer wasn’t, the only manufacturer looking to bring a modern chronograph to market, and so he had to act quickly.

There was no time or budget to invest in new tolling and ground-up designs, so Jack took his business to those who could it’s at this point that something very interesting comes to light. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but a lot of the chronographs of the late 50s early 60s look very similar Omega Rolex Breitling.

A lot of the chronographs from this era. Look incredibly similar. You would naturally pass this office following trends, but the truth is more unusual. All these watchmakers were using the same parts from the same companies being too expensive to manufacture parts.

Internally, most watch companies would source their cases dials and movements from external suppliers, often from a catalogue of ready-made designs. These suppliers were limited, their selection even more so, and so what results is a collection of watches powered by the same movements that look almost identical, that is until Omega released.

The speed master part of a trio of watches the speed master was a Power Move by a maker to show that it could make everything itself and didn’t rely on suppliers like everyone else, did those Lisle Oaks.

They stood out as unique. A show of the company’s prowess, as did the asymmetric case, and exclusive movement developed with the Manya pour Jack. Hoyer just could not compete. The best he could do was pick a selection of pre-made parts.

He liked best and choose a name that would grab the public’s attention. The name he chose was Carrera Spanish for race and the name given to a cross country Mexican sports car rally, the Carrera Panamericana, and would you know it worked? The watch may have been a parts been special, but the name was so evocative it.

Just didn’t matter. The end of World War 2 was generally considered to be a good thing for IWC. It meant that it was now free to trade with the rest of the world once again and for the British Royal Air Force, it meant it was free to equip its pilots with the most accurate watches in the world with which to navigate and the RAF is No stranger to finding its way through difficult conditions during the blitzkrieg air raids over Britain were executed by the Luftwaffe at night to give the big, slow German bombers protection from British fighters, but to the surprise of the Germans, RAF pilots began to down their planes anyway.

Picking them out in the darkness pilot John capsized Cunningham alone brought down 19 enemy aircraft at night. Much to the confusion of the enemy. Spies were sent to Britain to discover the secrets of the RAF pilots night vision and was surprised to discover that the answer was the consumption of vitamin A carrots.

A nationwide campaign had swept not just the RAF but the general public as well. Encouraging citizens to eat carrots to improve their eyesight, helping them see during blackouts. Newspapers ran stories on the success of RAF pilots in downing night raids, attributing the victory to the humble orange root vegetable.

There was even a mascot doctor carrot leading the charge. The truth, the British had invented radar and they didn’t want the Germans to know about it back then, however, GPS wasn’t a thing and wouldn’t be for another couple of decades.

There was no ways: Google Maps they couldn’t even make do with Apple maps. All these pilots had was a crock, a sextant and the celestial bodies to find their way over barren countryside or worse the ocean.

The pilots ability to plot a course could be the difference between life death. It stands to reason, then, that the more accurate the watch, the more accurate, the navigation and for the RAF, it was pretty important to be precise.

This is where IWC came in. They already have the technology to make a watch, shockproof, anti-magnetic, dustproof and easy to read, and that’s exactly what the RAF needed by WC was more than happy to oblige.

The technology was concentrated into a smaller, more compact form factor. Maintaining the iron dial and movement cover to keep the damaging electromagnetism produced by the aircraft at bay, the dial shrank to fit, but was as clear and easy to read as it had ever been.

Thanks to the contrasting numbers and glowing paint a sturdy case and thick strap kept the wash operating in even the toughest conditions. This watch was the mark 11 and it would become one of IWC s most successful.

The humble Oyster Perpetual from Rolex has long been overlooked. Against it’s, more impressive cousins, but it’s, a device that contains three of the great inventions that gave the company its big break.

When we hear the words Oyster Perpetual these days, they sort of blend into one. But each stands for a key moment in Rolex history that without which it would likely not exist. Today, the very creation of Rolex was a fated endeavor, no brand, no budgets Rolex didn’t have anything that could make it stand out against the weight of entities like Omega and launching where to begin.

It was clear that there was no chance of going head-to-head, so the only other option was to take a big gamble and try something completely different. The first gamble was the wristwatch itself sounds crazy, but back then a wristwatch.

Just wasn’t. The done thing a wristwatch was a piece of jewelry, not a precision timekeeper. They were to be frank, an embarrassment. Nevertheless, Rolex set up meetings with movement manufacturers, specifically ones who made movements for ladies pocket watches, so they were small enough to fit on the wrist case makers and every other trade they needed and asked them to build them a wristwatch, but not a piece of jewelry.

A precision instrument, the second gamble – was the way the wristwatch was put together, a pocket watch and later once. Other companies realized that wristwatches were becoming a thing were elegant, beautiful objects, not industrial devices, and so the idea of water resistance.

Simply didn’t warrant. The attention of the traditional companies, one wouldn’t dream of taking ones exquisite wash into a damp environment, not so for Rolex, using technology. Seen on prototype pocket watches the company commissioned its suppliers to build a case.

Sealed with screw threads and gaskets, which it called the oyster, the third gamble was how the wrist wash was powered. A man wound his wrist wash every morning as a matter of ritual marking. The start of a busy and productive day using a self-winding movement was to strip that interconnectivity between man and mechanism that defined the artistry and precision of a mechanical watch.

Nevertheless, Rolex did it anyway. A few other brands had tried and failed with more complex mechanisms, but Rolex its 360 degree rotor. The perpetual was slick and simple each and every one of those Gamble’s somehow paid off.

So what this watch represents. Isn’t, just the last reserve of a jewelers window after everything else has sold out, but the foundation upon which Rolex became the giant that it is today there would be no Submariner alvey’s, ceramic Daytona’s and Black and blue gmt master two’s without it.

If you’ve been rummaging through catalogs. Looking for that perfect thirty, nine millimeter watch and you’ve, been dismayed to see chunker after chunker fear, not the scientifically approved. Thirty.

Nine millimeter watch does still exist and there are plenty enough for you to get your teeth into discover more exceptional watches at watch finder. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please do consider giving it a like and subscribing to the channel.

If there are any watches you’d like to see featured, please let us know in the comments below

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