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Our Favorite New Watches Of 2020: Seiko, Omega, Tudor, G-Shock & More – Watch Collection Talk 4

Having that mark of long island watch on his channel again, it should be me, oh donny, darling, please, i beg of you. I can’t. Remember the last time that you invited me to your house for a cup of coffee.

If that’s, all it takes tiddlywinks, and i will have you around for tea dumani, oh and um. Don’t forget to like my video when i’m back on tv’s, channel [, Music, ], toodlepip, [, Music, ], okay, hi guys and welcome to the show it’s about that time.

For another episode, because i’m joined by the legend, the no, how does it go the man, the myth, the horological legend mark? How are you, sir, very good? How are you doing today, good good, thank you so um we are going to do some.

I joked about this last time. Uh! Yes – and this is probably i think we’ve bitten off more than we could chew, because there’s. So many watches absolutely the best new watches of 2020. sure yeah judge from two very different brains or opinions, yeah, absolutely absolutely and and talking about different brains, um.

I wanted to get your opinion. I look like an iq. It looks like an acute space view. You inspired me to buy this. I still have one yeah because i’ve selected ten, you you’ve selected. Ten, yes, and then i realized by the time i got to number one.

I realized. Oh wait. Bulova have introduced this new movement powered by static electricity. If i understand correctly, i’m, so out of the game, i have no idea. Wow. Okay, because thing is my mind – is a bit you’re.

The engineer you’re, the right you’re, a bit more scientifically inclined right, sure, uh. If you want me to to edit or paint a painting, fine, i can do that, but but ask me anything like how how’s, it powered? How does it work yeah? Forget it that’s, my job yeah, i was going to include it, but it’s.

Uh 45 millimeters in diameter. That’s, tremendous yeah! It’s huge and i think it’s to house this. New cutting kind of movement yeah got it, but it is again like this was back in the 60s. It’s. Another new i haven’t heard of this right right well, when they came out with the tuning fork that was uh.

You know the precursor, i guess the quartz. That was this whole new radical idea, absolutely the hummer, the hammer yeah. In fact. Actually, i haven’t, worn it for ages. Do you ever get that thing? Where you forget, you’re wearing it and you’re like what is that? What does that sound, yeah, yeah tap your ears, you think you’re going well.

Usually, if i haven’t worn it for ages, the battery’s dead right right, because the battery goes like 18 months or so and then and then it’s. Crapped out that’s right. That’s right yeah um. So what what is your wrist swatch check today? Oh well, thank you for asking.

I am doing my uh matic with the polished nice blue on the white, strap um kind of like a great summer watch. I kind of forgot i had this watch and then it made a sneak appearance a few weeks ago and then of course, i’m.

Doing two. I’m wearing uh an islander white dial, blue bezel love. It have. I seen this islander this this particular one. Well, if you’ve, you ‘ Ve, probably definitely seen it on instagram that’s for sure right, okay, so yeah, nothing new, not nothing new! On either wrist! You’re still in summer mode.

I’m still in some remote. Well, you know it’s, it got cold the last few days it did and i was going sweatshirt and then i think today it’s. It’s, nice and sunny it’s supposed to be. Like 70, something today over here, yeah yeah, i’m back into a t-shirt, nice nice.

I, like your t-shirt by the way einstein yeah it’s, a famous picture. It’s, actually a funny story. How this picture came out, it was his 70-something birthday einstein. I think i want to say 72nd, and i i think this was in princeton, not sure, and he’d, been smiling all night for photographs and he got into a car with a couple of other important people whatever.

And while he was in the backseat of the car, this photographer just yelled out his name, mr einstein, mr einstein, and instead of smiling, he turned and stuck out his tongue right and the guy snapped the picture at the exact moment, perfect moment and now forever.

You know this very kind of considered. Your genius of his time is immortalized with his tongue sticking out. I think it’s a great photo. That is that what a cool story! I did not know that yeah yeah it’s.

Cool story, cool story: that’s. Why? I love the photo great photo, makes a great t-shirt: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. It’s kind of iconic. I guess, like churchill, with his v sign right. That kind of thing yeah, and this just totally you know it shows that engineers and scientists can be fun at times.

Although i don’t know if he was trying to be fun, i think he was kind of getting pissed off, but yeah yeah. It definitely shows another side to people nice very cool indeed, so i’m inquisitive to know so we we we’re counting down from 10 right.

However, we can go from 10 to 1 1 to 10.. I have mine in no particular order of i know which one i’m, going to do last. Okay, i i don’t care one to nine. They’re. All they’re, all pretty cool. To me. You know what i i have to agree.

I’m. Mine is the same. The only reason my number one is to me is the is unequivocally the most important okay, so i’ll save, so you want to save that one. For last yeah, let’s. Do that i guess i’ll save mindfulness nice nice.

By the way guys. I think this is gonna be a long, video, so uh. If you need to grab a drink, uh hot chocolate, um, perhaps uh now is the time. So right let’s, go with your number 10, then. So what i did, i guess i’ll, just explain from i10 um.

I tried to go the gamut from super affordable to super luxury, um. Clearly, a few of the pieces i carry in my store, but that doesn’t really make them any less significant. I thought they were really cool um because i i think there’s, just a very wide variety of new stuff that came out this year, both in the really expensive stuff and in the really cheap stuff.

So i guess in the really cheap motif. I will start with cassio the duro, the mdv diver. They came out with it again in a blue dial um, so it’s that 44 millimeter quartz diver kind of, like almost like a gateway watch into the dive watch world yeah um, but a beautiful blue dial.

Um 60 bucks 60 bucks, the mdv. I i kind of not really do much in casio anymore, because, honestly, it just didn’t, really work well for the store in the direction. I’m going um, but i thought for 60 man.

This is a watch that it’s 22 millimeter lug, so you can really dress it up any way you want put it on different nylons. You want to try a diver on a leather which some people poopoo, but you can certainly do it, and i thought that was such a wise maneuver for a company like cassio, because uh conventional dive watches are black and only like more daring.

Companies will go to color and here’s, cassio doing it blue. I thought it’s, a nice choice and a good one to start out uh for number one, nice nice. I love the dual. I think uh it’s, got a kind of cult following of its own isn’t it.

Oh absolutely absolutely there’s, people that want to convert them into sapphire. They want to get extra bezels for them, and i that point it’s like you’re, putting a crystal on the watch that’s worth more than the watch itself: yeah, yeah, yeah, so yeah, so yeah, nice and And what is the depth rate rating on it?’s, a 200 meter diver, of course, oh wow, so it’s perfectly capable, yes, absolutely yeah yeah! No, it’s.

A good good watch. I remember somebody vaguely ages ago took a wristwatch check, actually diving with it, and i think i posted it on the instagram but um yeah it’s. It’s like a red yeah. People really use it for diving, which is so cool at that price range.

It’s, unbeatable right, 60, bucks, 200 meters. What else from a company like casio? What else can you do? Well? My number 10 is also casio um and we didn’t plan this at all. No, no! It’s. It’s uh, but i would say it’s, the kind of higher end of casio.

If okay uh, no problem it’s, the g-shock gbx 100., have you seen that i have seen these kind of i’m? Assuming i don’t know if it’s, these, like digital kind of camo casios. Is that what it is? No, i it’s um, because i’ve, seen some of those yeah and that’s.

The thing is, we should say: g-shock, i think, is absolutely killing it. I mean they’re. Yes, they’ve, been putting out some really. I can’t really keep up. You could do you could do this video every month right exactly, you know, spaghetti spaghetti factory exactly, but the good thing is it’s.

It’s, good spaghetti. You know it’s, it’s. It’s, the. So what i find amazing about this watch. It’s a little bit confusing because they brought it out it’s aimed at surfers right because it ‘ S got this tide graph, and i have to give a shout out to my friend john um.

He spent the summer, i think uh. Forgive me john. If i get this wrong with his family in long island uh at the at uh, they have a house on the um on the shore and on the beach and uh. He said that the tie graph was absolutely spot-on and you can also use it if you go fishing, but it also has a step counter.

A really really high-end, quite advanced lcd display um. All this kind of um complications very, very useful, very and i don’t, usually use this term, but quite a sexy design. It’s, it’s, modern it’s.

Um it’s, where cassio should be going. The only thing i my criticism is why they aimed at a very niche sport like surfers. I understand because fishing right yeah, because i mean this kind of technology – they should utilize it in the in a you know a casio for everybody.

Really. What is what is it called casio? Would you say gbx yeah it’s, the gbx 100. Yes, i will look it up all. Ah, okay, i’m, looking at it. Okay, that is what i got yeah, that is pretty cool. That’s, not you said you said higher end, that’s, not too bad.

Well, that’s, not too bad. I guess picasso. It is yeah. 160 bucks yeah exactly you know. I’m used to spending. I mean i uh. Where is it? I’ve, put it away now, but i bought uh mission impossible casio, which is like 40 bucks yeah, absolutely in love with that thing, right, right, um and you see that’s, where i i kind of associate cassio with that.

That kind of level you know got it got it, but it’s. Just the technology. The screen and my friend john, was saying that even every day, the way the lcd and it’s a negative display. I think he’s, great yeah.

I can see it. I’m. Looking at it yep it’s very crisp and clear you can set. You have the day and the date there’s, no mistaking what time it is um and he you know he has a military background. So for him it’s.

He he really uses it. It ‘ S very has to be practical. Yes, nifty, you don’t, see many tide, watches anymore. No, no! No! You’re, all cool yeah. That is cool. That is cool. Usually, you think, like a smart watch or do something like that, but to now put it into kind of a normal watch yeah.

You know that’s, a good idea! Well, timer on there um you get notifications in different languages. Is it solar? Let me see or is it battery i don’t know if there’s space for the solar panels in the display right, okay, he actually uses it in conjunction with an app on his phone, so you can use it as a Phone finder, this kind of stuff, which i just saw 160 yeah, yeah yeah sure so cool anyway yeah i’m, trying so hard not to buy one.

You know i need a casserole. I don’t need a hole in the hole in the head yeah. I hear you, i know what you mean. I still have the same. G-Shock from i don’t know how, many years ago, 13-14 years ago, wow still running still working still wear it.

Everything yeah yeah, that’s. What that’s, what makes them so great they’re. Just so usable absolutely right, so tell me about your number: nine, the grand seiko sbdj-237. This thing i want to say it came out a few months ago there was there was two variants that came out.

It is a gmt uh. It is a high beat gmt, but their use of blue and white um, because there’s. Two of them. I’m more for the 237, which is a blue and white one uh, their use of blue and white. I thought was phenomenal, nice, the only downside is it’s 44 millimeter.

So it is kind of large. Oh, that’s, a shame. Yeah! I’ll rock a 47. If i have to uh, but it’s, got it’s got their 9s 86, which it beats at 36, 000 beats per hour. So you get such a fluid. 10 ticks a second out of the seconds hand.

I guess it’s. Almost like spring drive. Almost the smoothness of spring drive. Uh looks really nice. Does it can do three time zones because it’s, got the rotating outer ring it’s, got the 24 hour hand with a with a static 24 track and it’s got local time um via the two hands.

The only problem is it’s about seven grand wow yeah, but grand seiko. So you get all that great finishing and beauty, and you know that everything is just going to be yeah, perfecto uh. So absolutely that would be a watch that i could definitely, i definitely think deserves a spot on the list, but i could also kind of see it.

You know adorning adorning my wrist one day. Yeah i don’t blame you. I don’t blame you very nice. Looking very nice, have you ever have you ever owned? A grand staker never owned handled many in my in my days, um and it’s.

There’s, something about it. There’s, something about holding it and uh, just the fluidity of the bracelet, and i guess if you were blindfolded and you held it, you know, would you know it is a thing of quality and that’s, like my my litmus Test, oh yeah, i think you would know yeah i mean just the even though the bracelet’s composed of links.

It still feels like it’s almost like a rope. It just conforms to everything. So nice and the way the case is cut, and now i said once you open your eyes and you look at the finishing you look at the hands, my goodness, what a it’s, a piece of art right, yeah, absolutely all right art for Their wrists, unfortunately, i i think it’s kind of making more.

They’re, making headway in the states. You know grand seiko separated from seiko and they said same company, but they kind of separated the name out of seiko to make it like its own line a couple of years ago.

So they’re, trying to elevate the line um. But you know he here in america, you know: seiko is a brand that’s in the mall in macy’s still associated yeah, that’s, what people associate with it! So if you’re again, i always say this: don’t care about what other people say care about.

What you think about you know, wear what you like, not what other people think about it. But if you’re wearing a a a grand sage with a person’s, health, it’s, a nice seiko and you get to talking about price or whatever, or you know, seven grand for seiko.

What are you crazy? You got ripped off so if you don’t really understand what’s going on the inside. I i guess it can be a tough sell, yeah it’s, still very much for the enthusiast. It hasn’t, it’s.

Definitely an enthusiasm. I mean spring drive when it first came out. Wasn’t even in the us. It was only overseas because we wouldn’t get, do you know if they still have to go back to japan to be serviced these days.

I believe there’s. Some capability here in the states because they’re, really trying to um. Like i said the brand is trying to since i know a lot about seiko. Obviously i deal seiko um i don’t, sell grand sago grand seiko’s, only sold in very limited shops, with a strict brick and mortar presence um.

It is almost like uh. It’s, not like rolex, but you know they have to approve you. You know what i was so funny. You mentioned that because i was literally counting the seconds to until we mentioned rolex because you could it’s almost like you.

Can’t because everyone will say: oh well, you could buy rolex for that. That’s, the the first thing people say, and you could, and you’d, be, and you know it’s, a great it’s. A well but yeah rolex gmt for 6800, probably is not going to happen.

Oh that’s, not true yeah. I don’t. Have it on my list. So there’s. Sneak preview. I don’t. Have any rolex on my list? Oh interesting, okay, but yes, i guess we’ll, get into it. Now i don’t care yeah. I’m.

Sorry, i know – and and this is coming from a guy that i love yes, i own i own, if i own a few yeah um, but they take a watch and they put a difference in change the movement they increase the case. One millimeter and i see photos in in um lucerne at the bucharas store where people are lined up already to get on the waiting list.

I was like wow this. The power they have is amazing. Maybe i’m missing something i don’t know. It just turns me off actually and i’m yeah. I’m a i’m, a rolex owner fan. I always have been you. You know i’m, the same same as you, but the the prices are getting, and i was thinking about this.

It’s. Almost it’s, so ridiculous. It’s almost vulgar. So i i don’t care. What rolex does they could do what they want? Yeah? The aftermarket kills me yeah. You know, i i see a new sub which goes for what i don’t know what are they 10 11 whatever and they’re being sold already.

You know without stickers for 27 28 grand and i’m just like wow it’s. Great people really really want them like bad yeah. I get it. I mean i kind of get it and again i won’t defend them, but i ‘

Ll say that when you make physically everything that goes into the watch, it’s very expensive yeah. Absolutely you! You know you! Nobody! You seiko paddock rolex um. Actually, yeah. Can you even consider seiko? I mean seiko offshores a lot of their cases um, but these guys are literally doing everything from smelting.

You know the metal and the gold for their cases to making the spring screws parts everything and it’s amazing, and that’s extremely expensive and obviously you control the whole process from start to finish, which makes it very pricey um.

But some of their new releases, sometimes just crack me up, they take the same watch. They throw a different color, yeah yeah and the world experiences yeah. I know i that’s. What also irritates me is it’s and we’ll get into this again, because i have a tutor in my list: do you have any tutors? No, no so, and this discussion is going to come up in that yeah.

You know. Um right, let’s. Let’s. Let’s. Let’s. Go you ‘ Ve got yours. Um! Please! I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to have two of the same brand: okay, there’s, a new another g-shock that a g-shock metal gms and it’s, a smaller metal g-shock.

Now i’m very conflicted about this. It’s, come out in three flavors. I love the simplicity. They’ve removed some of the text on the dial and it’s smaller and it’s aimed at women, which we armed it women yeah.

I don’t really care like. I would quite happily wear this right. You’d support it. You know i have a smaller wrist. I’m, not ashamed of it whatsoever. Um that i i really like there’s, the silver one um.

I think it’s, the zero one or zero seven i can’t remember, but it irritates me that the brands are still thinking smaller for females. It’s for women yeah. I i don’t understand that um it’s, not necessary.

Why not say it’s unisex, because then maybe women won’t wear it. I don’t know now i’m, putting my marketing hat on. How is that is that you know yeah. I mean that’s, that’s, that’s. What i would say, or that’s, what i would think um yeah, but i guess g-shock made they well.

Obviously they make baby g and all those bright, colors and stuff definitely aimed. I would say towards women um yeah i don’t know that’s. The thing it’s like the the casio f91w uh. I see it. It’s. Probably one of the watches i see worn out and about the most and i have to really try not to go up to people and go.

Oh nice casio, you know um, because then it’s like a bit weird yeah, but i you know – and i see burly big guys wearing a casio f51w and that’s like what 33 34 millimeters yeah it’s. Tiny right, yes, you know, so they don’t.

Consider that just for women well, when it’s when it’s, not just for women, is it called amends or it’s just called a watch. It’s, just cool to watch yeah. So why can’t? We just call them watches. You know that’s, a debate.

You know it’s funny. I think that a lot of these you know, watches, are sold to the population that doesn’t care about this size. They just look at it and say: okay, it’s for women. Then i’ll buy it. Oh really, is that how it is you know, i think, yeah.

I think that’s, how most watches are purchased um. You know uh people, think of watches. You know they’ll, look at the size or they ‘ Ll. Have no concept of what 40 millimeters is, so if cassio tells me it’s good for a woman.

Well then, it’s, good for you right, but yeah it doesn’t, but you like you’re right. It doesn’t. Maybe the rose gold yeah it’s a bit feminine, but the silver one is not feminist. That’s all right. It’s like a woman wearing a midsize seiko as kxo 13, or something which happens all the time.

But how big is this g-shock i can’t really see it really quickly: 49 lug to lug 49.6. It’s still kind of well. The bugs are big, but 43 millimeter diameter. So what is the average g-shock? It’s, those bulky, those bulky plastic cases.

I guess they have to have it for the 10 layer, g-shock protection, but the difference is they’ve managed to shave off the height to 12.9 millimeters, which is pretty thin. Okay, right, oh, that is thin.

That is thin, that’s, thinner than a diver yeah, so they – and this thing is what 200 meters of water resistance yeah they usually always are, which is i mean that’s great? I i’d rock this right. Let me let me purchase this right now.

Yeah sure i’m sure you are add to cart. You know that’s, why i sold my previous metal g-shock because i didn’t mind the the size i could. I could pull it off, but i was doing cardio with it and its weight was top heavy, so it’d, rub against my wrist, no matter how got you and irritate you so it was like.

I went back to plastic right, makes sense yeah anyway. Sorry, i’m totally. I’ve. I forget we’re, doing a show and i’m just talking to you yeah. I know i actually thought about that before i’m. Like i kind of forget, we’re, recording this aren’t we right yes.

So what are we doing? Yes, watches um hi, i’m. So do you want to go next sure i’ll, go with my next one! So now i’ll, go number eight right: 2-0 yeah jesus! You’re, going down backwards; 10. Nine, eight yeah yeah! For me! It’s, number three number, eight, oh, my goodness.

Okay, i’m gonna go with um. It came out this year, uh brand formax, that i carry nice released um the essence watch, but they did it in carbon in a carbon case, carbon composite case. So today is wednesday.

The 23rd yesterday i released a video, for they did a meteorite dial in carbon and in stainless steel and one of my poorest performing videos like usual form, external, a lot of people are yeah and they don ‘

T really watch the video it doesn’t matter. I sold out um. I think i sold out of all the watches it’s. Amazing um how they do they’re, beautiful watches, and you can, if you can appreciate them, then it’s, all them all the better anyway uh.

So this was the legera, which is a carbon case. Watch with um you’re, making three dial colors. I’m picking the blue dial, of course, yeah, because i love beautiful blue uh, but it’s got so much going for it.

So it’s. Carbon composite case he said in the beginning. I’m an engineer, so i can appreciate what it takes to make a carbon case. Watch it’s, not it’s, not just like go mine, carbon composite out of the ground, and it’s quite difficult to work with machine it.

It’s quite difficult. They first, they have to obviously get the block, which is a layup or an injection process, and then you have to machine it um, which is extremely difficult. Each tool is like crazy um it’s, got a zirconium oxide or a ceramic bezel.

Ceramic crown uh it’s, got a suspension system on the case so that when you bend your wrist, the case pops up a little bit and it gives you a little bit of give back um as opposed to like having it &.

# 39 s almost like it’s on elastic and then the clasp on the clasp is adjustable. You just squeeze it and it slides in and out it gives you almost like a glide lock, but it’s accessible from the outside.

So you don’t have to take it off. You have to take it off um. They’re pricey uh about oh and they’re. They’re cosc chronometers wow, so it’s. Certified chronometer uh and they’re about sixteen hundred bucks um, but are so light.

I think this was like 67 grams, 70 grams, so super light. Super comfortable is impressive, a little bit pricey, but beautiful, beautiful use of color. So i i please forgive me: i’m a little bit ignorant of this brand, but are they so? Are they a micro brand? I think you’d, probably classify them as such um.

They were around going back years ago. I want to say at least a decade ago and i bel it was either bought over um. It kind of went dormant for a bit and i think it might have been bought over uh by this uh raphael.

This new guy in charge. He who’s, also a and i believe he’s, an engineer by trump by trade um. So he knows he knows a lot about watches and uh. He’s kind of reinventing the brand. They used to be known for, like really big and honking chronographs uh, that’s.

What they kind of did big cases and everything, and i don’t, know that doesn’t appeal to me, even though there might have been there might have been swiss, autos and stuff, always in maiden swiss. Oh always a swiss made brand uh, but now this guy’s, gone and kind of done, the more elegant version of things it’s; a dress watch, but it’s.

A sport watch it’s light. It’s, comfortable um, doing really cool stuff. Like i said with the with the materials with the composites, they made a deploying clasp uh. I’m trying to remember it’s, carbon fiber also, i featured i featured a video of it.

I had i want to say. Like 40 of them, i sold all 40 within hours because it was such a cool class, but had it again, it had an adjustment feature to it and all this other stuff made it super just a lot of engineering and a lot of cool stuff going on Inside the watch so from what i’ve, seen of them stylistically, they’re, very kind of like futuristic yeah.

Well, so a lot of the older ones were kind of like that, like i said, big and chunky and elaborate use of materials and stuff, i’d, say the direction they’re. Going now is more subdued um, but still like.

I said using a lot of smarts and using a lot of brains, uh in design um, and i would say, people either love it or hate it. I know people trash on they don’t like the name um, some people don’t, mind the name or whatever it is, but call what you want, but it’s.

Uh it’s, a cool watch. I love the way uh this one works, cool, very cool. I’m glad you. You entered that into the yeah. It’s, nice to see some somebody doing something new that yes, very cool, new patents.

You know new patented things and things that you know a lot of the bigger companies do stuff like that. This is pretty cool that a little house is able to do this nice. I i’m gonna. Do the complete antithesis of that perfect.

Very traditional, very historic, the longing heritage, tuxedo chronograph – i just think longing – have consistently been putting out it’s. Really nice yeah isn’t it it’s, so beautiful that looks really nice and it ‘

S. Got it’s, got blue hands blue printing, so you’re. You’re happy with a little bit of blue yeah yeah. I am very happy um 40 millimeters. It’s, eta, based which is fine automatic. I i don’t even know the i’m.

I’m. Guessing it’s, probably about you who knows um, but does it does it really matter? I mean um, it looks great yeah. It looks great, and i’m guilty of this too. I’ve kind of overlooked them. I need to review more of them, but in the last couple of years they’ve, been putting out consistently very tastefully done classic from their extensive history.

I mean they have like at one point. They were considered. Even you know like the go to their kind of rolex of their day back in the day right, they’ve won so many awards in the early days of wristwatches um.

You know those medallions when they were competing for accuracy tests and all that stuff. Really nice, i like the subdials. Are they recessed a little bit yeah? I think there’s, a little crackdown. It’s just oh.

I just love that it’s, so clean. I like it. What else can i say you get my vote. The the the tachometer is done very well around the outside very nice. What’s the size on 40 millimeters? No yeah? I’ll, see you that was this one.

You know yeah that’s, a great size yeah. I i’m gonna have to i’ll reach out to somebody and i’ll see. If i can get one i’ll, i’ll. Definitely review that looks really nice. I love it looks a little bit of a calatrava a bit going on there yeah and i think they have modified the movement to to extend the the um the power reserve um.

So you know it’s. It’s, a little bit more refined than just just you know, plonking in drop and go yeah. So i’ll, see your chrono and i’ll. Raise you a chrono, okay right. So this is a watch that not this particular version, but the version that came out a few years ago.

I actually, i always wanted one. I still haven’t gotten one, the zenith chronomaster, so they came out with a new one this year. The revival edition it’s that same, you know oversized three register three sub-dial chronograph, except this one.

Where usually, i think the original was like a blue, a gray and a darker gray. This is three blue registers, all different shades of blue, which they found. You know in the attic you know kind of like how you say long jeans as a rest history, you know zenith history, so there was a you know.

They found one of these dials in the attic and they recreated it. So i dig that, first of all, it’s. Blue yeah. It’s beautiful. So what’s? It not talk about that. No sorry! I was going to say and, and zenith is completely in-house right.

Yes, yes, well, so they still make so it’s. The el primero movement. They’re. You know they’re, they’re chrono movement and again, just like the seiko i did before it’s. 36 000 beats per hour, so you get 10 10 clicks per second on the seconds hand and on the you know, on the chrono as well.

So super super smooth 38 millimeter, which you know the there’s, not many people that can make a chrono in that size and still make it very legible rolex. You know almost does a great job, almost 38. um zenith.

I think they just do a bang-up bang-up job 8 700 bucks i like to give prices just because you know hey just some people know eight thousand seven hundred i don’t. Think it’s, horrendous um! You could get the original chronomasters for a little less, and now they’re on the used market, considering it is in the house considering it’s, a very historically important movement.

I people don’t know that this movement powered the daytona for the rolex daytona. For a number of years i mean that’s prior to i’m, not a rolex guy, i want to say: is it somewhere in the you know? What’s terrible? I’ve done a video on this.

I can’t. I can’t. Remember, did you? Oh my god. You know. I do know that when they switched um rolex the on the stainless steel daytonas, that the markers went from fat to yes and they had to move the sub-dials as well just a little bit because they made their own movement.

So. But i just think that that watch 38 millimeters chrono beautiful blue, i think it’s and i don’t own. His nfl, i was about to say i’m surprised you don’t. I don’t. I saw one in the window when i was in switzerland a few years ago and it was used.

I almost did it yeah. I did. I discovered a lot of things while i was doing this by the way really and we’ll, get to that when i get to the last one. This is gonna be interesting. Okay, i’m gonna stick again with chronographs, completely the opposite end of the scale in terms of price.

It’s, the dan henry 19. Actually i have one here, the 1937. There we go. Sorry i ‘ Ll. Show it to you. First that’s. Okay, you can show it. I know it’s. Fine, it looks like a polygon. Strela got it, so it’s.

It’s, a sector dial uh. I love it. It’s very 1930s. It’s, a little uh mecha quartz in there um. I can’t. Remember how much these were priced. I think about 300 bucks or thereabouts, you have you’ve met dan haven’t you, yes, yeah.

He’s. He’s. Incredible! I like yes, uh uh. What’s? The word i’m looking for eccentric is essentially eccentric, yeah he he’s, just a walking encyclopedia of uh, exactly yeah and and he uh, if you guys, haven’t seen that uh.

I think it’s, time to watch or watch time done. Oh his um, his um collection yeah. It’s, yeah yeah yeah, it’s insane yeah, you name a watch and he he he has like three of them. You know um, so he takes all that knowledge and yeah.

He puts it into these and i you know what i really respect that he hasn’t. He’s, not trying to go high-end. He wants the people, the people to have a little right to be able to get a little piece of this history that you know back then let’s, have it now and we’re gonna keep it affordable.

So i imagine imagine how much a patek sector dial or a jlc that this is obviously takes. Inspiration from that sure you know, and then of course i’d, be just get to wear those if even if i could afford them.

Of course, you know, of course, they’re, really beautifully made. He’s also come out with a chocolate dial 1939 with a sapphire upgrade, which i i have to kind of mention, because that watch was the first watch.

I reviewed of his and it kind of made me fall in love with what he was doing um and he didn’t know i was going to review it. I i managed to get hold of it reviewed it, and then he wrote to me afterwards and he was like.

I saw you kind of like kind of like how we met yeah yeah, exactly he’s like i saw your reviews like he was because i took. I took um a scene from fritz lang’s metropolis because i was trying to. I actually have seen that movie yeah nice.

It’s so funny. I know i’m, a very uncultured person, but they forced us to watch that in engineering school. Really, yes, well kudos to your engineering school. Yes, thank you yeah! So yeah! So you know it has this very 1930s art deco aesthetic.

So i was. I was trying to you, know, show that connection and i, with the kind of concept for the intro and anyway, and he’s like ah you understand my watch. You understand my watch and um and ever since then i’ve.

Just been a fan, and anyway and i’m enough of being a superfantic uh um watch fan here so um yeah, let’s, move on what have you got next, so i will do since you went there. I know where i’m gonna go next, so one inch one inspiration watch deserves another.

I’m gonna go with one of my own, so the islander nice um i came out with this uh. I think i might have won on the last video. We did not entirely sure uh, the isl 18, which is kind of my yacht master, inspired diving watch it’s modeled after the skx double 07, so it’s.

A 43 millimeter case, but it’s, got a beautiful, beautiful, blue dial, nice deep, rich blue ceramic embossed bezel, slightly domed double domed sapphire crystal with ar underneath solid link, bracelet solid end links, hold drilled, lugs, nice whole nine yards, and i just to Me that’s, an it’s, an inspiration watch.

You know i own the yacht-master uh, the blue dial, yacht-master 40. um. As i said before, i own a few rolexes, and this was watched i was like. Oh, this watch is beautiful. So i kind of i tried to replicate it in my own lineup um.

So so, essentially you’re. Doing the dan henry you’re. Doing a i well that’s. What, when you said dan henry and you know he goes through history and his own collection and inspire it’s, a i kind of did the same thing, and i looked at a watch that i love.

I said: how can i recreate this? You know without copying it, and this is kind of what i was able to do – put it more like a more like a sako form factor yeah. Well, you’re killing it with the islanders.

I think they’re uh yeah. They’re, such good value, and you know recently i bought this uh the 5k x right. I bought this ultra ultra loud gordy 5k, the gold one yeah, the gold one yeah. I think i think i just saw the video it’s, amazing, how many people were like offended by it.

It’s like it’s a bit of fun. I’m wearing it don’t you don’t have to wear it. I’m wearing exactly yeah. You’re. Just like me, yeah i’m wearing it. Not you! Don’t worry about it, but what i realized in doing that video and i’m gonna – do a a a a thing on the um sake of five soon and i’m gonna.

Actually, i’m gonna talk about your islanders because it fits into the whole conversation. You’ll like this, because i think a lot of the contention has been has been about the the they’ve people are offended that the skx has been superseded by something they deem inferior and professional right sure i see it actually, As a good thing, because it’s, capturing youth market, they they’ve.

They had those street fighter watches, which is you know, yeah yeah, yeah fun. It’s. Fun yeah got to do this yeah. How else are we going to attract new people into this, and – and i’m – going to say in that video how um that gap? You have totally filled that gap with the island yeah, because you you it’s.

It’s, you can use it diving, yes, um it’s, got everything that had they have done in uskx. You shouldn’t what they would have done. Yeah it’s, what they should have done yeah, but it’s also done years ago, exactly exactly um, so i think it’s.

Perfect. I think i’m happy with the 5kx, because i know you you offer something that is so yeah everybody. A lot of a lot of people. Do a lot of people been filling the niche in for a while, and i turned i think i said this neil in our last video.

I totally think that they hit the 5k x on the head. They’re, doing a bang-up job. They are selling like hotcakes if hotcakes sell. Well, i don’t know. I never bought a hot cake yeah, but they’re selling, very well yeah, so um they’re and, like you said it’s.

Attracting people okay, so i’m gonna move on yeah go. What do you got? It’s, an amiga seamaster, okay uh, but it’s. It’s, not the bond, because that technically came out last year. It’s. The nectar limited edition got it.

I’m, pulling it up now, sir, and it ‘ S got everything your modern contemporary seamaster has so we ‘ Ve got metas, tested, coaxial all the great stuff, but i i really like what they did here uh.

I also like the cores. It supports it.’s, got that little dash of red. With the seconds hand, i love the case back. It has the submarine now. What nectar is nectar is um, an organization that explores the sea.

They do scientific research, they do um, they set records in diving. You know i i forget sometimes well. We all forget that 70 percent of the world is ocean. We ‘ Ve only explored five percent of it right.

It’s, a worthy cause. I think i like the kind of the connection with sea master and this uh. This company is very well established and i i just think it’s, a really cool version of the sea master um. I like the dial, yeah yeah.

It looks really nice nice waves yeah. I love the the the sculpted grade: 5 titanium bezel. Instead of doing the liquid metal or whatever it is yeah um it’s. Just embossed yeah looks nice. I like it, i dig it.

I dig it. I think amiga is kind of like coming back up. I think, as rolex start to become so, you know in another stratosphere with prices and if you really think about it on paper, the sea master, the contemporary sea masters.

They’re, such rugged high quality, beautifully designed the history uh great value yeah. They’re completely in-house now because they weren’t before. But you know they’re great yeah, like you said they’re great value, so i think the sea master should be in this list.

You know: okay, yeah, sorry, my little no speech over that’s. Fine, it’s, good, it’s good. You know, and i think i’ve discussed this before i’m, actually not an omega fan. I own one speedy yeah me, i own a speedy reduced and that’s.

It. I just i like things that are usually a little bit different right, um and i feel like half the people. I no. It’s, not half, but when i bump into people, if they’re wearing a nice watch, it’s, usually an omega, and i just i don’t know i like to swim a different way.

A lot so it’s, just kind of usually buy watches that not everybody has that’s kind of my it’s. My thing yeah yeah, i’m an engineer. I’m, weird like that, so i will see your 5k x that you were talking about before right, but i’m, going to go with what they’re, calling the bezel-less five or yeah the dress, kx or whatever.

You want to call it um wait. What was that? What was that?

Source : Youtube

In today’s Watch Collection Talk episode, I am joined once again by the horological legend and watch industry entrepreneur Marc Frankel of Long Island Watch. We discuss the best new watch releases of the year for 2020 thus far, including a wide range of watches—from the affordable level (starting around $50) to super high end luxury at $50,000 and beyond.

We share what we love about each watch and what we don’t, how the industry is changing, trends we see happening, our thoughts on each timepiece from both a design and engineering perspective, and our mutual watch obsession. So grab your favourite drink, get comfortable, and enjoy this fun and laidback special extended show.

Spoilers ahead! In this video we cover the following watches:

Seiko Presage Arita SRPE55, Grand Seiko GMT SBDJ237, Fortis Flieger Chronograph F-43, Dan Henry 1937 and 1939 (Chocolate Dial), SQUALE 1521 T183 Carbon 60 Atmos, Audemars Piguet Remaster 01, Breguet Classique 7137, Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue, Omega Seamaster Nekton, Casio G-Shock GBX100 and GMS5600, Marathon GSAR Midsize 36mm (White Dial), Islander ISL-18, Formex Essence Leggera Chronometer (Forged Carbon Dial) 0330-4-6399-8114,
Yema Superman Bronze GMT, Sinn U50, Seiko 5 Sports SRPE55K1, Casio Duro MDV-106B-2AVCF, Zentih El-Primero Revival A386 Chronomaster, and Longines Tuxedo Heritage Chronograph L2.830.4.93.0.

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