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Meet The New Bucherer Time Dome Store In Vegas, Its Biggest Yet

Bucherer TimeDome

Bucherer TimeDome

This past week in Las Vegas,  amidst its ongoing transition from Tourneau to Bucherer, Bucherer reopened its Flagship boutique  TimeDome, in The Forum Shops At Caesars. The reopening was more than a year and a half in the making and the new store boasts a beautiful new design in which to showcase watches, jewelry and fine art.

Since its purchase of Tourneau in 2018, Bucherer is bringing together the best of American brand Tourneau and Swiss brand Bucherer. The new Bucherer 1888 TimeDome store – named in homage to the store’s stunning domed ceiling – boasts two floors, a sweeping double staircase, and a curved dome in the center ceiling of the store.

Comprised of an impressive 18,848 square feet, the expansive space is larger than the previous TimeDome (which made the Guinness Book of Records in 2005 as the largest retail watch store in the world) by 1,000 square feet and is even larger than the brand’s New York City flagship TimeMachine store by close to 500 square feet. Bucherer USA now owns and operates the two largest watch and jewelry retail boutiques in America.

Bucherer TimeDome

Tourneau Bucherer TimeDome

The design of the store almost overshadows the great array of products and art.  Even the outside of the store is designed  entice passersby, with a curved facade comprised of 21 individual 22-foot-tall glass panels. Each panel graduates from clear at the bottom to opaque golden hues at the top.

The  store showcases exquisite examples of haute horlogerie from both niche and established brands, with limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces. Bucherer USA is also launching a new marketing campaign, “Time is different in Las Vegas.”

Similar to the New York flagship store, the Las Vegas flagship will have art installations mingled throughout the store, with special exhibits and activations rotated throughout the year.  For the opening, a multi-million exhibit with pieces by Andy Warhol, David La Chapelle, Damien Hirst and KAWS – with a multi-million dollar value.

Bucherer worked with its brand partners to create each space in tehstore, and specifically collaborated with Rolex for a unique look that incorporates Rolex’s signature green on one wall, dark wood and special accents. In addition to a grand selection of Rolex watches, the store also plays host to the recently created Rolex Certified Pre-Owned collection.

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