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Petermann Bédat Releases its 1967 Second Series

Petermann Bédat unveils a follow-up to the immensely popular 1967 Dead Beat Second. Limited to 25 pieces, the 1967 Second Series features a 39mm grade 5 Titanium case with a bright blue semi-open dial.

Petermann Bedat 1967 Second Series 17
Petermann Bédat 1967 Second Series

Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat

Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat first met at the watchmaking school of Geneva in 2007, graduating in 2011. After two and a half years working at Harry Winston in Geneva, Florian Bédat relocated to Glasshütte to join his friend and soon-to-be business partner – Gaël at A. Lange & Söhne. In September 2014, Gaël returned to Switzerland where he began a career restoring vintage and complicate watches in Geneva. Two years later, Florian decided to once again join Gaël and together, opened a workshop in Renens. Their choice was largely influenced by the availability of a workshop space beside master watchmaker Dominique Renaud’s atelier. The opportunity to be working in close proximity to Renaud was an opportunity not to be missed. A year later, PetermannBédat Sàrl was created.

Restoring timepieces made by the greatest watchmaking names in history was probably one of the best ways to build a solid foundation of knowledge. Yet Gaël and Florian wanted more: to create their first movement.

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The 1967 Series

Conceived with the help of Dominique Renaud, the duo wished for a 3-hands caliber, the simplest expression of time but with a twist: a dead beat second.

Made in Renans, this first in-house watch has been subjected to the upmost care and finishes. Every detail has been crafted with the same desire for perfection: a Bréguet spiral spring, black polished bevels, everything finished by hand with the same care as the next watch. Even parts one will never get to see are decorated. Why? Because the next generation of watchmakers love their job as much as their ancestors did.

Discover Petermann Bédat on our online digital exhibition, The Persistence of Memory

Dead Beat Second

Unlike the smooth sweep of a running seconds hand, the dead beat seconds hand ticks in short sharp movements; mimicking that of an electronic quartz watch. In a case of horological irony, dead beat seconds are prized amongst collectors largely due to the fact that only those in the know recognise one when they see it.

The elaborate dead beat second mechanism and bridge is on full display, visible from the sapphire-crystal case-back. Combined with an array of decorative techniques on display, including frosting, mirror polishing and bevelling, the 1967 Dead Beat Second is a fine example of independent artisanal watchmaking at its best. As Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat conclude, “We founded Petermann Bédat to create complete watches as we intend them. Where craftsmanship is dedicated to an impossible aim, perfection!”.

The 1967 Second Series retails for SGD 110,000 inclusive of GST.

The Hour Glass is proud to be the exclusive representative of Petermann Bédat throughout Asia.

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