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Paying Over Retail For A Rolex

Hi i’m jenny and in this q a i’m, going to answer whether or not i would pay over retail for a rolex. What the best doll color on a diver is, and my favorite up-and-coming micro bands and many more so let’s get started.

So these questions came from youtube and instagram and we’re, going to start from youtube. So the first one is: we talk about conversation starter pieces. As a female watch enthusiast, have you ever started conversation with a stranger just to know what watch that gentleman was wearing? If, yes, what watch was it well? I have started conversations before.

At least i try to, but it wasn’t, necessarily because i wanted to see what that watch was, but because i recognized it – and i just wanted to you know kind of, say hi, and there was this one guy on a bus.

And he was wearing the hulk submariner and i was wearing the same watch at the time. And so i like tapped him on the shoulder and he looked around and i said: hey cool watch and you know point it on my wrist and he just looked at me and sort of gave me like a confused smile and then just turned around.

And that was about it. The second time was with my orthodontist. He was wearing a daytona, he was wearing a panda daytona and i i saw it and i said: hey that’s, a great watch you have, and he just smiled and like kept doing what he was doing and did not say anything about it.

So perhaps this is a german thing. People don’t really like to talk about watches in public, so i just stopped trying to get into conversation with people about their watches all together, because it always felt very awkward.

But let me know what you think: have you done it before? Did someone came up to you and if so, did you did you like it or not? Let me know in the comments down below because i don’t know. It seemed very weird the last couple of times and i probably won’t.

Do it again next question from youtube? Would you rather go for a relatively cheaper brand’s, best watch or bigger brand’s, entry level watch so initially i would, i would probably say, like bigger brand entry level, because i associate a bigger brand with better quality, which we Know isn’t necessarily true, so it’s.

Difficult to say i don’t. Think there is. Is there a best watch from a cheaper brand or like the lowest from from a big brand? There are certain entry-level watches in terms of you, know, pricing and perhaps complication or material, but i think you can’t really generalize that i would decide from watch to watch whether or not i would go for it.

I wouldn’t necessarily care about if it’s, the best one from a cheaper brand or an entry level from a bigger brand. I don’t think that would affect my decision. Our next question comes from spartacus.

What watch would you recommend to someone who’s, graduating university and entering a professional life? Well, that means that you would probably best advice with a watch that works in all sorts of situation, that doesn’t cost too much, and that just looks good no matter if it’s like on a weekend or during the the Week, when you are at your job, i think my standard go-to in that situation would be to go for a nomos.

Perhaps a tank enter, because i think that case in lug design speaks a lot of people and it works very well on most wrists. It’s, it’s larger, but i think that makes it more contemporary in modern, and i think that is going to serve you very well.

It can be dressed up or down. It can look very casual. You can switch straps on it and that would be my recommendation for you. So the next question comes from leo the kid and the question is: what brands do you think are underrated and might be on their way to glory.

I always think saying that something’s. Underrated is a bit of a weird claim, but the brands from which i think we’re, going to see a lot more in the future, are, for example, monta or norcane. There is a great review here on youtube from lieutenant into ladies, and they have reviewed the norcane adventurer.

Ladies watch, it’s, a great looking watch. It’s, not your typical ladies watch, which i really appreciate, and they offer some great looks and dark variations on it, and i really like it. I’ve, also seen kudoku popping up recently quite a lot on facebook.

They’re, a german watch manufacturer and if you are into very unique but elegant looking watches, i would totally recommend checking them out. They look like some of their pieces. Look insane in a good way, very interesting way of manipulating material.

Let’s. Put it that way. Next question from kyle: what is the next step in watch innovation, or will manufacturers continue to hark into the past? For their designs and layout, so i mean obviously i’m, not a watchmaker, so i can’t get into too much technical detail, but i think what we’re, going to see a lot more of is just refining Technologies that already exist, you know, like increasing a power reserve, improving materials, make it more long, lasting make them more durable or shock resistant.

I think this is what we’re going to see in the future, but i’m totally happy to be proven wrong here, but i think we’re, going to see a lot more re-editions of all the models, so They are going to keep continue harkin to the past.

I think uh we’re, not over that. Yet, okay, we’re, going to switch over to instagram now, and the first one on here is what would be your ideal video game? Inspired watch who? What and why i’m, pretty sure this question is triggered by me completely freaking out over the seiko x street fighter collaboration, because that is insane and i can’t wait to get my fingers on one of these watches and my Ideal video game inspired watch would probably be perhaps some kind of crossover between katy and bioshock.

You know i have like an art, deco, sort of case or something rectangular and then have a dark dial, so it resembles rapture and the second one. If i’m allowed to second choice, i would love to see let’s, have a special g-shock for the national gear, solid franchise.

That would be. That would be cool, and i think that would that would go very well. Wouldn’t it. It would make sense to have a g-shock for a metal gear, solid, so yeah. These two please make it happen.

I would give you all my money next question on instagram from z, spongebob, which oh is the bunge bop, sorry which watch up to 500? Would you pick and it’s? 1? 500 euro? So right now i would probably go for a pre-owned santos because, as some of you might know, i’ve, been talking about the karate tank for quite some time, but that edge has been scratched by ta-da my psycho tank.

It’s. A tenkomash from seiko – and i really love it, and it really did it completely filled that void in my heart for a rectangular tank shaped watch. So this is that, and now i’m, really lasting over santos, because i want the cartier so bad.

I really like dial the roman numerals. It’s so classic, and it breaks my heart how beautiful they are. So i think i would invest these 1500 in a pre-owned santos, because i think there’s. A lot of lady sized santos on chrono, 24 cj horology asks dive, watch blue or black dial.

Well, i have to say: if it’s about the dive watch, i would probably go for a black dial every day, because i really like the contrast. When you have the looms and it’s against the black dial, i think that always looks very great, though i mean a lot of other colored dive, watches out there that look stunning as well.

I mean the pelagos in blue is incredibly nice to look at, but if i had a choice i would go for a black dial time to rule is asking what’s. Your thoughts on the rolex air king 116? 900. So that’s, the latest one, while i really really really love the vintage air kings, especially the one that i had in my video a couple of weeks ago, i don’t really like the layout on the dial on the newer Ones it’s a bit too cluttered for me.

You’ve got these ceramic numerals and then you ‘ Ve got the the white and the green lettering. It’s all a bit too much for me. I also don’t really like the font of the arabic numerals. It’s, not my cup of tea.

I i think it’s. It’s, it’s. Still i mean the case is great, but the dial is just not for me next question from ben and the question is: what did you think about tenet? I did post on my instagram story when i went to the cinema to go and see tenet and i felt incredibly stupid when i came out of it but stupid in a good way, because that film really makes you think, and it really challenges you and your Way about how you think of time and the concept of time not being linear but like a complete mess, i can’t really explain it.

I’ve, really liked it. I really enjoyed it. Cinematography is insane just an overall, very great film, but i think you have to it’s, that kind of film that you have to see a couple of more times to really understand it.

If you even understand it at all, so i definitely recommend to go checking it out. If, if you can next question is from september, reigns thoughts on the watch or the watches hamilton made for tenet. I really like them.

The only issue i have is that there is difference between the watch that was featured in the movie and the one that you can get from hamilton, because in the movie there is a digital display on the watch.

That is important for the story and on the actual watch that you can buy from hamilton it’s missing that display and that kind of bugs me. I think if you market that watch to be from the movie, then it should be the watch from the movie.

The simple man asks: would you pay over retail for a rolex and the short and simple answer is no, i would not. I would not pay over retail for rolex. I first i don’t have that money to do that and second, i think it’s, just if, if a watch is not happening for me at an ad or if i can’t get it for a reasonable Price uh pre-owned, then the watch is just not for me.

If you pay over retail for rolex, that’s, fine, you do you, but it’s. Not for me. Next question from kaeperine is moonwatch on a bracelet or a nato strap. I would say i would prefer it on a nato strap.

I think it’s more comfortable. It looks very great. It makes it a bit more sporty and interesting, and i really am not the biggest fan of the bracelet on the moonwatch, so i would go for a nato spe asks for my favorite flavouring ice cream and it’s, chocolate.

What is your favorite flavor and ice cream? Let me know in the comments down below that’s. A very important question to ask: zachary malik asks what do you think of guys wearing the new, pink or turquoise of rolex oyster perpetual? Does that question kind of imply that there is an issue with the guys wearing a pink or turquoise dial, because i don’t? Think there is.

If you fancy a pink dial and you’re a guy, then you should wear a pink doll. I don’t. Think there’s. There’s, a problem in 2020, just wear whatever you like, and at the end of the day. No one really cares about what you are anyways and if that brings you joy then go for it.

Next question comes from gray and it is do i prefer men’s, watches over women’s, watches in general, and why yeah? I do prefer men’s, watches in general. Simply because a lot of ladies watches that are being categorized as that by brands or manufacturers tend to be very small, not all of them, but you know in general it’s rather smaller size.

It’s, oftentimes iced out or very dainty, and does not have the movement that i am attracted to beating inside and it’s just in general, not my cup of tea oftentimes, not always, but many of them have also not the Best value in terms of price, like you get very little for very much money, which i’m, not a big fan of.

To be honest, so i i think that’s, why i gravitate towards men’s watches because i think there’s. A more like a bigger variety of watches to choose from you ‘ Ve got all sorts of different materials.

You’ve got all sorts of dials and sizes, and i just like him better because of that. Oh well, the thinker asks uh blackberry, 58, black or blue. Well la thinker. Let me tell you i would go for the back one every day.

I really love the blues. Well, don’t be wrong. I like the color it’s. It’s, it’s, nice and refreshing. It’s, a very cool looking watch, but i would always go for the black dial version and last but not least, john asks: how’s, life and john.

That is a very nice question. Life’s good. Thank you. I hope your life is good as well, and that is the end of my q. A for today. Thank you so much for sending in all of your questions on youtube and on instagram, and if you want your question featured in my next q, a make sure to follow me here on youtube.

You can just subscribe to my channel and i will post on my community tab or just follow me on instagram and as always, thank you so much for watching this video today. If you enjoyed this, make sure to give it a thumbs up, and i will see you in my next one: bye, [ Music ], you

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Q&A Time: You asked – I am answering! Talking about paying over retail for a Rolex, up and coming micro bands, my watch recommendations for young professionals and the future of watchmaking innovation!

Thank you all for sending in your questions here on Youtube and on Instagram! If you want your question in my next Q&A, make sure to follow me here on YouTube or Instagram so you do not miss out on the next round!

As always, thank you for watching this video 🙂
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