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Patek Philippe Just Dropped 7 New Jeweled Watches—Including Its First Aquanaut Minute Repeater

Patek Philippe has been emphasizing the luxury aspect of sports watches for decades, from its introduction of the Nautilus back in 1976 to the Aquanaut in 1997. In the new millennium, the two core collections are leaning into a high jewelry motif with the addition of an array of gem-setting techniques and complications. Today, we get a whopping seven new references across the two sports collections, including the first-ever Aquanaut Minute Repeater.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Minute Repeater Haute Joaillerie ref. 5260/1455R-001

Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Minute Repeater Haute Joaillerie Ref. 5260/1455R-001

What makes a watch ultra-luxurious for any given collector is highly subjective: for some, it’s technical feats and for others, it’s about materials and aesthetics. With Patek’s latest additions to its catalog, we get the best of both worlds. The Swiss watchmaker has been growing the complexity of its Aquanaut Luce collection for the past several years. We saw the debut of a dual-time-zone Travel Time model in 2021, a self-winding flyback chronograph in 2022, and an Annual Calendar this past spring. Now, we get the first Grand Complication to appear in the collection: the Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Minute Repeater Haute Joaillerie References.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Minute Repeater Haute Joaillerie Ref. 5260/355R-001

Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Minute Repeater Haute Joaillerie Ref. 5260/355R-001

With the Ref. 5260/355R-001 and 5260/1455R-001 you have two models that perfectly embody the luxury sport watch with high-level gem setting and technical complexity. The 5260/355R-001 features a warm rose gold build with all the classic hallmarks of the Aquanaut line, including the signature octagonal bezel. Here, it gets special treatment with a double row of baguette-cut gems featuring the “invisible setting” along with an outer row of diamonds and an inner row of multicolored sapphires in a rainbow of hues. Altogether, it shows off 52 multicolored baguette-cut sapphires totaling 3.19 carats, 112 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 7.31 carats, and 160 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.72 carats. The stones extend to the dial with a center paved with baguette diamonds featuring the “invisible setting”, an hour circle adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds featuring the “snow setting,” and 12 multicolored sapphire hour markers.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Haute Joaillerie Reference 7118/1452G-001

Nautilus Haute Joaillerie Reference 7118/1452G-001

For the Ref. 5260/1455R-001, the exceptional gem setting of the bezel and dial gets a few tweaks and extends to the bracelet, giving this variation the ultimate rainbow treatment. Here, you have 130 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 8.66 car on the dial and the outer row of the bezel and 779 multicolored baguette-cut sapphires totaling an astounding 45.05 ct on the inner row of the bezel, the flanks of the case, the minute-repeater slide piece, and the rose-gold bracelet.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Haute Joaillerie Reference 7118/1451G-001

Nautilus Haute Joaillerie Reference 7118/1451G-001

With the breathtaking design of these fully sparkling models, it’s hard to believe the real highlight is under the hood. Powering these two gorgeous minute repeaters is Patek’s caliber R27. This self-winding movement chimes on demand, on two classic gongs, the hour, quarters, and minutes elapsed since the last quarter all by a simple press of the slide-piece set into the left flank of the case.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Haute Joaillerie Reference 7118/1453G-001

Nautilus Haute Joaillerie Reference 7118/1453G-001

Alongside the exciting new addition of a minute repeater to the Aquanaut lineup, Patek has also unveiled five new variations of its iconic Nautilus. First, we get three high jewelry references combining diamonds with blue sapphires, rubies, or emeralds that underscore the beauty of the “snow setting.” Each variation is rendered in white gold and combines 1,500 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 6.53 carats with either 876 brilliant-cut blue sapphires, rubies, or emeralds depending on the reference. In each version, the case, bezel, and bracelet feature the snow-setting technique, in which the gem-setter combines stones of different diameters to minimize the gold surface visible between them.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 7010R-013

Nautilus Reference 7010R-013

Last but certainly not least, Patek gives us an all-new colorway for its Nautilus Ref. 7010, which first launched in 2013. Today, the collection gets the addition of a bold purple colorway in two iterations. Both feature a rose gold case that perfectly contrasts the rich purple lacquered dial showcasing the iconic wave pattern that’s become a signature of the Nautilus collection. The models are complete with just a touch of sparkle thanks to a gem set bezel featuring 46 brilliant-cut diamonds. The reference 7010R-013 is complete with a matching purple strap whereas the Reference 7010/1R-013 offers the option of a rose gold bracelet.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 7010/1R-013

Nautilus Reference 7010/1R-013

Each of Patek’s seven exciting new watches are offered today. Pricing is available upon request for each of the five high jewelry models. For the new colorways of the classic 7010, the strap variation will set you back $39,624 whereas the bracelet version will cost you $56,183.

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