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Omega’s Most Underrated Seamaster: 39mm Planet Ocean Dive Watch Review

The names bond James Bond, [, Music ], you know, former assay – has typed easy smiles and expensive, watches Rolex Omega [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show – and today I am reviewing the Omega Seamaster Planet, Ocean 39, millimeter in blue – and I have To confess I’ve been wanting to review this watch for over a year, but now, thanks to Moya, jeweler’s, I’m able to get it in full review, so a big shout out to them.

They are North. Our eyes Dina for a media and a whole bunch of other prestigious brands. In fact, I’ve, actually sold them watches in the past. My if you remember my ceramic Rolex Submariner, I actually sold it to them, so I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

As a customer myself, now I’ll. Do a quick wrist watch check? I’m wearing the real, hey guys. The argument now the real bond watch – Fleming, of course, who wore a 1016, the predecessor to this exploring here.

So I just thought you know, as we’re talking bond, oh, and I should really give a shout out to the bond experience for giving me these screen-used Casino Royale cards from the actual movie, which is just insanely cool, as you guys know why.

I’ve said it before Mads Mikkelsen is one of my favorite actors, so fantastic shout out to David there. So why am i reviewing this particular Amiga? Well recently, there’s, been a lot of requests for me to review the true to blackberry, the 58 and the smaller size, and people tend to go straight to the Rolex or Tudor or the 300 professional.

This particular planet ocean is probably one of the most overlooked from Amiga. So as always to give it a bit of context, let’s. Talk about heritage, [, Music ]. I mean certainly no stranger on the channel and I have shared its long legacy.

Many times founded in the 1848, the Swiss luxury watchmakers without a doubt, one of the most illustrious and well-known brands of all time when we think Amelia, we automatically think of speed masters, the choice of NASA and the first watch on the moon in 1969.

Among many other achievements, of course, but the sea master line is even more prestigious in some ways: it’s. The brand’s longest continuously running the line of watches imperfectly demonstrates the brand’s.

Evolution from traditional high precision, mechanical watchmaker to a luxury cultural icon, but before becoming the choice of James Bond in 1995, with Pierce Brosnan Omega and the British military have been inextricably linked ever since the Royal Flying Corps used them in 1917 as their official timekeepers for Their combat units, as did the US American army, in fact in 1918, but what is more, astonishing and often overlooked when it comes to amiga, is how they were already conquering the depths of the ocean decades before the first true luxury dive, watches by vampire and subsequently Rolex all the way back in 1932 Amiga debuted its marine watch, which was worn by Yves larae, heir, who many considered to be the father of modern diving.

He was a French naval officer and inventor of the modern scuba mask and tank first launched in 1948 to commemorate the hundred year anniversary of ameica seamless. The line was loosely based upon designs made for the British Royal Navy towards the end of World War.

Two, in fact, a more refined caliber of the legendary manual 132 in my Omega Spitfire pilot watch can be found in many of the early sea masters, going by a different name, of course, by the end of the war.

Amiga had solidified his reputation for accuracy and reliability, and so much so that Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery personally visited the factory in Switzerland, our to the war, the first Amiga CMOS there was a rather Geraci looking affair and modeled after the waterproof wristwatches made specifically hand worn By the British military during the war, what distinguished the sea master from its diving watch predecessor was the o-ring gasket, which improved its water resistance.

Amiga turned to submarines used during the conflict for inspiration and included a resilient rubber gasket in the sea masters final design. This new case remained intact at depths up to 60 metres and temperature ranges between minus 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Their engineers were so confident of the sea masters durability. They attached one to the outside of an aircraft and fluids over the North Pole in 1956 by the end of the 1950’s, many brands, like those previously mentioned, and countless others for that matter, had started producing dive, watches, spurred on by the rise In recreational diving, it was time Amelia got a piece of the action, so in 1957 this was perhaps one of the incas influential years.

The Seamaster 300 was born in their most iconic trio. Alongside the speedy and, of course, the rail master, the CMOS the 300 would go on to be issued once again into the British Ministry of Defence and worn by famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s team during their 1963 Conshelf experiments in the Red Sea.

With the success of the sea master, the range then expanded rapidly over the following decades, with a whole host of record-breaking and innovative dive watches throughout the 1960s and 70s, like the helium proof flow proof designed to meet the needs of ultra deep saturation, diving and a Direct response to Rolex developing the first automatic helium escape valve.

So when it came to succeed, the iconic sea master of the 1990s, the Seamaster Planet Ocean, was introduced in 2005 as a large diving watch to ensure water resistance down to 2,000 feet or 600 metres. This evolution then culminated in 2011 with models like the one we’re looking at today, which, for the first time, featured a master chronometer rated movement.

As always, let’s, go over the dimensions. First, we have a diameter actually about 40 millimeters. The case does shut out slightly, whereas the bezel itself is actually 39, so it’s more. Like a 40 millimeter watch, we got a thickness of 14 millimeters.

How long till ugh we’re, looking at 45 millimeters and analog width of 19 millimeters the way it is a staggering 190 grams, which I’ll, get into why in just a moment, but in terms of material, its stainless steel and Features a domed scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti reflective treatment on both sides.

Now the bezel insert is quite interesting. It’s, what they call a liquid metal and it’s, actually an exclusive technology to amiga. They bought the rights to it and, to give you an example, steel alloys, ordinarily used for watches have a hardness of between 200 and 240 Vickers, but liquid metal is harder at 600 Vickers.

The ceramic used for the bezel is even harder at 1200 Vickers. So after the liquid metal has been pressed into the notches, any excess alloy can be scraped away without affecting the ceramic. A Minges combination of ceramic and liquid metal results in this very very hard and finely crafted dive time bezel there, and I love how the gray area is kind of a little bit understated metallic looking and has a very nice pleasing glassy look to it.

We have the triple Aero handset, giving very clear legibility, the broader our hands, also faceted. The bezel itself is a hundred and twenty click very, very solid feeling and, of course, as you would expect unique directional there’s outstanding orientation.

Thanks to this super-luminova and the differing size, the markers, a really nice subtle – touches how they’ve, made the minute hand blow a different color again to differentiate at the 10 o’clock is the instantly recognizable helium escape valve marked, like All modern sea masters with the periodic table logo for helium there and the standard emedia Greek alphabet logo on the screw down crown there.

Now, if we turn it over, you’ll, see it’s, a very impressive caliber. Indeed, this is the 8800. It’s, a reworked version of the existing 8 5 2 0, which was used in the second generation of 37 point five millimeter planet oceans features a barrel that enables the powers of 2 a very handy 55 hours, which is great.

If you wear this, as your you know, weekly Monday to Friday, watch and then strap something else for the weekend. Although this is a great sports watch before the weekend and as you would expect, this quick set function, hacking, many wines so on and so forth.

Each movement is tested according to the master chronometer certification process, which is approved by the highly respectable metas, which is Mia’s, own super elite higher standard, and it covers eight tests, and this movement includes resistance to magnetic fields reaching up to 15,000 Gause, Which again makes it absolutely fantastic, especially if you work in some kind of recording, studio or a cockpit of a plane or anything where there’s, a lot of electronic equipment, which is well let’s, be honest.

Most places these days. It has a free sprung balance with a silicon balanced spring rhodium plated finish with the Geneva waves and a stunning arabesque pattern that really emphasizes that sense of movement.

It beats at twenty five thousand two hundred vibrations now and has 35 joules. This rather unusual frequency is to optimize the accuracy / along the period of time and speaking of which, naturally, we have to mention.

It does feature the coaxial escapement, which I mean acquired from the revered British neurologist George Daniels. It was the first new practical and revolutionary xscape mminton over 250 years, with less friction via the lateral and direct impulses and therefore requires less lubrication and servicing over time.

And if we just move the rotor to the bottom, there you’ll, just see at the top there. I’ll. Show this. He’ll focus there’s, a lot of reflection there, but that yeah, you can see the barrels of the movement, our dlc coated inside, to reduce, friction and increase service intervals.

The balance spring uses a silicon technology. This is introduced to the later planet, oceans, the SI 14 and has the purpose to make it even more anti-magnetic. The staff and pivots are also made of what’s called Niva gauze, and an anti-shock system called Niva chalk, which is made from a special amorphous material and last thing.

We must mention that the bracelet it’s, entirely brushed they’re screwed links, solid end links, of course, quite an impressive clasp kind of their answer to Rolexes glide, lock system. You see the little push button there and you can adjust it on the fly, which is great, for you know in the summertime, with the heat expanding your wrist or if you want to slide it over a diving suit, which is, of course, what it was originally Intended to sind beautiful little double push-button clasp, they’re, extremely extremely solid [, Music ], the design and style is very much inspired by the 1957.

I mean just look at the curvaceous case with those extremely wide beveled edges and super sharp transitions from high polish to that lovely brush, and I love the the amounts of detail they’ve gone in, for I mean look at him between the COG, Very ergonomic after say the the cog edge of the bezel.

It’s, some sandblasted again on the Browns. It’s, a lot more intricately finished than your Submariner or your tutor for that matter, and I love the the Broad Arrow hands. It really evokes the the classic 1957 much more actually old, vintage in style, then the Brosnan era, sea master, with, of course, that semi skeletonized hands, which was a bit of a contention for some something I really do adore – is the little nod to the 300 meter Professional with the scalloped edge of the case bag not noticeable at first, but a clever little design trait.

The extra refinement extends to the dial. We see very pronounced Arabic numerals, paying homage to the very first sea masters. Some of them had beautiful, applied Arabic, although obviously not in so much of a modern style and lettering.

The colors are quite rich, I would say it’s, a Persian, deep blue that does change to a kind of Prussian blue at at times and with small flashes of orange, which I think, compliment and contrast nicely, the rest being in a gray print.

Echoing the lettering and a ton of hash marks actually on the inside of that bezel, if you saw my previous, I make a video talking about dr. you ‘ Ll know why diving companies choose orange and it’s, a very cool little detail.

Indeed, something like this utterly unique is the slightly asymmetrical case. It does have the benefit of protecting the crown pretty effectively without having the need for crown guards. So what’s, the difference between this and the reference to nine zero, zero, five, zero and nine one and appeared in the 2006 Casino Royale movie? Well, in 2011, the Planet Ocean underwent major aesthetic upgrades, the finishing the padding of the indices, hands and bezel, including many technical improvements.

Like the addition of the transparent case back there’s all inserts, and the upgrades in calibre, which are now completely in-house and assembled by Amiga, and even an enlargement of the co actual escapement, making it 13 percent larger.

In order to reduce friction and they were actually tested and simulated in ten years of use, they’ve proved to be extremely reliable, as was the bi-directional winding rotor, which was altered to make it inaudible.

The never ox anchor on balance spring was added, as was zircon oxide rotor pivots and the shock absorbers balance springs that we mentioned earlier: [, Music ]. So let’s address the positives. Well, first of all, it’s, a great size.

It feels incredibly hefty if 40 millimeters is then you 42 millimeters, then this 39 is the new 40 and, to be honest, I don’t know why they say it’s 39 millimeters, because actually it’s, a 40 Millimeter – and it is a true any situation watch I mean it’s, built like an absolute tank yet elegant enough to wear formally, and that is what you want in a James Bond, diver watch after all, and you do get that bonyen feeling the Link to the past via its design and, of course, the great history of the Seamaster name.

Very few brands come close to rivaling this amount of prestige and achievements. It’s, also extremely versatile. It’s, a true, strap months that, although we’ll talk a little bit about in the negatives.

I think it looks great on rubber straps on NATO’s on leather, pretty much anything, and the black variation is even more so, but at the end of the day it’s. Main strength has to be its performance in every single way, beyond Kostka accuracy and insane 600 meter water resistance, which you know at one time we got to remember it was cutting-edge.

I mean you can literally take this saturation diving to rescue a sunken youthful warhead and then, after the Opera, the same night to assassinate a a Spectre agent. This watch has got you covered and also, I have to say this is true luxury the quality and the exquisite finishing the attention to detail is just absolutely outstanding.

So what about negatives? Well, first of all, I’m, not a fan of bracelets that don’t taper. I feel it is a bit heavy. It’s, a staggering amount of weight for a watch that’s, not actually that’s big also, it’s quite thick.

It’s, a tubby one. Now this might actually please some people, because it does have a tremendous presence, but I like something a little bit more refined to slip under the cuff. This is not going to do that as easily, but it is forgivable.

Considering you have to house this larger movement and, of course, the insane water resistance. But personally I would be happy to sacrifice it a little bit to let’s, say 12 millimeters, perhaps sacrificing the display back just to make it a little bit more cuff friendly.

Some might actually like the reassuring feeling. In fact, if you look very carefully in the movie Casino Royale and as pointed out by an excellent video by a channel called the bond, armory James Bond actually uses his watch as a rudimentary knuckle duster in true Fleming fashion, just like Fleming once wrote in his Books when I do that with an S KX or my vintage Judas uh, but probably not, but I wouldn’t think twice with this, because it’s.

Just so damn strong feeling, you know, and with all that super-high and tech inside you don’t really have to worry about it. However, my biggest negative has to be the 19 millimeter lug, with it’s just so annoying to find straps, for, although you can just squeeze in 20 millimeter or make do with the gap on an 18 Y watch, brands still insist on doing this.

I just don’t understand, but it’s, not the end of the world, so it’s, really not that serious. And lastly, I’d love to see a no date version with the three numeral day, who would have a tremendous symmetry? But although you know most people prefer the days, it is a useful complication.

But again this is just my preference and personal taste. So in conclusion, I really do feel it’s, one of the most capable almost perfect dive watches. Certainly in its class, I think I’m eager sent out to make the best watch.

They could and no expense was spared and with the truly 58 being hard to find and Rolex entering absolutely absurd prices. This is in many ways the best alternative it’s actually well. This is my opinion, but it’s, more faithful to the style of the vintage classics.

In some ways, then the modern shooters are certainly when it comes to aesthetics. It’s clearly taken on the the design language. Very very well, although you know in a modern context, and yet with these specifications and performance, it is absolutely the pinnacle of what I mean it has to offer in a very realistic and trendy size.

Yet still managing to retain some of that masculinity. In my opinion, this is the overlooked, sweet spot in the media range and – and I have a little inkling – that it’s been so overlooked that he might be discontinued or replaced, and that’s it.

We definitely will help to maintain its value. It’s, also a true dual sports watch with a heritage that is intrinsically linked for the human exploration of marine environments, the British military and, of course, pop cultural cinematic icons.

But beyond all that that’s a fundamental level, it really does deliver an unwavering performance. It’s, not just attractive, so yeah a couple of autumn from yeah absolutely pure class. What can I say anyway, so I’m leavin there.

Let me know what you think of this particular planet ocean, a massive thank you to Moya’s again for lending this, and I’ve had such fun with it. I’ll leave all the links down below don’t forget to like this video.

If you enjoyed it, found it useful. Oh and don’t forget to check out the new merchandising store, the Instagram, the Facebook group. All the rest of it. Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one.

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