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Is This Rolex Worth £1,500 More? | Watchfinder & Co.

It’s, a rivalry that just won’t, stop one taking chunks out of the other and vice versa. It’s on a par with David and Goliath, Godzilla and Mothra Joe exotic and Carol Baskin. I am, of course, talking about Rolex and Omega 2 brands that have a history of not playing nicely and it’s not going to stop with these to the chily knee and the deville.

Let battle commence watch finder the pre-owned watch specialist now available in France, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong, so we can keep on making great watch videos. I’d, really appreciate it.

If you subscribed to the channel, if you already are it really does help? Thank you. If I were a maker might have a bit of a bone to pick with Rolex. Imagine being the top dog, the Big Daddy, the one with all the budget and mortis spare Sun bloke and his brother-in-law set up a business selling watches they’ve, cobbled together out of a mix of bought in parks.

You wouldn’t. Think twice about it, but that’s, a mistake because try as you might to swat it, this bloke keeps turning up in all the wrong places. For example, you’re big on pocket watches. This new guy thinks he’s, being a big shot with wristwatches.

No big deal, no one likes wristwatches until they do now. This guy has a whole bunch of them and they’re certified for accuracy by cue Observatory to boot. Who cares they got lucky? Then? A few years later you pick up the newspaper and find out a Rolex watch has been worn in a ten-hour swim across the English Channel.

Okay, you think they’re, not getting away with it. This time let’s crush the new kid, so you invest the next five years into a waterproof watch so complex. It has two cases lateral shown, but just as you’re about to announce this new watch, the marine to the world, this guy pipsy to the post again only this time is with a watch that wins its goddamn self.

Now you’ve got budget flying every which way just trying to keep up with the guy who’d spent the better part of his career working out of a jewellers in Hatton Garden. It’s. Outrageous euro maker. You make the industry what it is, and now you’re being helped smart it at every turn by this Ike and his oyster, and it won’t.

Stop the Submariner, the GMT master, the mill Gauss, a torrent of ideas, flooding the market with affordable Hardy watches, for which you seem to have no answer for there’s only one thing for it: double investment triple it make a trio of watches, beautiful And functional to wipeout Rolex once and for all the rail master, the sea Master 300, and this speed master Rolex is on the backfoot.

You get. The NASA gig Rolex tries to come back with the Daytona, but it’s, a failure. The win is in sight, but then your worst nightmare happens. People stop buying your watches entirely. A new technology has hit hard and now everything you’ve worked for everything you’ve built has been razed to the ground.

It’s, an apocalypse, the world is crumbling, and so you buy into any new technology you can, but to no avail, except what’s? This Rolex is doing well thriving. In fact, your ship is sinking whilst Rolexes floats like it’s a calm day in the Med impossible.

It is true, as your world turns to dust. Rolexes turns to gold. It’s, the rivalry of the century, a bitter contest of one-upmanship that left a trail of destruction in its wake, but it’s, not over old boy.

Is it not over? The dust has settled the world rebuilt and now it’s time for round two. There are many watches that are directly comparable between Rolex and Omega and, as you can understand, that’s, no accident Submariner to see master Daytona to speed master and these two rich aleni and the de Ville, where the deville invokes a sense of gritty.

50S, film noir cool personified by the lavish lifestyle depicted in the 1956 book. The hundred and one Dalmatians and houses, a design that has been passed down by the sea master to continue his elegance as the main collection turned from mobile to sporting ruggedness, whose very name means to be under the protection of God.

The rolex Shalini, on the other hand, was simply created out of the blue in 1964 to try and capitalize on customers desires to own more than one watch. This is so telling as to the mindset between these two brands.

Omega is endowed with passion and creativity, superlative expectation, driving it to push and push and push. Whereas Rolex is more pragmatic asks. Simple questions gets simple answers: it’s, JRR tolkien versus dan brown.

One is brimmed with artistic excess that longs to plunge deep. Within your soul, the other gets the job done in an afternoon on the beach, at least that’s. True, for the most part where the sea master is bestowed with sculptural details and after his little intent, the Submariner is slapped sighted and simple-minded the sea master is a tube of Windsor and Newton oil paint.

The Submariner is a tin of wrong seal, but it’s different for the chily knee where the sea Master, speed, master and rail master all dared to venture into Rolexes territory. The chily knee is very much the other way around.

That’s, why it took until the 1960s for rolex to dare try it and why its design has floundered around in comparison to the almost religious steadfastness of the rest of the collection. You could say that it’s.

The very first duel the two brands have had on omegas turf, what with a mega plane catch-up for over a century, and it’s, clear to see that this home advantage is playing out for the positive. The devil is, for a start, over 1,500 pounds cheaper at ten thousand five hundred and twenty pounds and adds a date complication to boot.

If you want to date on your Charlie knee that will make it almost 4,000 pounds dearer than the Omega. The Omega also gets a stunning honeycomb dial in comparison to the chilly knees, rather plain affair, which, again, if you want a better, you’ll, be going up a few thousand pounds more on the Charlie nice scale.

I make it really takes it up. A notch when it comes to what’s going on inside it’s like they smelt blood and went for the throat, because the Deville doesn’t just get whatever automatic is going around the Omega Factory.

At that time it gets a brand new manual wined number. Instead, the caliber 85 11 is technically proficient with its coaxial escapement and anti-magnetic silicon balance, but it’s that passion that’s really apparent here.

It’s, clear that Omega wanted to give the devil and movement as beautiful as the watch and there’s. No doubt that’s been achieved. The caliber 30 to 32 in the Rolex is equally as talented in the technical department, but the aesthetic, a solid cakes back tells you all you need to know after receiving blow after blow over the decades.

Omega has really taken the opportunity to bring the hammer right back down on Rolex with the deville, but here’s. The thing as exemplary as the Deville is as many pounds as you’ll, be saving buying one over the Rolex as much as it may have taken this battle.

It’s only one part of a very big, very long war. That’s, just going to keep on going and not often in omegas favor, and when you look at it like that, the difference is between these two watches start to feel rather small, indeed discover more exceptional watches at watch finder.

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