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I’ve Bought A 640€ ROLEX-HOMAGE Watch!

Get started and on a quick note before we get started with the video. I just wanted to say thank you for being here and watching my videos. I have just reached 50,000 subscribers here on YouTube, so I decided as a thank-you gift from me to you.

I’m, going to give away the stein hat in this video. This is by no means sponsored or affiliated with Steinhardt. I have paid for this watch with my own money, so make sure to watch until the end of this video to know how to enter the giveaway.

If you want to so. Oh my gosh watches tend to be a controversial topic and I’ll. Get to that in a minute, but first let me try to define what an or marché watch actually is so and omage watch is most often a watch.

It is using design or material cues to pay, respect or tribute to another watch. That would mean that and Amash, which does not necessarily have to be made by another brand. I mean technically, the trudeau black bear 58 is paying tribute to the earlier models from Tudor.

For example, on the other hand, we have brands which are completely unaffiliated, that replicate very specific design, cues of oftentimes very popular models to recreate a certain look, such as the Invicta pro diver emulating, the rolex submariner, or the shine hot ocean 139 gmt resembling the gmt Pepsi from rolex – and i did use the word – replicate here for a reason, because, with some of our watches, there is a very fine line between paying homage to something and straight-up just copying a watch but using your own logo.

So how close do some homage watches? Come to the original, where are the major differences and in which cases are they pretty much alike? Is an homage watch, a replace for the real deal or something that deserves its spot in watch folks, to answer all these questions, I’m, going to do a side-by-side using the latest Stein at ocean 139 ceramic and put it next to its Paragon.

The Rolex pepsi at the end, i also want to quickly touch on what you guys had to say about omar watches in general, okay, so first let’s. Look at the heart facts with stein. How’d? You get a case with a diameter of 39 millimeters, a height of 13 millimeters and a lock to lock of 47 millimeters the overall shape of the stein.

How follows the lines and proportions of the Rolex Oyster case, though it Slim’s, it down at the tip of the lugs, and the crown guards are closer together and a bit more pointy. The steel case is made from 316l steel, which is an alloy which is also used by Tudor, for example.

The case itself has a water resistance over 300 meter as the pepsi measures, 40 millimeters in diameter 12 point 9 millimeters in height and with a lock to lock of 48 point 1 millimeters. You get a watch that is slightly larger in diameter, though not as thick as die, hard making it look more elegant.

It is made from 904 else’steel, which is more scratch resistant than the 316l used in Steinhardt with a water resistance of 100 meters. When it comes to the dial we get to the part where the Steinhardt divides people into two groups.

But we’ll, get to that in a minute. Both watches use a sapphire crystal with a magnifying lens at 3, o’clock for the day display, though the date on the Rolex looks a bit bigger. The dial is also black on both watches, but this diode uses a matte black versus the Pepsi sports, a shiny black surface, the hands on the Steinhardt look almost exactly like the ones on the Pepsi and so do the are markers.

The minute markers, as well as the lettering on the dial, the only difference here, is obviously the logo and the fact that stein had used a red font for its model name instead of the white color. We can see on the Pepsi so with the naked eye and at first glance the dials of both these look pretty much the same.

Only when, given it a closer look, you can start to see little differences, though the shapes are extremely similar. The proportions are a bit different on some details. For example, the hour hand on the stein hub is a bit thinner towards the center, as is the seconds hand, and the hour mark is especially at 6 and 9 o’clock, which appeared to be a bit thinner.

The biggest difference here lies only in the finishing of the parts, though we had the GMT hand gate with the little color specs on Rolex. It is still miles ahead in terms of finishing compared to the Steinhardt.

Very few watches can compare to the Rolex entered and taking a closer look onto the stein hunt, and really it shows that. But then again we are talking about the watch that costs a fraction of the Pepsi.

So in that case, I am rather impressed of how well finished a shine. It is considering in the price difference when it comes to the most noticeable characteristic of the watch. The bezel tryna have took it a step further with this model, as they finally put in a ceramic bezel instead of the aluminum one they used in previous ones.

That way, it is even more similar to the Pepsi Rolex uses, what they call. Sarah chrome, a special ceramic for their bezel in lace with flattened eyes markings. So it looks like the 24-hour markings are not platanus but painted on the Steinhardt.

We can see that they use the same font and the same layout in terms of coloring. The typical red and blue look a bit brighter on the Steiner. I guess it’s because Steiner used to separate parts of ceramic and put them together and call it them individually, whereas Rolex uses one solid piece of ceramic, which they first color red and then add the blue.

On top of it, which you can see under and UV light lamp, which also reveals another little difference here, the triangle on top of the shine hat, is a filled with luminous material, as opposed to the Pepsi attached to the case.

Of both watches is a 5 link bracelet, which Rolex calls a jubilee. Bracelet, though the overall design is the same Rolex polishes. The three middle links which makes the bracelet on the Rolex look a bit fancier than the all brushed Steinhardt bracelet.

We can also see how Stein had abstained from putting in one more full link on the log, and they also gave the outer links a little bit more of a flat shape when it comes down to the clasp. We can look at the biggest difference on the outside of both watches, because, where Rolex is using its oyster, lock, safety clasp with a 5 millimeter easily china hat is using a clasp with just a safety latch on it.

So we do not only have the big visual difference, but also a big difference in terms of convenience. Ok, so now that we have looked at the outside, let’s. Take one more closer look at see what’s beating inside of both this dinette makes use of the automatic Selita SW 330, with an elaborate standard and a 42.

Our power serve Salida classifies it’s calibers as either standard elaborate premium and chronometer, depending on the degree of its finishing and the standard in itself. So elaborately means that it runs with an accuracy varying between seven to twenty seconds per day.

Selita itself is a Swiss manufacturer of movements and used to work for Etta up until the early 2000s until the swatch group, which owns Etta, decided to no longer outsource parts of their work to Selita.

So, in terms of quality, I would be so bold and say that they are pretty much heads ahead and both a stand for reliable but mass-produced movements. Rolex uses it’s, a 3285 in house caliber. It is COSC certified with an accuracy of plus or minus two seconds per day and a power reserve of 70 hours.

This would make the movement inside the Rolex not only run for longer, but also more accurate and reliable okay. So now we know the heart facts and we know how both of them compare and look side-by-side.

So let’s. Get back to our initial questions. How close does this Oh Marsh, come to the original? What’s, the major difference, and we’re like the biggest similarities and, more importantly, what are the implications of the results? Well, I think it’s, pretty obvious that this Steinhardt in particular, is really really close to being an exact copy of the Pepsi.

I do not see why we should dance around that fact. The shape of the case, the bezel bracelet and even down to the small details like the hands and the lettering are pretty much the same. The only big difference here is the movement the cast and some behind the details, like the coloring on the DAO fond and a slightly less purple, looking blue on the ceramic and, of course, the logo.

So what can we make of that? The old sign up watches are one of the first to be mentioned when the topic of Omar watches arises. I think this Steinhardt model here is really pushing the limit in terms of being in homage watch, as many of you said in the comments on my post and from what I could read on forums.

For example, omajin watches are a great way to try on certain designs and see you like it on your wrist before taking the plunge and committing to a higher price watch. I mean, like I’ve, said before the Steinhardt costs only 640 euros, which is only 7 % of the price of a Pepsi which currently costs nine thousand years and don’t even consider the fact that Pepsi’s Are so highly sought-after that they sell for more than fifteen thousand euros on the grey market right now, so in case you’ve, really loved the classic, because our bezel design in combination with a black dial.

Why not go for a watch for a fraction of the price in terms of price and value? The China is definitely a great bang for the buck for position as it is generally more affordable and available. Many agreed that it could also be seen as a nice gateway watch to start out with before committing to more finer watches, so to say.

On the other hand, if you really love the design of the original watch going for the less expensive homage of your Grail. Might not scratch that itching? You could be left with a watch to you. Do you down do not really enjoy, but still paid some good money for it.

That would have been better safe towards your actual Grail, furthermore, of valid critique on Omar watches. For many, you are left with watch it exhibits and no originality in terms of design. That is basically only one small step above a straight-up replica, as they keep using their own logo on the dial, but pretty much copy every other detail besides that, and so why would you support a company with your money that bases their success of the ideas and Concepts of others, all in all, I think it’s, difficult to throw all Walmart watches into one box.

As I see a good amount of differences in between not only brands, but also within models of the same brand, like sheinhardt, for example, though I find this model in particular questionable, I really like what they do with others, such as the full-on pink 40 millimeter mother-of-pearl.

Submariner on their homepage, at the end of the day, it might not even be a discussion berth having people are always going to wear what they like and that’s, exactly how it should be. In my opinion, whether or not you deemed something worth it is up to you and taste is a subjective as it can get.

The only issue I have is with the notion that owning and omage watches saying something about your love for mechanical. Some argue that your love for mechanical watches is more true for some reason, because you’re, not spending an insane amount of money on it, but rather go for a similar, less expensive watch to me.

That is just matter of preference and financial circumstance and what really an indicator on how much love you have for mechanical watches? Okay, so now I want to throw the question back to you. What is your take on nomar’s watches, and this Steinhardt in particular? Is it a discussion worth having, or does it all come down to personal preference? I’m, very excited to see what you have to say, and so, if you made it up to this point in the video, I’m happy to announce the rules of the giveaway.

So, like I said in the beginning, I am giving away the shine out from this video. I bought this one with my own money and this is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Steinhardt. So all you have to do to enter the giveaway is be subscribed to my channel and leave a comment down below telling me what you think about orange watches, and I will announce the winner in my next video.

It’s, going to be up next Saturday on the 23rd of May so be sure it’s, not miss out on that one, and that is it for today. Thank you so much for watching and spending some time with me, and I will see you in my next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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