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Interviewing Aaron Rodgers And A Look At His Zenith Watch

Aaron Rodgers, Zenith

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers wearing the new Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers limited edition watch.

Just last week, Zenith watch brand unveiled its newest Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers limited edition watch. The timepiece, created with 4-time NFL MVP player Aaron Rodgers, previously with Green Bay Packers and now with the Jets, boasts a green lacquer dial and green ceramic bracelet indicative of the current team and maybe even the previous team. The watch was showcased to public  and collectors at an event at the LVMH Tower’s Magic Room, where I also got the opportunity to interview Aaron Rodgers (for a second time). The article below was first seen on my column on

Aaron Rodgers on his eponymous Zenith Chronomaster Sport Watch

Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Limited Edition watch.

Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Limited Edition watch.

Aaron Rodgers was happy to point out that the new watch (see all details on it below) has some subtle  “little Easter eggs.” Perhaps the yellow tipped second hand refers to his years with Green Bay, while the color green selected more closely resembles the Jets green.  Additionally, a surprise for buyers of the watch, Rodgers signed each of the 250 boxes individually.

When I asked what his biggest challenge was during the 15-month design-to-fruition project, he said: “Making a decision. Do we want numbers, what should they look like, what color should we use. They would send me designs and then we would talk and then they would send more designs. There were so many good options that the hard part was figuring out exactly what we wanted.”

One of his favorite touches of the 250-piece limited edition watch: The case back of the watch features a transparent sapphire crystal inset for viewing of the movement and that features his initials on it. There had been some discussion, apparently, about whether his name or initials should be on the case back or even on the dial of the $12,800 timepiece.

Aaron Rodgers, Zenith

Aaron Rodgers wearing the eponymous Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Limited Edition watch.

Rodgers said he was impressed by the Zenith Manufacture when he visited last year and he gained a great insight into the watchmaking and designing process. A history lover, Rodgers says he also was impressed by the brand’s unique history, wherein one watchmaker hid the tools and processes for the El Primero movement in the attic of the brand – sealing it behind a wall – so that the machinery wouldn’t be destroyed during the quartz era.

“That history is so meaningful. That one man who would go at night and hide the machinery to save it is so special. I love stories where people take risks and show some courage and act on their instincts,  and maybe change the world. For Zenith, one man did something he wasn’t supposed to do.”  Rodgers said that action made all the difference for Zenith and he was impressed by that history.

Unfortunately, Rodgers suffered an injury early in the season and has been unable to play for the Jets. But on Sunday October 29, he was on the sidelines at the Jets game, where the team was victorious over the Giants.

“My full-time job right now is rehab, so I’m doing that  for four hours on a light day and eight hours on a heavy day every day. But I miss  the guys; I miss being in the locker room. There’s nothing like being back with the guys. I have a mindset of trying to be back this season so I need to be around them.  And just to be on the sidelines yesterday was medicine for my soul.”

Aaron Rodgers, Zenith

Zenith CEO Julien Tornare (left) with Aaron Rodgers at the unveiling of the timepiece.

Currently the oldest player in football, Rodgers said he’s used to being the oldest . “The time went by quick. I was the oldest player on Green Bay for the last five years or so,  so I am used to it, used to all the jokes that go along with it and the separation from the younger players. I can be quoting movies from the 1990’s or talking  pop culture references for when I was a teenager in the 9’0s and a lot of these younger guys weren’t even born yet. So, you’ve got to try harder with them.  I feel young in my mind but obviously I can’t move around as well as I used to when I was younger but I love the challenge to compete against father time and to rewrite a relationship between time and the longevity of a career.”

He was serious when he said he put his mind to returning to the game before the season is out. A doer, a leader, a positive thinker, Rodgers may just make that happen.

Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers Limited Edition watch

Aaron Rodgers, Zenith

Just 250 pieces of the Zenith Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers limited edition will be made.

A Zenith brand ambassador since 2021, Rodgers is part of the brand’s “Time to Reach Your Star” marketing philosophy, and embodies the concept of success, fulfillment and precision. Aaron Rodgers has had an illustrious career that includes a 18-season tenure with the Green Bay Packers, wherein he secured a Super Bowl victory, and his recent move to the Jets. While an injury early on in the season left Rodgers unable to play, he has been on the sidelines encouraging the team ever since. After joining the Zenith brand ambassador roster two years ago, Rodgers visited the workshops to garner his own impression of the precision craftsmanship that takes place there before the launch of this eponymous timepiece.

The 41mm stainless steel watch is powered by the brand’s renowned El Primero column-wheel chronograph high-frequency movement (caliber 3600) that  measures time to 1/10th of a second and boasts an engraved green ceramic bezel for that display.  This is the first time in this collection that the brand uses a green ceramic bezel, something not so easy to create – especially in the proper color. Additionally, the hour markers are applied luminescent Arabic numerals that are designed to resemble the Jets jersey numbers. They stand out beautifully against the green lacquered dial, which also boasts three different colors of gray subsidiary dials. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal is domed for a greater view of the dial.

Sold on a stainless steel bracelet, the watch offers hours, minutes, small seconds at 9:00, date indication and chronograph functions including central seconds, 60-minute counter and 60-seconds counter at 3:00 on the harmoniously balanced dial. It is equipped with 60 hours of power reserve.  The sapphire crystal on the back allows for viewing of the movement, especially the new star-shaped oscillating weight that with a satin  finish. With a power reserve of 60 hours, the watch is being created in a limited edition of just 250 pieces, and retails for $12,800.

Aaron Rodgers, Zenith

The watch is powered by the El Primero movement that times to 1/10th of a second. It retails for $12,800.

Aaron Rodgers, Zenith

Interviewing with Aaron Rodgers at the LVMH Tower in New York last week.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers with Roberta Naas

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