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My 2020 Watch Collection: Seiko, Omega, Rolex, AP, Casio, Tudor & More

Hello, good evening darling, who is this it’s, hugo mountbatten, you know the superstar actor from jurassic park. I don’t, think so. Well, listen! The reason i’m calling is tgv. Has a new video up? Well, i’m, getting ready to watch a video about wristwatches.

Oh just some scary movie sounds dreadful. You really should check out the urban gentry and, like his new video, we could share the popcorn there’s enough to what did you say: [, Music ]? What do you want, naturally, to pair you with a lovely glass of california, chardonnay [, Music? ] [ Applause ] tell her darling it’s, moi, [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show it’s.

State of the collection time i can’t believe it another year has passed crazy. How time flies, but here we are yeah, as you guys know, i do my state of the collection annually now around october around halloween time um.

So hopefully i will get this edited edited in time. Oh god. I hope so right. I better do a swatch before i get into it, wearing the yama superman kind of enjoying the steel version before i um sell it possibly for the bronze.

I know i ‘ Ve talked about that in the bronze gmt review, not the the gmt but yeah we’ll, get into all of this stuff in the in just a moment. Guys do uh check out the urban gentry store link down below there’s.

Some new merchandising in there, including the rolly t these uh masters of speed, t and the seiko saturday t uh all designed by yours, truly available in, am and pm combinations. It is probably the best way to support the channel directly, obviously the most immediate ways to give this channel a like.

Always to do that. Of course, you don’t want um old hugo turning up because you haven’t liked. The video uh what else yeah that’s about it, guys um, oh yeah, and i should also mention there are some watches that are not included in this video because they are family heirlooms and i you know they they don’t.

Go anywhere, you know they’re back home securely and safe. So things like my my grandfather’s. Child’s fraudulent, for example, pocket watches that kind of thing. Without further ado. Let’s, change perspectives and get into this year’s, state of the collection.

So the watches you see before you hear these are essentially my keeper watches there’s, a few new ones there and, of course, there’s. Some old favorites, which i’m sure you know uh. For example, we have the sake of flighty there.

The love of that watch has not diminished whatsoever. I don’t need to go over that again, oh by the way um. Just if you’re wondering i’m wearing my wife’s saab033. This actually used to be mine uh there.

It is gorgeous creature, the baby grand seiko. These are now discontinued and becoming quite hard to get. But i’ve put it on uh. This genuine croc, strap from. I think it’s, tech, swiss, don’t. Let the hersh buckle, fool you.

This is a buckle from a different um strap, but, as all my watches are gonna be here, i don’t have anything to wear. So i borrowed this. This used to be mine and it kind of migrated into her collection um.

She loves it just as much as i do, which is great, because i still get to borrow it obviously, but anyway um, so you’ve. Seen most of these, you know it a lot of these um. These are my so-called keepers in the collection.

We have some new ones like the mission impossible, uh casio there. This has become my favorite casio watch uh i’ve, put it on a rubber strap. I think this actually might be from hirsch. I can’t quite remember who the straps from, but i’ve talked about this endlessly, but this is just one of the most fun watches um some people don’t like it’s very distinctive.

Look. I absolutely adore it. I can’t stop wearing this thing there. We go. Look at that, so i always tend to have a watch that i wear when i sleep, and it has to be something that i can read either in low light.

For example, my explorer there, which i’m, celebrating, i think, uh, four or five years with this watch now and that’s. Also on the rubber strap i’ve got a i ‘ Ve got to talk about this watch again.

I will do another video on it soon, but, as i was saying, i i like to have a watch on when i sleep, because i have this weird thing where i get up at three four in the morning. I wake up and i need to know what time it is.

I press the um the little back light there and then i go back to sleep. I don’t know why i do this um and sometimes i do actually get up extremely early. Uh, when it’s, so dark so um, but i don’t know why i’m talking about my sleeping habits.

What i mean to say is that it’s, just a really uh useful watch, uh that i it’s, the the the complications, the the flash alert. I it’s just become something that i use so much um. Then we ‘ Ve got my other casio, the classic dw56, the quintessential g-shock square.

This is my workout watch and in fact, actually the um you can see. I was timing. 34 minutes uh. That was my cardio. I’ve, worn this every single day that’s, why it’s in such a disheveled state. This is what i wear when i do cardio.

If i’m on the bike or going for a jog, and you can hear the beep has actually gone, i’ve used this button so much that the beep – oh, you can hear it there, but it comes and goes it’s uh, i think i’ve, actually worn out a g-shock uh it doesn’t.

Look that much uh worn out yeah my faithful g-shock! I don’t think this is going anywhere, um yeah! I it’s just so affordable. I mean 40 bucks. You know probably 50 bucks. Now, as we’re talking of casio, i’ve got my um the casio f91w.

Now my wife has the quintessential original uh. This is a new color scheme. I can’t remember if it was released this year last year. I have talked about this as well, but they’re, just so fun and comfortable.

I i really like this kind of grayed out color scheme. It’s, really really cool. I might put that on a nato. She has hers on the native strap, so it’s, nice to have matching watches, and sometimes another keeper is the rolex gmt.

This was one of my favorite watches or most worn watches. When was it 2018 uh because of the gmt complication having family back in the uk and in italy um, i could look at this hand and figure out. You know if it was a good time to call them or what was going on back home.

The day-date complication, which i guess we’ll, talk about in just a moment that has actually overtaken the gmt as my most useful, daily complication, so wearing habits, kind of changed um a little bit, but i still love this watch.

It’s, not going anywhere. I i don’t really like to discuss money, because it is a bit vulgar to um or day class a to focus on value all the time, but i bought it for five and they go for absolutely astronomical amounts.

Now so um and i’m, still not interested in selling it. What else we got the data bang lovely bit of retro tech. I don’t, really wear this one. I just like it as a as a kind of design. Um a kind of object, something that i just love the look of it yeah.

I should wear this more. Another watch that i forgot to put in is the bulova acutron um. I always get criticized for pronouncing it wrong, but whatever tomato tomato and all the rest of it incredible piece of tech.

This is the space view i did have a different version before, but i’ve owned this one for a few years. Now it’s, the closest i could find to the version that um richard rogers, one of my heroes, a british italian architect, sir richard rogers.

I should say now he famously wore this and you know he’s, a style icon. Absolutely he gravitated towards this. It was actually some of the inspiration behind the pompidou center in paris that he co-designed sure you guys know.

The pompidou center was the whole thing about it was being inside out and he kind of liked the idea of being able to see the inside so yeah. It’s still going strong, a pre-quartz bit of aged technology, but this the hum from it.

But at least i do have the bulova something made in america, which is very important to me. I don’t, tend to gravitate towards green, but um it’s, so futuristic and cool. I actually wore this to the opera one time i love, i love it because it’s, a it’s, a conversation piece, you know, so let’s, put it in there and talking of watches that have been to Space because the gmt has been space, so it’s.

The actron there’s, a good old fortis. Now i am planning to get their new 2020 release. I’m waiting for them to do. I do they have done a 39 millimeter new release, so that’s very exciting, but of course uh this on the kevlar strap.

I’ve. I’ve reviewed the strap by the way. This watch is also very unlike the other pieces, because it has that lamania five one zero zero. The way it displays the minutes of the chronograph with the neon jet it’s just so unique and actually very effective as well.

This is an extremely rare uh, the iss limited edition 38 millimeter. When i visited the factory i just fell in love with this particular watch and i had to get one. So when i came home from my tour of switzerland, i um i i sourced one of those and then, of course, we ‘

Ve got my squad. The lion shark, which i’ve upgraded. I’ve got to wear this. I’ve, upgraded to the luminous bezel, so the burgundy insert, which i still have of course now it’s completely luminous, which is just so cool, very, very special watch and i still have to pinch myself every time i think about This because it was such a special time in my life, and i wore it – the entire trip in switzerland and of course, we went to see squirrel as well, and while we’re on the subject of squad here, we have the 39 millimeter, which I also co-designed.

This is the no date version. This has become my favorite watch. It used to be let’s just grab it. It used to be the rolex explorer and you’ll, probably see why they’re. Both very clean, they both have the numerals at nine three and six.

Although this has the twelve as well, i love their clean aesthetic. This is based on the cases and watches uh. They worked on uh with um the legendary black band, and i love squirling. I mean their their history and this is why another reason why it’s so well it’s become my favorite is not only is the size it’s, a great do it or watch it’s.

Dressy but yet you know you can wear it. I’ve used this actually to time my cardio with dive time bezel, but then it has the explorer layout slightly ish, which i really like no date that resplendent sunburst uh effect the the vintage curved crystal there.

The sapphire is eta. It’s, it’s, swiss made and it’s from a brand that has one of the richest legacies when it comes to dive watches, and i’m, always constantly finding new stuff out about squad in Their history um recently they they’ve, been making watches again for the um italian um divers in the police force and all this kind of amazing stuff and talking in limited editions.

The old catalina is still there. This watch, you know what this broke. The record of being the thinnest 300 meter uh water resistant pilot watch because it is a pilot watch. You’ve, got a 12 hour bezel second time zone.

The whole thinking of this was um inspired by the amphibious boat or the flying boat. I should say the catalina, of course, so we got little style clues of world war ii, so i was imagining what kind of a watch what what pilot watch would you want if you were flying a an aircraft that basically lands on water? So i still don’t.

Think anybody surpassed that record so that’s, pretty cool and, of course, the um lion shark was the first 1521 without a date so kind of every watch. We worked on that. We wanted to do something new um.

I am working on two other watches for next year. Unfortunately they have been delayed. It takes years to do prototypes from start to finish. People really don’t understand how difficult it is. Bringing out a watch but um, so we got that to look forward to some new urban gentry watches, and then we have something completely different.

The antithesis of these tool watches um my little ap. Now this is a uh, an amazing little watch. It’s from the gerald gender years. A lot of people think that gente as well, obviously that he with ap everyone knows the royal log, but he actually did design a few well a lot of watches before the royal oak, and this is from the the pre royal oak age.

This is from the 50s now look how thin this is there’s, a manual wind, it’s based on a um jlc caliber. This was a gift from a very, very special friend of mine. They know who they are and inside is the caliber 2003, which is um.

It was developed a kind of partnership between ap and jlc um, and it’s. Just so. Understated solid gold, obviously very minimalist in many ways: it’s, the embodiment of the perfect dress watch and what it’s unusual about this watch.

It has a screw down case back. This is actually you can unscrew it very unusual. I’ve, never seen this before so so unique uh. So understated and i love ap. I think ap are greatly underrated. Um everybody goes to the royal oak.

Understandably, so i love the royal art too, and you’ll notice. I sold my aurora. Look, it’s, not here, and i really should make. That point is that there are watches that i’ve purchased throughout the year too many that have come and gone.

So i’m just going to talk about the watches that have gone as i go, so i had another ap, the moon phase and and i have sold that um – i felt a little bit, not greedy, but uh. It was a little bit much having two uh aps uh.

I hardly ever wear a dress watch, so i just wanted something and considering this was a gift. I think this is a bit more special, so i sold the moon phase and, yes, i would love to keep it, but i used that money.

I ‘ Ve invested it into a project that i’m working on outside of youtube. Nothing to do with youtube, um, oh, and by the way this has an amazing velvet strap which, as you guys know, whenever i do dress up.

I love my velvet jackets. I have you know crushed velvet jackets, so yeah gorgeous absolutely gorgeous. My little dress watch there. So your noses – this is not very many watches. Well, this is only about half of them.

Where’s, the other watches. Well, let’s. Let’s, bring in the navi timer. Now i owned several nami timers. I had the blue one, the automatic this is the cosmonaut. At one point i had three navi timers.

It was just too much so i decided which one i love the most. I think this is the most unique it’s, a 24-hour dial, which is just so unusual, and it’s manual wind. I think it’s based on romania. I can’t quite remember.

I have done a video on this by the way it’s. In my opinion, the most underrated space going watch um. It was before the speed master, so quite legendary. Now this is their later version before they went to the in-house movements and all the rest of it, but um still quintessentially a navi timer.

But what i love is that it’s, a little bit thinner, just a smidge and thinner because it’s manuined and you ‘ Ve got this crazy dial it’s. Just so much intricate detail. It’s, bewitching uh. Do i ever use it no, but it’s, just an aesthetic i like, but i also appreciate the simpler watches and i love the fact it’s 24 hour.

It takes 24 hours to go around. It does get a little bewildering when you’re used to 12 hour dial, but then you start kind of appreciating time in a whole new way. So it’s very, very cool, and i’ve put it on the rios.

You guys know. I love these um. These are made in germany, really thick aviation specialist straps. I love how they taper and i think they work with navi timers. So well i mean it’s almost like a bunt style, strap so yeah, and this is rather big for my wrist about 41.

5. But if, if you know your history, you know that enable time is all always big: they’re supposed to be big. I mean just look. How much stuff is on that on that dial? Now i’m, always fighting not to buy another navi timer, and i probably will – and eventually i do miss my blue one immensely.

So i really should say that i consolidated my navi timers down to this. I do feel the 806, the vintage one. I had was a a little bit. Fragile did worry me wearing it. Don’t. Get me wrong. I adored it, but i think this is a perfect kind of um balance of the modern navy, timer and vintage ones, so very, very cool.

Indeed, right. Moving on to another uh 50s icon, this is my amiga. Now it’s, not the amiga and box. I actually sold this one or i upgraded to this one. This is the same caliber 500 movement inside, but instead of being gold capped, it’s, solid gold, so um shout out to matt who bought my my previous sea master.

It’s pretty much exactly the same. The only difference is solid. Gold and then we’ve got the 12 3, 6 and 9 and, as you guys know from my two most favorite watches the squalor 39 there and the explorer over here.

You know that i love this um this layout, this new layout and i managed to source it with the period correct buckle there. I’ve. Put it on this. I don’t even know what the strap is, who makes this strap benchmark.

I think this was a gift but um, i kind of like that. The distressed, aesthetic. I might actually put this on something a little bit smarter, like something crop style, but so shout out to matt who bought my um previous sea master.

I really love amiga from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Now to buy this. I did sacrifice my world war ii. Uh amiga um, it was just too special um. I love the blue hands and everything, but i didn’t wear it because i was scared to wear it and this i’m, not so scared to wear it, but yet it does have the legendary 500 caliber, which is a wonderful Automatic uh it went on to be featured or a version of it in the first military amiga divers that were later on in the 60s.

So this to me is the the pinnacle of amiga, the 50s. It really was um. They had earned a reputation from the second world war being so reliable. You know before the kind of the shaky 70s with those um very, very problematic, 1000 calibers and then, of course, they got bought by swatch and yeah.

There’s, nothing wrong with modern amiga. But to me there’s, just something special about this and i’m, really glad. I got this particular version. I did do an unboxing, i shot it, but i just didn’t have time to edit, and you know i didn’t want to do another.

Amiga unboxing and you know repeat myself, considering they’re so similar. It’s, almost a pie panda. I was considering a connie actually a constellation, but the sea master name means something so much to me.

I mean my first luxury watch was the brosnan seamaster and all the rest of it, and i didn’t even mention my day-date. Damn it talking of gold, let’s. Just quickly mention the day-date. This is the 18-2-3-8 or the eight or something i’ll put the correct reference number if i get it wrong, but i upgraded to this one, which is the double quick set.

Again i’ve done the video with the linen dial. I fell in love with the linen dial on the tudor the tudor day day i had so. I think this was a kind of great amalgamation of two, a little less flashy than the previous.

The tony soprano one i had, which was the uh, the champagne dial and unfortunately that did not have it – had the single quick set, so that was the 18038. I think right now on to tudor this is my tudor sub.

As you guys know, i sold my rolex the ceramic submariner a while ago, and i went back to tutor. I love tudor. I like the vintage to the best i’m. Sorry yeah don’t. Get me wrong. I adore the the the black bay i own, the black bay once um, and i especially love the north flag and a lot of the newer pieces.

But there’s, something about this particular vintage, one of the last great submariners from tudor. Look at that massive crystal there just wears so beautifully it’s perfect. For me, i actually prefer the tudor submariner to the rolex, because you get the same, look and feel, but yet you have a more affordable eta and from a distance it looks like a submarine.

It gives you that submarine a feel, but i know it’s a tudor and to me i really do identify with the tudor brand. I went into the history, the meaning of the name, the the the rich military legacy. I mean there were much more military, tudor subs issued in a higher quantity.

Far more than uh mill, subs and yeah mill subs always get the recognition so um it’s a little bit unfair. I think the tudor has almost well. No definitely has much more um a richer military history, so there we go and i’m wearing it on the oyster bracelet there, which is unusual for me.

But, as you can see, i’ve got so many straps, my god. I i think i ‘ Ve only got one nato strap. Is my nato strap days numbered? I don’t know no. No. I spoke too soon. Look here. We go uh the superman.

This is actually on the shopping block. I recently reviewed the bronze uh gmt and, while i’m, not going to get the the gmt i’ve already got my gmt. I don’t need the gmt, but it did kind of bring my attention and appreciation to bronze watches mourn.

I think a bronze diver would be a fantastic addition, so this is going to be sold uh. I bought this and i got ta say i mean yema has really been a brand that i didn ‘ T really know about. I didn’t experience um.

I borrowed one to review it just clicked. I love the 39 millimeter case of this. It does actually remind me slightly of my might of sub there. You can see the similarities but, of course, with that wonderful locking system people always think.

Oh, my god, this is going to endanger the water resistance. No you! You don’t fully unscrew, it just unscrews one turn and then it’s, locked it’s. Very efficient people. Really don’t, get it until you well until you got it ready and i’ve put it on the elle alamein.

I’ll. Put a link down for this in the description another strap. I designed uh with wrist candy watch club um. I just think it matches the black fantastically. I’ve, actually cut off. You can see there.

I’ve cut off the extra a bit um just to make it a little bit thinner. So now it’s, a one piece which i think is kind of cool going way off subject. Well, actually i’m. Not i’m talking about the things i love but yeah.

This has been definitely one of the brands that um i’ve, really taken and liking to uh kind of that squealer level of history, but of course, french, and now they supply the french air force again a bit like squad supply, the marina military.

They’ve, just renewed that i think so, very, very cool. So this is on the chopping block, but i’m going to replace it with the bronze diver, not the bronze gmt, just the bronze either the thing that’s delayed me.

I can’t, make up my mind if i should go red bezel or black bezel um, because they have got a burgundy bezel and it’s. Stunning. It’s, absolutely stunning, so i’m just going to put that there for the moment.

Next is the casio oak. Now i’ve put it back on the rubber strap. I did a video when i um installed this thing. This is the this thing. What am i saying this case? This is the um, the metal uh aftermarket um kind of royal oak case.

I do like this first generation because you ‘ Ve got little elements from the g-shock like these uh indentations here, but i have, and i i’m gonna show you right now. I bought this. Let me just open it up.

My gloves are coming off, so this is a kit from a brand um. Let me just remove that casio lifestyle i’ll, leave their details down below, they have instagram and everything and they import and deal with.

You got your first gen. This is actually the second gen, so i’m going to do a video about this and i’m going to mod it with the new generation oops. Sorry, it’s upside down. There we go. I’ve got the full bracelet.

This is much more ap. Much more like you’ll, see the um. Let me let me just put this down. I’m, more faithful to the royal oak rather than the casio, so i’m, going to probably mod this out shout out to them.

If you want to get parts – and you don’t want to order from china, then i highly recommend this company. This is their logo very, very cool stuff. Indeed, i’ll leave their details in the description, but i haven’t had time to actually shoot that video.

So i do apologize but fun watch. I’m, not sure. If i’m going to keep it or not ever since this, the mission impossible casio’s arrived uh. That’s been my kind of fun. You know quirky watch so they have released a loomed insert for those for those markers which i’m.

I can’t seem to source, but i might do another video i don’t know. If i’m going to keep it, but guys do, let me know in the comments if you’d, like to see a modding video for that another watch here we go, is the laurier, the neptune this actually should have been in My keepers, but i’m, considering another laurier at the moment, so i’m, not not exactly sure if it qualifies for keep status.

This is the first generation, so quite rare. Now, with the guilt, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful design shout out to lorenzo there and lauren great team, one of the few watches i i just always keep on the bracelet, because i love the bracelet.

I’m couple of order. This one yeah, oh and i just realized – i don’t – think the bezel’s lined up, but there we go uh. The new generations are not they’re, not bad. I love them too, but um there’s, just something about this.

I think they change the ratio of dial or something um. It is slightly different now. So i’m, not sure i i i don’t know. If i should um upgrade, but anyway uh, we’ll put it here for the moment. What i love about this is that you get that doctor knows slightly it’s.

A seamaster slightly super ocean feel without being a blatant riff off and that’s. What it’s all about, and talking of microbrands here’s, another the dan henry. Now i was considering selling this and buying the 1937, but what i like about this is this keeps me from buying another speedmaster.

This is the 19. I forget 1962. There you go and you ‘ Ve got the maserati bird cage there. I think it is very, very cool, but i love this watch. It’s. Um it’s, great size, affordable, fun. It’s, an amalgamation of the panda from universal geneve and a bit of uh speedy there.

But – and i’ve put it on what strap is this? I don’t even know what strap i think this is might be harsh. I can’t. Remember the suede strap. I just think it complements it beautifully um. So yeah for the moment this is my.

I only really want to have one dan henry in the collection – and i you know i don’t know again like that’s. The problem with these watches i want to buy them all, but then they just sit around and they don’t get worn.

So i don’t know i do like the art deco 1937. A lot though, so i don’t yeah, but i’d, have to sell this one and i don’t. I don’t. Think i want to do that. Okay next we have the uh seiko 5kx. There this really seemed to offend a lot of people when i bought it, but guys you know, i buy watches for myself, not to please other people, so don’t worry about it, just love that bezel never seen a bezel like it.

It is a little bit yacht-master-ish, but with this kind of pebble dash effect, champagne dial it’s, it’s, it’s, fun, it’s loud it’s, lively. I did have to order it from abroad and i’m still having fun with it.

You know um it’s. You have to be in the mood for it, but uh very, very cool. Indeed. I i really like, where seiko going with the new 5k x, and actually we might as well mention it there’s, my actual real skx.

This is my mod. This actually might be on the chopping block too. The last watch purchase of this year is probably another seiko mod that i’m. Doing it’s been delayed because it i’m. Having a special dial made and i’ll – show all the details when it arrives, but so therefore this might be made redundant.

But of course it’s, so special that the little panther cub everything blacked out and, of course, my favorite feature – this is so cool. This is genius, is the um the hookah say wave was done in high polish.

To really contrast with that sandblasted. You know what i’m, not gonna sell this. What am i talking about? I got ta have an skx, a real skx in the collection, even if it’s modded like this, the only the only thing is.

I wish the the bezel was um uh loomed, but they don’t, have the blacked out loomed bezel, yet um, so i prefer to go all blacked out so uh yeah it’s, really cool watch and i got the mercedes hands. I just love mercedes hands, you know, jeff did the lovely thing of painting the tip orange to match the divers.

200 subtle, subtle touch, but just completes it. So where am i going to put this god? I’m running out of space. Let’s, put it over there. I think so guys. I wonder if you notice what is missing from last year uh, it is my seiko ripley and i have sold it, but i replaced it with this.

The pvd one and i’m gonna – do a video all about this, because this has one of the most fascinating, interesting histories behind it histories or history. No sorry singular! I don’t want to give too too many spoilers away for the for the video, but look out for the video.

Now i know a lot of you guys go. Oh, you sold the ripley, but you know what this came out in 2015 same as the ripley. I just wanted something with the pvd uh. The value of this is not going through the roof as much as the um ripley is, of course, but i basically snagged this for a bargain um.

I wanted the black pvd because i tend to wear black a little bit more these days, so i think it’s, a bit more understated um, and once i got this, i just fell in love with it, and then i thought you know what I sold the ripley.

I invested that money into a project that i’m working on, which is going very well, and i also actually needed to buy new equipment for the channel as well. So to me it was a worthy sacrifice, but i ‘

Ve still got a little bit of the the ripley magic here now, when i do the video on this, it will kind of make sense, because this has one of the most interesting backstories, but at the same time it’s.

Just such a distinctive watch – ah just look at that. Look at that, so cool, so 80, so lovable and yet ergonomic and practical, but look out for that video it will be coming soon um. It is a watch that i never knew.

There was so much story. Backstory behind it, so it’s, going to be very fun to share that, but yeah that’s about it anyway, guys let’s, take it back to um the studio. So i’m going to leave it there now guys don’t forget to add your state of the collection line up in the comments below i’d, love to hear what you’ve got uh currently In your collection, compared to last year, a lot of you guys, i actually know your collections now, which is crazy, but it’s.

It’s great. This is what’s, fun about it. We share our journey. We are all enthusiasts at the end of the day that’s. What the channel is all about, so please do share that in the comments. What have you gained? What have you lost? What are you considering selling, where all that good stuff, i just love hearing that from you guys so do share that in the comments right don’t forget to like the video uh.

What else i think that’s about it? Yeah check out the store yeah. I think that’s about it all right guys. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll catch you in the next one: okay, ciao

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It’s October and it’s almost Halloween, so many of you will know what that means! Today we carry on a Gentry tradition—my annual state of the watch collection. What have I sold? What are my new keepers? What new watches have I added? How have my wearing habits changed since last year? Join me for another classic episode and don’t forget to add your own current SOTC in the comments!

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Music: “Trieste” Josh Lippi & The Overtimers.

*******WARNING: Spoilers ahead!*******

In today’s video you will see the following watches:
Yema Superman Heritage 39mm, Squale 1521 Lion-Shark 50 ATMOS, Seiko Ripley Spirit Smart SCED037, Tudor Submariner 79090, Rolex Day-Date 18238, Squale 60 ATMOS TGV Limited Edition, Casio F-91W, Rolex Explorer 14270, Seiko Flightmaster SNA411, Casio G-Shock DW6500-E, Audemars Piguet “The Genta Years” 1958 Dress Watch, Omega Seamaster “Fat Lugs” Gx6546, Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi” 16710, Casio “Mission Impossible” DW290-1V, Seiko SRPE74 5 Sports, Lorier Neptune First Generation, Dan Henry 1964 Chronograph, Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute A12019, Casio Data Bank DBC611-1VT, Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph ISS Limit Edition 602.22.11, Seiko SKX013 Hunter Pro “Panther Cub” Mod, and lastly, a guest appearance of the SEIKO SARB033.

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