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Most Underrated German Military Watch: Hanhart TachyTele Chronograph

I’m looking at the Hanhart pioneer chronograph. This is the techie telly, so i’m extremely excited to bring you this gorgeous creature today. But of course, i’ll quickly. Do wristwatch check i’m wearing, not sure there we go the giugiaro designed seiko ripley.

This is the pvd ripley. Now, if you missed my uh 2021 watch goals, i talked about hanhart and how they are kind of back on my radar. For several reasons, uh mainly because i i really want to have a german watch in the collection i currently don’t have one.

This has been graciously lengthened by watchbuys. I’ve personally bought from them. They are extremely professional uh. If you want to see more reviews of brands like this, please don’t forget to give this video a like, very, very important now.

Why am i so insulted with this beauty? Well, uh! It is a modern incarnation of a very important watch and speaking of which let’s, start off with the brand’s backstory to fully contextualize [ Music ] with most watchmakers.

They are usually best known or associated with one thing. Beyond all else, when i think brightening, i immediately picture the navi timer, for example, with hanhart it’s. Undoubtedly classic chronographs hanhart is one of, if not the oldest german maker, of affordable stock watches and chronographs, but it wasn’t.

Always german: in 1882, the swiss watchmaker johann a hanhart opened a watch shop in disenhoffen in northern eastern switzerland on the border with germany in 1902 he relocated his business to southern germany in 1924, hanhard launched its first stopwatch and a short time later.

Their range of products was extended to include pocket, watches and wrist watches. What distinguished these from others on the market at the time was they were reasonably priced, but with a very high consistency in quality and durability.

Hanhart had cleverly noticed the gap in the market as most chronographs were either exorbitantly priced or simply were not rugged enough for the track and field sports activities that most of them were needed for this success laid the foundations for what hanhart would remain respected and renowned For even to this very day, from 1932 onwards, following the death of his father wilhelm, julius hanhart, concentrated on manufacturing raw movements, this allowed them to produce ever more durable and intricate chronographs.

A split-second stopwatch as far back as 1935 is a prime example in 1938. The first single button chronograph with the caliber 40 entered production pilots chronographs, followed in 1939. during the war, the more known german brands we have discussed and reviewed before turned to making fliegers hanhard’s.

Reputation naturally put it on a similar course and hanhard supplied pilots and naval officers with chronographs, which were capable of withstanding the most severe tests. Hanhard’s. Involvement with supplying the german military continued throughout the 1940s 50s and well into the 1960s simultaneously.

Their timing instruments for the civilian market continued to be just as successful, and it is said that there is hardly any school or sports club in germany that did not use hanhart stopwatches for recording time during this pre-quartz era.

One of the most notable and famous examples of hanhart was, of course, the legendary 4-1-7 based on the caliber 42. This movement was a manually wound affair and it was introduced in 1957. The models 417e in the matte chrome plated brass housing and the 417es flyback in stainless steel housing and originally produced for the luftwaffe of the german bundesvere in 1962, and it’s.

For this reason, connoisseurs often refer to it as the bundesvere chronograph. This was famously worn by the hollywood, actor and style icon, steve mcqueen off and on screen. He loved it for his robustness and ability to time his motorbike racing, a perfect testament of the type of conditions these watches were designed to deal with and withstand in 2020 hanhart piqued, my interest again with a re-release of their most iconic watch, [ Music ].

We have diameter of 40 millimeters, so the bezel is flush with the case. Height of 14.5 lug to lug is just a smidgen under 50 millimeters, so 49.3 millimeters there and a strap friendly, lug width of 20 millimeters, so a beautiful contemporary size there in terms of weight, we’re, looking at 105 grams, so a very substantial Amount for a watch without a bracelet, as we have an entirely stainless steel case with a very subtly domed sapphire crystal treated with anti-reflective coating on the inside.

The finishing is almost entirely brushed, except for high polish. On that lovely coin edge we have the piston head style, pushers, very substantial crown there. It comes on a calfskin strap. Now there is two versions you can get a cream dial as well, but i personally i love the black and again we’ll.

Discuss why? Because it’s a little bit more special and unique to the brand, this color scheme of red and black. So this is a very bolstered, beautiful construction. We got a matching signed, buckle of course, off-white kind of cream stitching and then, of course, these rivets are very much evolving.

That aviation connection, the loom is a super luminous cathedral style handset with segmented sections to easily distinguish hours from minutes very good orientation. Because, of course, we have numerals not batons and then with high contrast, white printing and a kind of candy apple, red printing as well, which is their signature color and you’ll, see that on the telemeter.

So the pioneer techie telly features two practical scales which are easily readable against the dial we got. The tachymeter scale for measuring average speeds incorporated into the center of the dial in a spiral formation.

I always loved that and much more common in the 30s and 40s. It always makes me think of fibonacci, but aside from its function, it’s. A really beautiful way to show this complication and doing it like this also allows for a total of three revolutions of the stop indicator hand.

It considerably extends the measurement range enabling even relatively slow speeds of down to 20 kilometers an hour which can also be measured. The telomere scale, which is printed in the peripheral edge of the dial, is used for measuring distances and taking into account the speed of sound, much more used during the two world war periods, because, obviously, in a military context, artillery etc beautifully balanced by compact’s layout – and this is inspired well.

The whole watch is inspired by the 1939 original. We have the small seconds on the left with a 30 minute counter on the right now. The different colors and the handset corresponds so, for example, on the chronograph.

If we engage it, you’ll, see it’s red with the white tip that corresponds to the 30 minute register there. This is a nice kind of nuanced improvement over the original, so you know that this is the seconds for the time, and this is for recording the minutes of the chronograph.

The water resistance is 10 bar uh. It has a bi-directional timing: bezel this is. This is quite um revolutionary. At the time uh you’ve got to remember. This is before divers be way before the navi timer et cetera, and it is bi-directional it’s just controlled by resistance, but with this lovely ergonomic, um easy to grip, bezel system and then, of course, the red marking at 12 to record any calculations On the back, we have just the standard screw in case back.

We’ll return to this as well. Now you’ll notice. The bottom reset pusher is red, and now this was first done, i believe with the 1939 original, and this was deliberate, so you you can instantly recognize to prevent unintentional resetting of the chronograph, but it became a kind of trademark feature of the brand.

However, this is vastly superior to the old way of doing it because it doesn’t rub off it’s, made from a high serum, which is a robust, hybrid ceramic compound, which is extremely hard very resistant, uv stable in a high Gloss uh polished finish: it’s, also chemically resistant temperature resistant to up to like, i think something ridiculous, like 200 degrees now inside this ravishing beast is the eta 7753, which is essentially a 7750 uh, but with the sub-dials in a different configuration hanhart Have actually added their own extremely cool, looking skeletonized rotor, it is the standard grade, however, as this is a tool watch.

After all, the different standard and the more elaborated higher grades are simply different in the way they are regulated, so what they’ve done this. Is i really like hanhart’s, transparency and the way they explained it to me to offer better value to the customer? They do the full regulation and quality check of each movement uh completely in-house at their factory in gutenbach.

So, therefore, the accuracy of the watch is regulated to zero to plus eight seconds over six positions, which is more precise than the elaborated grade by eta salita. In fact, no minus seconds are allowed when they leave the factory, and they explain this as they didn’t want their customers to be late.

Also, it’s, important to note that they test each movement with and without running the chronograph, because that can make a big difference as well. So i really appreciate the attention to detail here.

I have to say it feels so solid this um. This crown i’m already uh. Well, we’ll. We’ll, wait for the positives, but um. I am very impressed with the with the feel and fit and finish of this as we set the watch and we go to the other position.

They’ve, actually removed the date wheel, so there’s, no ghost to date. No shortcuts have been made with this. Now i owned the 750 many times while it does have some negatives, which i’ll discuss later.

It is successful for a reason, and that’s because well, at the end of the day, chronographs are complex movements. The 7750s have a history of robustness and durability. That makes it difficult to choose anything else at this price range, not to mention being able to be relatively affordable to fix and maintain and service [ Music ].

So the aesthetic of the han heart and predominantly most of their watches, with the exception of the modernist primus line, is undoubtedly 1930s. I mean it just screams at you, and this very much was the golden age for han hart at the roots.

It is a military watch because of the telemeter, but the 1939 original was crucial because it set the design language and would shape the identity of the brand. That is, you know, carried on to this very day, the vivid candy apple red, the strong blacks, the curved exaggerated coin edge, the corresponding red pusher, the arabic numerals.

These would all continue to feature on most of their watches. The red in particular. Not only is one of the most visible colors, but it helps to distinguish the complications from the markings and the rest of the dial.

Think of it as their version of like the orange minute hand on the squarely or the british racing green. That is so synonymous with rolex. This color combination defines handheld. Now the pusher placement is also an important design feature.

Now, if i put it there, you see it’s, slightly moved it’s. It’s kind of asymmetrical. You ‘ Ve got the reset more equidistant from the crown to the lug there, whereas the top one is actually almost into the lug.

If you just grip it and operating it, you kind of understand why it just becomes very intuitive, and on top of that they have this kind of little nipple on the top of the pusher, which is a nice tactile element, you can almost distinguish what the buttons Do with your eyes, shut so again, ruthless german efficiency in form and function.

It’s very subtle. This spacing, but ever so deliberate, and i like it and especially when you consider every split second counts: it’s, crafty and also takes inspiration from the 1939 original. This watch is all about form and function.

Having said that, the 1930s was undoubtedly a more stylish age. Therefore, naturally, the interpretation of form and function. Uh is a little bit more elegant to let’s, say the the rest of the 20th century.

Without a date, you ‘ Ve got two very strong lines of symmetry vertically and horizontally, so a wonderful sense of balance and it’s, also just very practical because it gives way for the other printed complications.

The sub-dials are pleasingly sunken with concentric guillotine pattern, but very understatedly contrasts from the matte grain of the main dial one feature. I really really adore and i’m, not sure if this was on the original.

But if you can see the the seconds hand of the chronograph is curved, and it just points to very precisely the minute and seconds track right at the outermost periphery of the dial. The scale and placement of everything in relation to each other is just utter perfection and it’s, also very, very legible.

Now, usually, you see the tachymeter on the outside and the telometer on the inside, but swapping it is very clever because likely this being a military watch, the telemeter will probably take priority.

So let’s. Talk about the positives, what we have exceptional quality! I mean this is truly outstanding um. I i’m deeply impressed by uh this watch and the brand uh. This is what the germans are famous for.

Immaculate finishing the quality of the printing is razor sharp, just look at the way the scales when they overlap the sub-dials it’s still readable and perfectly executed truly of a luxury standard. I could not find any fault with this watch whatsoever.

Also has a ton of vintage charm, but without the you know, the um, the fragility of vintage watches and it’s, just undoubtedly ravishing. To look at. I really really like the look of it. It’s, got a heritage and a story that you can be proud of.

It’s, not a predictable choice. It feels like something more special, even fliegers have become a little mainstream in recent years. It’s tooltastic enough for nato, even though it’d, be obviously anachronistic, but um it’s still yet handsome enough to to you know, work with all kinds of straps.

I’m gonna. Definitely if i, if i do decide to pull the trigger, i will have so much fun dressing this up and down it’s, built like a tank. I mean it’s, you just feel it even winding it. Everything is just so reassuring.

I’ve, got to say the value for money, considering the quality of the materials, the construction it’s made in germany, i think, is on point. I don’t, typically comment on the box or whatever the watch comes in, but this is just exquisite.

You’ve got actual compartment that you can clip in the watch there beautiful suede interior. You can travel with this. I mean it’s so refreshing, rather than those ridiculous, extremely heavy, annoying to store boxes that you see with um your typical watches.

That is actually something you can use um. So i love how the attention to detail extends to every aspect of the watch, and my last positive is: is that i think it’s unpretentious. I think it comes from a highly underrated brand.

There’s, a very similitude about it. This is an under the radar icon that has defined a whole brand. I mean it’s just fantastic now. The riveted and slightly distressed strap very much evokes the kind of fleega aviation era wonderfully, and actually it wears extremely comfortably as well.

So what about the negatives? Well, this was really difficult and usually in the negative section there’s even for watch that i absolutely adore there’s about an equal amount of negatives to positives.

But this time i could only really truly find one major criticism, and that is yes, you’ve, probably guessed it. It’s, a chunky one. It’s, quite statuesque um. It’s, not han hart’s fault. I mean that’s, the 7750 based calibers.

For you i mean they are just very tall. Now i would love to see a manual wind version. You know shave off three four millimeters, if possible, uh. It does remind me of my tiso, the the z199 um that had the 7765 in it, which is basically a rather unusual modified 7750 without the rotor that gives that watch a very cuff, friendly 12 millimeters in slenderness.

The downside of using that caliber is it has that rather idiosyncratic sub-dials at nine and twelve and creates a more off-balance look which you, wouldn’t be able to achieve the beautiful symmetry that you have here so which, how would you you know? I mean what’s? What’s? The answer? Um? It’s difficult to say, but i got ta say it’s, not the end of the world.

I kind of like it’s. It’s, got a lot of presence and, and it’s like having a panzer strapped to your wrist, and it just reminds you that it’s there [ Music ]. So in conclusion, um and speaking of the tissue tribute to the famous uh triple three based movements of the 1930s.

It does remind me of the tissot gennaro, but with more of a robust military feel, and those are trading at i. Don’t know three to four grand now on the used market, so this is actually, i think, a far more compelling option.

If you want to have some of that art deco ish 1930s flavor now i really regret not reviewing han hart sooner um, but as always better late than never. I think it ‘ S got its own distinctive personality.

This watch makes me want to grab a leather jacket, some goggles and jump in a fight aircraft. My time on this, it was super. Super fun really enjoyed it really looking forward to adding a hand heart to my personal collection.

So i’m. I’m very happy that i finally found the german brand that appealed to me um. I’m gonna give this some time. If i do pull the trigger on this, i want to investigate and review the new 417es reissue first.

So i’ll, be returning to the hand heart and [ Music ]. If, if that one doesn’t capture, my heart, i ‘ Ll, probably buy this at some point this year, so stay tuned to find out anyway, guys. I’m gonna leave it there.

Let me know your thoughts, queries comments, opinions all the rest of it down below. Thank you so much for watching. Please, don’t forget to like this video. If you enjoyed it, found it useful and as always guys, i will catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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