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Omega Brings Jessie Williams On As Brand Ambassador

Actor Jessie Williams joins Omega as a brand ambassador.

Actor Jessie Williams joins Omega as a brand ambassador.

Omega watch brand adds yet another top performer to its brand ambassador roster: Jesse Williams, a multi-talented individual known for his  acting career, activism, and entrepreneurial pursuits. With a diverse range of accomplishments, Jesse embodies Omega’s values of excellence, achievement, and a fresh sense of style.

Recognized worldwide for his role as ‘Dr. Jackson Avery’ on ABC’s well-known series “Grey’s Anatomy,” Williams has made a lasting impression in the entertainment industry. His talent has been showcased in numerous TV shows and films, including “The Cabin in the Woods,” “Little Fires Everywhere,” “Brooklyn’s Finest,” and “Secret Headquarters.” In 2022, he earned a Tony Award nomination for his Broadway debut in the play “Take Me Out,” further cementing his versatility as a performer.

Williams is an influential activist dedicated to social justice and equality. He sits on the Board of Directors for Advancement Project, a prominent civil rights advocacy organization, and, an arts and social justice organization founded by the legendary Harry Belafonte. Through these roles, Williams actively contributes to driving positive change and empowering marginalized communities.

According to Omega, Williams’  diverse accomplishments and commitment to social change align closely with the  brand’s values.

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