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Introducing the Zodiac X Huckberry Super Sea Wolf “Farallon”

The “Farallon” Super Sea Wolf is named for the Farallon Islands, which sit off the northern California coast in the Pacific ocean, about 25 miles from San Francisco. The grouping of islands within the Gulf of the Farallons is largely uninhabitable, thanks to the unforgiving terrain, save for a research group located on the South Eastern Farallon Island. The islands attract a great deal of elephant seals, which draw a notable population of great white sharks to the area as well, earning the islands their “Devil’s Teeth” nickname.

The Farallon Islands are a national wildlife refuge, with a sizable population of flora and fauna joining the many shipwrecks that dot the seafloor in the area. This is where we find the inspiration for the dial of this Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, which is deep blue with beams of light emanating from the top of the dial at the 12 o’clock position. The effect is meant to evoke the view from under the water’s surface, looking up through the abyss to see rays of light breaking through.

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