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My 2021 Watch Collection Goals: Rolex, AP, Seiko, Casio, Fortis & More

The thing about this beautiful hobbies that tastes preferences they change. They evolve it’s natural, so anyway, um still absolutely love it. Of course i mean how can he not? You know right um before we get into this.

I do want to say a massive thank you for all the love and support um to everybody out there who’s supported the the the show the channel um. Whichever way you know, um shout out to mark, of course, at long island watch.

My friend john there’s matthew there’s bill there’s vi um, who else? Oh chad uh there’s. So many of you, marco, my good friend marco uh, out there as well, who you know we they all pitch in and i could not do it without you.

But of course, my beautiful wife i mean goes without saying right, um, absolutely and all my family overseas, [, Music, ], everybody who consistently comments and now youtube actually shows who leaves likes and who you know, interacts the most and um there’s.

Just so many of you, it does not go unnoticed. I try and reply to as many comments as i can, but guys just that consistency that’s, that’s. You guys keep coming back and it. This is why i do it. You know this is sharing my hobby, but also interacting with you guys it’s, a it’s, an enormous pleasure and an honor.

It really is, and hopefully in the future i’ll – get to meet a lot more of you in events that we’ll be doing around the globe. So i’m. Very excited stay tuned for that. So in the meantime, i’m going to share with you my watch collecting goals for 2021 and i still can’t, get used to even saying those words but um, and i know this is a little bit solipsistic and over indulgent.

Maybe but you know at the end of the day, this channel is still from an enthusiast’s perspective. I’m, still learning every single day um and i’m just sharing with you guys and that’s, that’s, the most important thing, okay, so number one.

I feel like i’m. Doing a list, but i really want to get a grand seiko and i’ve said this before i didn’t get to go to japan this year, but hopefully next year. I will, and i want to commemorate that trip with a grand seika.

I’m, a big kuru sour fan, big seiko fan my favorite brand, obviously um. So to mark that occasion with something i’ve. I’ve found in the flesh, so then i can look at that watch and commemorate such a auspicious occasion as as visiting a country.

I want to see it in person, so hopefully we’ll. Do it next year now talking to seiko, i’m modding, another seiko and basing it on the uh, dr no rolex submariner, another custom mod, obviously uh the 6538.

I’m, never gonna be able to afford one at auction. So i thought you know what let’s, let’s, make a seiko from it, or rather a kind of homage to or base the design, a good mod uh. What else i’m really getting into, and you probably notice the delorean there really getting into the the jujaro designed um or ital designed seiko collaborations.

It’s, a bit of a sweet spot, but there’s. Only a limited amount out there, so i want to get another one in the collection i’ve, been enjoying the black pvd ripley here a lot i kind of want to get a couple more before they become you know: excruciatingly, overpriced and uh rare.

It’s, just a rabbit hole. I fell down recently. I’m gonna make a video all about it because it’s. Fascinating i didn’t know just how much history there is there and innovation and uh yeah and, of course, being a part of italian myself, and actually that reminds me this year certainly has been the year of the italian watch channels um.

I watch very little videos on watches, mainly because i want to stay. You know in my own lane, but the italian watch channels are great shout out to jack giacomo marco braca. Every there’s, so many out there um it’s.

A great way for me to to practice my italian and learn about watches and the passion and the honesty is just fantastic, so i have actually started watching watch videos. I know it sounds crazy. I’m, a watch channel right, but anyway um.

So shout out to you guys, i should say: uh miley graz anyway um what else uh the dan henry 1962, the gold, i still haven’t decided. I mean it’s only a couple of hundred bucks. I might just paypal down the money and and keep both of them at this point.

I i do like it and it keeps me from buying a speedmaster which is something i i don’t kind of you know i do miss speedmasters, but anyway i’m happy with my little gold sea master for the moment. Um the rolex yacht master.

Now i reviewed this recently the the blue dial with the platinum bezel. I love that watch that’s, probably gonna, be my next um the rolex after next, because i’m about to pull the trigger on a datejust yeah.

I know i just love that 36 millimeter size and you can never go wrong with a datejust uh. It’s, nice that it’s. If i get bored of it, there’s, no money lost so to speak, and eventually i ‘ Ll, probably sell it and get the yacht-master, which will be my next big rolex for for next year.

I can’t. Stop thinking about the blue dial that i reviewed so yeah i want to. I want to give that some time and also i i do want to see the other yacht masters. I have seen the gray dial there, the um.

What is it rhodium? I can’t, remember but um, something like that and it’s funny because they talked about rhodium on qi, the other night, it being the most uh ex one of the most expensive materials of in the world.

I i didn’t, know that i, i always presumed it was like either platinum or something but anyway, what am i talking about? Stick to the subject so yeah the yacht-master. I just love it. I’m, not trying to justify it, but i started this channel with a rolex submariner lots of seikos and rs and lots of uh casios.

You know, and i i think that’s me. It’s. It’s, it’s. I’ve kind of gone full cycle. I had this kind of a year of thinking about aps and this and that and i have an ap – i’m very happy. But honestly those are my brands.

I’m, a seiko guy. I’m, a rolex guy. You know – and now i think this year for me particularly has been all about casio and it’s. Simply the fun factor. My little mission, impossible casio, is probably one of the the most fun watches i’ve bought this year and i absolutely adore it.

I am gonna buy a datejust because i miss them. I’ve. I’ve. Had so many i’ve had my eye and i’m, not gonna share, which one it is because i don’t want somebody to snap it up before i do, but it’s. A very particular dial i’ve, never owned before, and going back and learning about the history.

The yacht master kind of made me appreciate the date just because, of course they share roots. You know the uh, the thunderbird and all of that so um, but next year definitely yacht-master yacht-master, definitely uh.

What else is on my list? Let’s. Have a look here. Yeah i’m, not really pining after the royal oak anymore. My long-term goal is still the roman gottier insight microrotor. I will always love that watch.

I’m gonna buy that for my 40th i think uh, which is i can’t even com. I don’t know how old i am. I was born in 83, so you’re. Just gonna have to figure it out, but i’m, definitely closer to 40 than i am to 30.

. So yeah it’s. It’s. I’ve got some time to say that that watch is perfection and, of course, the connection with visiting the factory seeing them being made by the watchmaker. The name of the brand you don’t, get to see uh lange rising from the grave and making you a watch.

You know so that is. That was a very special moment for me, and i re i learned so much during that trip of. I think five or six, possibly even more watch factories uh what else a ton of of casios. I am probably going to pull a trigger on the g-shock gms56001, which is, of course, the full metal g-shock, but for women it’s, a smaller size.

Yes, i know it’s for women, but i don’t care. You know i buy watches for me. So um it’s. It’s, just it’s exactly the same, just a tiny bit smaller. You know i don’t. I still well. You know my rant about women’s, watches from the last video and that’s.

Another thing i wanted to end the year on a positive note, not pet hates you know, or pet peeves or whatever it was um. So hence this video okay, two big releases for me that are definite fortis 39 millimeter.

I think they have a gmt in the fleega. Definitely gonna get that uh. In for a review. I think yeah yeah, i’m on the waiting list. For that, so i might just buy outright or get to try and borrow it in depending on my financial situation.

Let’s see, but i definitely will purchase that at some point next year. I kind of knew it was in the works. I i got to see some of the prototypes which i wasn’t allowed to talk about. Obviously, when i went to the reno air race, which they were so generous to to invite me to – and i had a wonderful time – big big believer in that brand – true independent amazing history, one of the most underrated brands of all time and crucial to the development Of automatic watches, so i have to have a forties and – and and that brings me nicely on to the only thing that’s missing in my watch collection, a german watch, i sold my zin uh.

What was it the one of four? Was there one of four? I can never remember the numbers. I have to have a german watch, and this year me and mark we did the video together of best releases of 2020 and just after that, hanhat came out with a new version of the classic 417es, which famously worn by steve mcqueen.

Of course only. I think 500 made in the world very very rare, beautiful um kind of 1940s 50s chronograph from a wonderful brand. I love hanhart. Now it’s 42 millimeters. So i’m gonna borrow it in see.

If i can get away with it, and if i can, i’ll pull the trigger so either way there’s some other hand, hearts. I want to take a look at as well, because it’s. Just such a wonderful brand, incredible history that is going to be my german brand of choice for next year um, and if i can, i’ll.

I’ll visit germany at some point, so shout out um um to all my german gentry out there, because of course, germany was crucial in the invention of the pocket watch. They are incredibly important to the history of horology.

I think just having something german, and also just you know i i love german art. I love german opera. I love germany. I’m actually a little bit german myself on my father’s, side, which is kind of interesting but um.

So it’s, a special place to me what else? What else? Oh rumors of a flight? E2 yeah, the flight master ii? Now, of course, probably not true, but you know, as seiko, holds all the cards always so close to their chest.

But wouldn’t that be nice, a flight master to if it happens, please i hope it’s a decent size that’s. Where i’m going, i think that’s, that’s, a pretty long enough list to keep me busy right. So there we go anyway, guys um.

I just realized there’s, no brightening navi timer. Could i have actually found or be happy with the navi time i’ve got? Who knows who knows? Let me know your thoughts, queries comments, opinions, uh, don’t forget to like the video but, most importantly, uh your collection goals.

What are you buying in 2021? Are you purging? Are you just going mad um? I’m, probably gonna be purging my collection and then going on a shopping spree that’s. What usually happens right uh? Maybe you’re the same way.

Maybe you’re content. Um. Let me know in the comments anyway, guys have a wonderful, happy holidays. Please stay safe and i will catch you sometime in january, i’ll, be back in january, all right, so um, hopefully not too long, but i’ll catch.

You then, okay, guys. Thank you. Ciao

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