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Nominate Industry Leaders For 2024 GEM Awards Now

GEM Awards 2023 at Cipriani, New York.

GEM Awards 2023 at Cipriani, New York.

Jewelers of America, the leading jewelry trade association in the United States, is now opening the filed for nominations for its 22nd annual GEM Awards 2024. Established in 2002, the GEM Awards have become a highly anticipated event in the jewelry industry, honoring excellence and innovation across various categories.

The GEM Awards celebrate the talent and dedication displayed by individuals and companies in three distinct categories: Jewelry Design, Media Excellence, and Retail Excellence. Each category represents a crucial aspect of the jewelry industry, acknowledging those who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.

GEM Awards, Gucci

Gucci won the AHigh Jewelry Excellence honor at the recent GEM Award.

The Jewelry Design category recognizes the visionaries who bring beauty and artistry to life through their exceptional creations. Designers who push the boundaries of conventional design, employing unique techniques and materials, are highly regarded in this category. Their innovative pieces inspire awe and admiration among enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Media Excellence pays tribute to individuals or organizations that have made substantial contributions to promoting and raising awareness about fine jewelry and watches through various media platforms. Journalists, editors and influencers who have enlightened and captivated audiences with their in-depth knowledge and passion for the industry are honored in this category. ATimelyPerspective’s founder, Roberta Naas, is a recipient of the GEM Award for Media Excellence.

GEM Award, Roberta Naas

Roberta Naas won the GEM Award for Excellence in Watch and Jewelry writing in 2008.

The Retail Excellence category acknowledges outstanding retail establishments that provide an exceptional customer experience, offer a curated selection of fine jewelry and watches, and exhibit exemplary business practices. These retailers create a welcoming environment and showcase the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and customer service, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for their clients.

To ensure a diverse and comprehensive selection of nominees, the GEM Awards Committee welcomes submissions from industry professionals and the general public. This open nomination process allows individuals and companies to propose deserving candidates who have made a lasting impact on the jewelry industry.

The GEM Awards have a rich history of honoring influential figures and industry leaders. In the past, renowned brands such as Harry Winston, Patek Philippe, Tiffany & Co., and Cartier have received prestigious GEM Awards. Every year, GEM also honors one individual for the Lifetime Achievement Award. This person is selected by the GEM Awards committee members and is typically named in late summer/early Fall. Currently the Lifetime Achievement Award honoree has not yet been named.

GEM Awards

It is now time to nominate top industry leaders for the GEM Awards 2024, the celebration for which will be held at Cipriani New York in March 2024.

The GEM Awards Gala, the culmination of the nomination and selection process, is a dazzling affair that brings together industry professionals, celebrities, and jewelry enthusiasts from around the world. This star-studded event serves as a platform to honor the winners, celebrate their achievements, and showcase the remarkable craftsmanship and innovation present in the jewelry industry. The event will be held on March 8, 2024 in New York City.

If you believe that an individual or company deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions to the jewelry industry, now is the time to submit your nomination. All submissions are judged on work during the calendar year 2023. The GEM Awards Committee reviews the individuals for each category and selects three final nominees for each. Winners are selected via a confidential judging and revealed at the event.

Visit the GEM Awards website and complete the nomination form before August 23, 2023, to ensure your favorite jewelry designer, media personality, or retailer has a chance to shine at the 2024 GEM Awards Gala.

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