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Jacob & Co. Diversifies Portfolio Again With Alec Monopoly Limited Edition Whisky

Jacob & Co. X Alec Monopoly Whiskey

Jacob & Co. X Alec Monopoly Whiskey

In an intriguing move that comes on the heels of announcing the building of the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences skyscraper in Dubai, a custom-crafted credit card and more, the renowned luxury watch and jewelry brand Jacob & Co. has ventured into the world of spirits, unveiling the Jacob & Co. x Alec Monopoly Limited Edition Whisky. This exclusive release is set to captivate aficionados of both fine watches and rare spirits, offering a taste of opulence – to the tune of $2,750 a bottle.

Limited to just 2,000 decanters, the Jacob & Co. x Alec Monopoly Limited Edition Whisky is a 30-year-old blend consisting of Scotch whiskies 30 years and older. It is meticulously crafted by Master Blender Andrew Rankin. The spirit, housed in a bespoke decanter designed by Constellation X and co-signed by the iconic street and contemporary artist Alec Monopoly, will be available through Constellation X and select retail outlets.

astronomia alec monopoly

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Alec Monopoly watch.

Jacob & Co. began working with Alec Monopoly just about two years ago and one of the first unveilings was the Astronomia Alec Monopoly $600,000 watch. Now, Monopoly adorns the bottle of whiskey and  accompanying stand with his street-like graffiti — creating a true piece of contemporary art. The bespoke decanter, a creation of Constellation X with the artistic touch of Alec Monopoly, elevates the presentation of this exceptional whisky. Decanter #1, hand painted by Alec Monopoly, will be offered at auction for an upcoming event.

A connoisseur of Scotch whisky,  Jacob Arabo’s personal preferences for smooth, creamy, peppery, and lingering oaky notes have inspired this unique blend. The commitment to using only the finest materials mirrors the brand’s approach to its timepieces and jewelry, reinforcing the exclusivity of this exceptional whisky.

Jacob & Co, Alex Monopoly, whisky

The Jacob & Co. whiskey is a 30-plus-year old blend was assembled by legendary Master Blender Andrew Rankin. It’s housed in a bespoke decanter designed by partner Constellation X and co-signed with Alec Monopoly.

The Jacob & Co. x Alec Monopoly Limited Edition Whisky has roots dating back to 2016 when Andrew Rankin, the ex-Bowmore Master Blender and Scotch whisky legend, selected the finest Scotch whiskies from 1st and 2nd fill ex-Bourbon American Oak. After 26 years of aging, the blend was transferred to new American Oak bourbon barrels for an additional four years, resulting in a rich and mature 30-year-old blend.

With the Jacob & Co. x Alec Monopoly Limited Edition Whisky, the brand continues to push boundaries, crafting luxurious and finely detailed creations that are truly “Inspired by the impossible.”


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