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Horological Society of New York Awards $125,000 Financial Aid To Watchmaking Students

HSNY Annual Gala at The Harvard Club New York.

HSNY Annual Gala at The Harvard Club New York, where the organization awarded $125,000 for watchmaking.

In its largest-ever award total to support watchmaking students, the Horological Association of New York (HSNY) awarded a record-breaking $125,000 in financial aid to 20 students and four U.S. watchmaking schools during its recent 157th Anniversary Gala & Awards Ceremony.  The organization also raised another $25,000 for its mission to “advance the art and science of horology.”

This year’s gala was also one of its strongest, with increased attendees, sponsors, scholarships and more. The event took place at the history Harvard Club of New York City and 270 guests from around the world were in attendance, including actor Aldis Hodge and Mr. Wonderful, aka,  Kevin O’Leary.

Actor Aldis Hodge, HSNY

Actor Aldis Hodge called to begin the year’s fundraising for the Horological Society of New York.

A single check was presented on behalf of all of the recipients to a student at the Lititz Watch Technicum and a student from the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School, by Steve Eagle, HSNY’s Education Director.

“For context, in 2017 we awarded one scholarship to one student, and this year we awarded 20 students and four schools,” said Nicholas Manousos, HSNY Executive Director. “This is made possible through the generous donations from our sponsors, our dedicated members, and gala supporters.”

Nicholas Manousos, HSNY Executive Director

Nicholas Manousos, HSNY Executive Director

There was even a small auction held during the night where attendees could bid for HSNY’s 2023 Lifetime Membership Card. The auction was conducted by Isabella Proia of Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo. After a long bidding war, the card sold for a hammer price of $20,000. Proceeds from the sale benefit HSNY’s ongoing financial aid initiatives.

HSNY, America’s oldest watchmaking guild, also has plans to conduct a Charity Auction in June that will be hosted by Phillips to raise money for its horological efforts.

“The 2023 gala broke records in every way for the Horological Society of New York,” said Carolina Navarro, HSNY Deputy Director. “An increasing demand to attend allowed us to max out capacity and draw crowds from top watch brands, VIPs, influencers, and even celebrities, who showed up in style to support our now 157-year-old society.”

HSNY Gala watchmaking event

An auction was held at the HSNY Gala watchmaking event for an annual HSNY 2023 membership card. Held by Phillips, the card sold for $20,000.

HSNY Financial Aid Recipients

Earlier this year, HSNY established several new scholarships and applicants for those were also awarded. Exactly $5,000 went to each of the student recipients under the scholarships of The Henry B. Fried Scholarship for Watchmaking Students, The Benjamin Banneker Scholarship for Black Watchmaking Students, The Grace Fryer Scholarship for Female Watchmaking Students,  The Charles London Scholarship for Watchmaking Students. The Charles Sauter Scholarship for Innovation in Horology and the Oscar Waldan Scholarship for Jewish Watchmaking Students.

Another $25,000 was allotted in $5,000 and $7,500 increments for The Howard Robbins Award for Watchmaking Schools.  Those funds went to the Gem City College School of Horology, Veterans Watchmaker Initiative, North Seattle College of Watch Technology Institute, and Paris Junior College Watchmaking Program.

Student recipients were from the above-named schools, as well as from the Lititz Watch Technicum, the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, and the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School.

HSNY Gala watchmaking event

A record-breaking $125,000 was donated to watchmaking students and schools at the HSNY Gala event.

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