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How TAG Heuer’s Most Beloved Dive Watch Returned to the Sea

tag heuer aquaracer professional 844 history abtw hero scaled

It took Guy Bove, TAG Heuer Creative Director, and his team a full two years to bring the new generation of Aquaracer to life. Certainly no small task, given the success of previous Aquaracer generations, the goal was to link the newest iteration with the brand’s storied history in diving while not disrupting its most distinct, avant-garde design elements.

“We tried to hone the design while retaining the aggressive, modern and faceted look of the previous version, which are all characteristics that continue to differentiate it from other divers’ watches,” Bove said.

A closer inspection of the detail-rich Aquaracer Professional 300 suggests that Bove and his team were able to do just that, combining the modernity and angularity that Aquaracer fans have come to know and love, while simplifying and refining other elements. The shorter, more sculpted case profile, the sharply knurled bezel, the classical sword-shaped handset (differing from the ‘Mercedes’ or ‘cathedral’ style hands of the original 844), and the clever date magnifier on the underside of the crystal are just a few of such standout details that all help streamline the design and establish a stronger sense of design continuity between the Aquaracer’s own past and TAG Heuer’s other classic properties like the Autavia, the Carrera, and the iconic Monaco.

“It is all about getting the design to align and look effortless. We want all our watches to fit together with the idea of continuity while also standing out as great individual watches,” Bove adds.

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