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ORIS Watches: The Power Trio You Should Be Aware Of

So let’s get started. So there’s. Hermione harry and ron you’ve got bruce wayne robin and alfred, or how about leia, luke and han well. The movie trope of the powerful trio usually consists of two characters with opposing characteristics in which the third part of the tree works as some kind of social group.

Balancing the social dynamics within the group. By far the most frequent version of a power trio is the so-called freudian trio. That type of trio is based on the freudian idea that the human psyche consists of three parts: the ego, the superego and the id the id represents your emotional instincts and desires.

The superego is the logical and intellectual reasoning, part, and the ego is the one that pretty much holds it all together. So, for example, hermione is definitely the super ego with her logical approach to solve problems.

Ron’s. Impulsive and emotional reactions resemble the id, and then there’s, harry standing in as the ego holding the group together so far so good. But what does all of this have to do with auris? Well, today, i ‘

Ve got three watches for you that from the aureus power trio, each watch of them unique and special in their own way, and each of them a fundamental part of the auris lineup, and on a quick note before we get started with the first watch of today.

This video is not sponsored by auris, i’m in no shape or form affiliated with them. I simply asked for these watches and they kindly let me borrow them for the review, so i just wanted to say thank you.

So, first up we have the id of the group, the big crown point to date, 80th anniversary edition from auris. Since the first big crown point today was released in 1938. Many things have changed at aureus, but the 80th anniversary edition is a true throwback that represents horus’s, eventful history and their core values.

This big crown pointer reimagines the 1938 model, which was specifically designed to meet a pilot’s, needs with its oversized crown, making it easy to adjust with gloves, for example, the big and easy to redial, and the added genius perk of the date function Indicated by the red pointer on the hand, this one comes with the typical big crown case with a diameter of 40 millimeter, though it has a short and curved lugs.

It’s, still a rather large watch and with my 150 millimeter wrist circumference, the big crown pointer today is difficult for me to pull off. I think those with bigger wrists than myself, shouldn’t, have a problem, though the foresty green dial has a rich color and the white markings give a nice contrast to it, and i really like the classic train track minute markings and i’m also happy to see that they have kept the arabic numerals clean.

I think series on that font would have been really distracting. Another detail i really enjoy. Are the cathedral styled hands? For example? Not only do they give plenty of space for luminous material, they also really tie in the vintage feel for me, the hand to indicate the date looks good too, though the date numbers might be a bit too small to be able to really easily read them.

When you only give it just a quick look inside beats the aureus caliber 754, a modified cell liter sw201, with a hacking second and a power reserve of 38 hours. The flashiest characteristic of this watch is definitely its case material.

The case is made from bronze, which gives it this very warm color that really adds to the charm of the watch. So for those of you who think that i chose this one to be the id aka, the run of the group because of the case material and the color of it are not right, but they’re, not completely wrong either.

The coin bezel is very delicate and makes this one feel more like a dress watch to me than something a pilot would wear, and i’m, definitely not mad at it, though. I really love the look of the bronze of this watch right now.

Bronze can be a little bit of a diva in that regard, given its composition, bronze changes, its appearance over time when getting in contact with your skin, and you know just the air in general, so your bronze watch is going to change its look over time.

Developing patina, and perhaps discoloration in some parts that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, of course, but something you should be aware of before going for a watch like this. The thing that i am a bit disappointed, though, is the fact that there is not a bronze case bag, but a stainless steel one.

But i guess there is a technical reason for it, but luckily you can still see the movement through the sapphire case back instead. So, in conclusion, the big crown point to date is a filled with a lot of history with emotions, and me it has this melancholy to it.

The bronze case, the dark, green dial and those cathedral styled hands on a dial with very simplistic and clean markings are a great mix of what auris was and aureus can be in the future. To me, that is definitely the embodiment of the id part of the trio, a watch that is fueled by emotional instincts and the desire to preserve or assist strong roots for future watches.

Okay. So next up we have the big crown pro pilot x, caliber 115, which to me is basically the other side of the coin. That is the a big crown collection, though they are both part of the aviation or flying collection.

They really could not be more different to me, whereas the big crowd pointed out feels warm and nostalgic. The pro pilot x, caliber, 115, is futuristic or technical and almost a bit distant. This one is clearly the super ego of the aorus trio.

Admittedly, skeletonized dials are either a hit or miss for most people, and i think that might be because they tend to almost scream and back for attention by the way they look, but not so much. This pro pilot x – and i really appreciate always for staying away from overdoing it on this one showing off their caliber 115 like that, is definitely a tasteful brag and the in-house caliber really deserves the attention.

The most striking detail is the extended mainstream that you can see at 12, o’clock. This huge mainstream is holding a full 10-day, non-linear power reserve that is being displayed at 3, o’clock, and that is by the way, a technology patented by auris.

It’s really amazing to wind this one up, because you can really directly see what your hands are doing and what they cause to the mainspring, and i guess it’s, just simply very nice to know how it all works.

Another cool detail is the fact that orr is completely abstain from going into details with this watch, because, instead of embellishing and engraving every bit of the visible parts they just stuck with leaving the parts as they are in their natural state, the skeletonized main plate and The bridges are matte gray and their edges have not been chamfered or beveled like i said, this watch feels purely technical and to some even detached or distant, but that might also be due to the rest of the watch as soon as you take away your attention From the dial, you can discover even more pieces of this very technical watch puzzle.

The entire case with its bezel and lugs, have a very futuristic look to it. According to orris, the reoccurring bezel motif is inspired by a jet turbine, and i think you can definitely see that the integrated bracelet looks very sleek with its brushed three link design, and what really stands out to me here is that every part of this watch seems To really transition very seamlessly into another, and i think that just makes for a very nice flowy look, but the only issue i have here is with the clasp and it’s, not that it doesn’t feel nice to open or Close it, it gives off a very nice.

You know, like click sound when you open or like press it down, but i think at this point that they have taken the aviation theme a bit too literal. I know that the clasp is supposed to look like the class from a plain seat belt buckle.

But to me the word uh lift on it is just a bit too much, and i definitely say i’d – prefer the aureus logo on this one. Here instead, that being said, it is just a minor detail on a overall really great looking watch and the pro pilot excalibur 115 is definitely something for those who love to see the inner workings on their watch.

Without wanting to draw too much attention to themselves, i guess this is not your typical skeletonized watch and it’s. Monochrome look really helps to make it look very elegant. Instead of you know just obnoxious, given a 44 millimeter case diameter and the 52 millimeter electroluck, you definitely need a bigger wrist circumference to pull this one off.

But thanks to the titanium that the entire case and bracelet is made by the way it wears very lightly. And comfortable on the wrist, though it might appear a bit chunky at first glance like this super ego.

The pro pilot x, caliber, 115, is a very logical approach to watchmaking that clearly bears horus’s, design, philosophy and practicability. It’s. Technical, it’s, functional and a great way to really understand how a mechanical watch works.

Okay, so for the last watch, i want to show you the one model that i think pulled it all together. I don’t think the trio needs social glue to keep it together, but nevertheless, this one really brings together all of what auris is to me.

Personally, it’s. Definitely the ego of the trio, the aureus aque’s. Date is probably the first watch to be mentioned when aureus pops up in a conversation, and i would say rightfully so. The aqua state combines everything auras has done in terms of dive watches, since the first diver came out in 1965 and gave it a contemporary look.

Without making it too over dramatically, futuristic the date has wandered to the six o’clock position and melts into the blue summer style. With a black backdrop, though, this makes for a very undistracting looking dial in general, it kind of takes away from the legibility of the date, and i wouldn’t mind having a white backdrop here.

Instead, the hands have a modernized kind of obelisk-like shape, and i really like that. The hour hand has gotten a bit more chunky, as the design allows more space for luminous material. That way, and what’s really interesting to see, is that on the aqueous date, pretty much all hour markers, except for the one at 12 and at six o’clock.

Look exactly the same. It is a very clean and organized look, and perhaps the reason why so many are drawn to the aqua state in the first place. I think this very structured approach continues onto the shiny black bezel and the overall case shape and it’s simple, but not boring.

The 300 meter water resistant case really looks and feels like a round porthole without the screws, especially when you look at it from the side, and i have to say it really ties in the whole nautical theme very well.

What’s, also surprising to me, is the fit of this watch with a diameter of 43.5 millimeters and the luxe lug of circa 50 millimeters uh. You would think that it’s, going to look rather large on a wrist, but i’m happy to see that it really doesn’t, look too big at all, even on my wrist, and i think it’s mainly due to the ingenious lug design, as they curve down and seamlessly transition into the links of the bracelet, a very cool detail.

Also that really helps with making this diver wearable for a lot more people inside beats the rs 733, with a power reserve of 38 hours, a hacking second and a date complication with the same sw, 201 basis.

As the big crown point today that i have shown you before and same with the point of date, this time, you can also see the movement through the sapphire case back on the aqua stage. So in case you’re feeling voyeuristic, you can just you know, flip the watch around and you can see the famous red auris rotor winding around in it.

All of this is being held together by a center, build solid, three link bracelet with a brushed middle link that closes with a single fold, deploying clasp. That, luckily, has the word or is written on it.

Instead of you know push, it would have been cool if the clasp would also have a quick adjustment, but on this one you would have to make do with just a micro adjustment on the side. All in all, i am absolutely not surprised that the aorus aqua state is one of the most popular auris watches, not only because it’s, a diver, and that is a very popular watch model to begin with, but also because aureus has created a Watch that ticks just a lot of boxes for many watch lovers.

It comes at a very attractive price point from a watchmaker that has shown time and time again that they are capable of innovation and reinvention. It also helps that they are absolutely transparent when it comes to their movement basis.

I think it might be weird to say something like that, but overall it just seems, like a very honest watch to me. You know a solid, everyday type of watch that is capable of handling a lot and added date and the sunburst finish on the dial.

With a polished and brushed three link, bracelet that makes this watch look smart, but still elegant and casual. It really is not hard to see how so many people get a lot of aware out of this and to me that really is the definition of the ego within this trio, though it has its flaws and is definitely not perfect.

It balances many different aspects that makes auris a great choice for so many people that look for a truly swiss-made and down-to-earth watch. That is neither boring nor too flashy, and so that marks the end of my video.

For today. I really hope you’ve enjoyed my auris watch trio, and i would like to hear from you which one of the three is your favorite, and why also, let me know if there is another watch for you. You want me to review for next time, and so that is it for today again, thank you to aureus for letting me borrow their watches and thank you guys for watching this video today

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